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45lb grass carp smile says it all at Maison Verre


Colin vistied Maison verre for the second time in 2019. This time with his wife and landed a new PB grass carp at 45:3. An excellent result for a lovely chap.

Colin also landed the other elusive grass carp too at 36Ib along with 30 other fish only fishing small slots in the daytime around visits to Laval and Vitre. 

Booked again for 2020. we aim to please all and believe maison verre offers so much.

3 lakes. stunning house and £1400 for remainng weeks in 2019. Book now  

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EMV 3 lakes for £1550


2019 is our first full year of opening. to get the place off to a flying start for £1550 we have decided to offer:

The fully renovated 2 bedroom 2 ensuite house

The 3 acre house lake with carp to 40 Ibs

2 acre runs water with mixed silver and carp to mid 20's

3 acre specimen cat fish lake cat to nearly 200Ibs

The cat lake has a basic cabin to shelter in if the weather is bad along with a bbq oven and gas oven.

The main lake also has a fisher mans hut half way along the house bank which is ideal for sheltering in bad weather, there is 240v power here, along with mains water and a fridge and freezer too!

No one else comes close on quality or lake on offer for this price. this really is a lovely private complex to yourself for the duration.  

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First group at new Maison Verre


Thanks for a brilliant weeks fishing at your lake. After 10 years we were a little apprehensive of what the lake would now be like but after 5mins of arriving any apprehensions soon vanished.

The overhaul of the house is unrecognisable from what it used to be and the addition of the veranda/patio area is superb! As for the lake, it was brilliant. It’s now much more open and accessible and made it feel much more sociable from our perspective, which was good as above all else it was our holiday. The ease of which you could set up your main swims then take a rod to other parts of the lake if you fancied a few hours change was great and no matter where you cast, margins or open water, single hook bait or pva also, we were almost guaranteed a bite each time.

We almost hit the 50 mark for the week (that’s fish photoed) but happy to settle for 49, with the last one coming out the morning of our last day, being also the largest carp of the week. This was achieved not fishing hard at all and for the most part with just one rod out each and no overnight fishing.

The fish were excellent and put up a great fight on the line. Some of which even gave us what for on the bank, and so they should!

Alan the bailiff and David were good chaps so it was nice to meet them also.

I think I can speak for the others in saying it was probably our best weeks fishing in France to date. Very relaxing and enjoyable and I shouldn’t be surprised to see us booking up for next year sometime soon.

I’ve attached a few pics of the fish I caught, including the largest sturgeon of the week at a whopping thirty three ten, but let me know if you would like a full catch report with times and weights. Martin tells me you were impressed in the quality of the photos he sent you and were they done on a DSLR? They were actually all taken on my iPhone using the portrait mode and I myself am very pleased with the finish of them.

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EMV renovation


The renovation of the house is really ramping up now. A few weeks ago saw the house plastered out completely and this week the new faux oak Porcelain tiles are being laid along with the new septic tank.

Next week will see the new swims created in front of the house along with the rest of the lake.

Another team of 3 workers arrive next week to spend 5 weeks completing work on the fishermans hut along with the garage.

We will then start the tree thinning on the new top lake getting ready for swim building and other works.

post our opening week of June the 9th there are some great weeks to still be had.

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cat lake stocked


EMV February update. Cat lake is stocked!

We have taken delivery of our new cat fish now. 2 huge new cats re-homed in the MV cat lake that comes with EMV for 2017.

So we now have 9 cat fish from around 80 to in excess of 200lbs!

All in a compact 2 acre ish lake. All this is literally only 30m from the corner of the EMV house lake.


The EMV house lake has no cat fish stocked now only just under 100 carp. 3 Strugeon and 2 grass carp. We took this step to better bring on the thinned out original stock (chosen for their ability to grow) and the 53 new fish stocked over the last 2 Winters. The cat fish were getting too big and were eating anyhting under 25lbs!!

So 2018 should see some good fish weights now in EMV due to our intensive Winter feed campaign and also the biomass is far better with the Cats gone.

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NEW for 2018 SEASON


Etang Maison Verre is back! and is better than ever. The 3 acre Carp Lake boasts Carp to over 40lbs with a neighbouring lake boasting Cats to over 150lbs!

The Lake Side two Bedroom house is OUTSTANDING, with no stone unturned to make this venue THE LUXURY CARP VENUE in FRANCE. 

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