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Double take


Great picture of this double take from swim 10 on Vallee Lake 2. Biggest out this week 61lb2oz, 6 pbs  and 15 out over 40lbs.

Great fishing lads ... 

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61lb 2oz Grassy from VL2


At over a meter long, this superb original grassy was banked from swim 5 at an impressive 61lb 2oz.

Fantastic looking fish! 

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The Latest


Well Done to Rob Mitchell's party who fished lake 2 , fishing the lake exclusively with a party of 10, all had pb's with a haul of over 60 Carp with the biggest fish going to Stuart Carey of a 51lb + Mirror ! wink emoticon
It was a pleasure to have you guys at the lake on your 1st visit to the lake, and looking forward to your booked visit next year !


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64 fish banked


Awesome week on the lake with over 64 fish banked to 57lb !!
Mark Barnett had the lions share with over 30 Carp
banked to 57lb+ ! An incredible session, with an average over 34lbs !
Alex Strutt had a stunning Common just under 50lbs weighing 49lb10oz!
Catches from all over the lake.


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57lb Common


Check out these stunning Huge Commons and plated Mirror. Just a a selection of fish from lake 2 caught over the last two weeks. Biggest of the lot being a 57lb stunning Common!


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2015 short session


 1st Winter short session produces stunners to over 40lbs

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Late April catch report


Following on from last weeks haul of 125 fish had fewer this week as expected with the down turn in conditions, however 75 fish banked around the lake with all anglers catching including 18 fish over 40lbs, 33 x 30lb + fish and 24 x 20lb + fish - having a total of 68% over 30lb!

Most fishing coming out at range to lake supplied boilies on particle / pellet. 

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ZIP Linear


Anthony Bytheway, fishing Vallee Lake 2 was very lucky to catch a beautiful ZIP LINEAR on his 4 day trip - Anthony, fishing at range on bottom presented boilies, had 9 Carp to 39lbs in terrible winter conditions. On arriving at the lake he was presented with a snow blizzard and freezing temperatures, however conditions improved a little and he was rewarded with some stunning winter Carp.

Picture of the Zip Linear - a truly stunning fish! 

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Winter Session


Kevin and Maarten Bierings had a Superb session on Lake 2, a four day stint ended up with 26 fish and 6 loses - plus two enormous Sturgeon of 90lb + and 85lbs adding to the fray.

Both winter Mirrors & Commons to 40lbs where taken on boilies from swim 2 & 3 . ... Good Job Guys see you next year

Maarten wrote "Thanks Mark for the wonderfull days on your beautiful lake." Maarten and Kevin

For more visit


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Stunning 57lb Common


Vallee Lake 2….The Jewel in the Crown, a Stunning 57lb Common !! Just one of the amazing Huge fish added to the both lake 2 and lake 1 today the 19th November 13'. This Huge Common was put into VALLEELAKE 2 along with two other fifties and several 40s, Lake 1 recieving over 23 Huge fish with an average of 40lbs being the final average weight - Look out for further pictures which will be added soon - Thanks to Dave, Matt & Co for helping out and taking the strain with some photo shots!


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Coming into it's own..


Dave Denning fihing on swim 9 vallee lake 2 took over 14 Carp with an average over 30lb+...
Dave took the fish both from Margin and open water fishing

Good Job Dave! 

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Big 50lb+ Common banked


BIG COMMONS from swim 7 & 10 - 1st one caught on valleelake special boilies @ 70m over silt ..

Beautiful fish, well done! 

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60 fish banked


Aaron Muphy took an exclusive booking on lake 2 last week for some R&R and rest his bad back after his operation - however Aaron and his mates came away with no rest and an even worse back with over 60 fish banked throughout the week.

Aaron had his pb of a stunning 44lb Mirror as part of his own catch and a monsterous 90lb Sturgeon from swim 12

Neil Rogers had a 24 fish catch with over 18 x 30s, 2 x 40s and 4 x 20s fishing swim 8.

Stu Ball in Swim 5 had a purple patch in 3 hours landing 8 fishing and loosing a rod! .. other fish came from swim 10 , 4, & 11 .

Well done lads and get well soon Aaron

pictures will be posted soon ...


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Still catching


Valee Lake 2 welcomed Ben Radford back on his 3rd return exclusive lake visit to lake 2 with an exclusive lake party of four! Yes, four! ......and why not.

Fish included Mirrors to 46lb 12oz & 2 other forties, 23 x 30s (average 34lbs ) , 10 x 20s.

Now that's a good Catch Report!

Find out more @


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Birthday Bonanza, Dutch Courage & Monsters


Ruben Pels fishing swim 10 with his birhday buddy had more to celebrate than their birthday with an incredable big fish haul from Vallee Lake 2, Starting with a HUGE 57b Grass Carp, 90lb Sturgeon, 53lb Mirror, 40lb + Commons & Mirrors. Manic action resulted in a three fish multiple catch as pictured. Total fish haul totaling over 1005lbs with an average of 35.9lbs - Great fishing lads!


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751lbs to 2 anglers


Michael Davies and his fishing buddy bagged up fishing swims 7/8 having 751lbs of fish with an average weight of ~ 34lbs - fishing boilies over a 'sloppy spod mix'

The fish came at range on chods... Michael said..'Great fishing for this time of year especially in the cold water conditions' see you again soon'  

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Just introduced on the 27th November 12' a stunning complement of an additional 70 plus Carp with a superb average in the mid 30s with fish up to 50lb which were all hand selected

Included are heavily plated Mirrors and Magnificent Commons including a 50lb plus Common having a new home in Vallee Lake 2.

The lake will be closed until Spring next season allowing the new stock to settle into their new watery home.

Bring on the new season, book early to be amongst the 1st anglers to experiance these stunning fish ..

For more info on Vallee Lake 2 visit


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Hauling at Vallee 2


VALLEELAKE 2 fishing very well with Pete Rosario and group of 7 anglers taing over 50 Carp on a rainy wet week on lake 2 .. Mostly fishing in the deep channels over silt and casting to showing fish during the day proved successful with a 50 + haul of Mirrors and Commons to 46lb + , plus two sturgeon to 80lbs .

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MONSTER 72lb Silver Carp


Dutch angler Remco Koning caught this amazing fish from swim 9, the centre of the lake, on a snowman pop-up rig.

Remco battled for over an hour to tame the monster, he also had a 36lb Mirror and two 30's in the same area with still 5 days fishing to go!

Remco said "what an amazing fish, truly an unforgettable experience and thanks for all the help with photos and videos by Mark and the FOX girls."

You will notice on the right side of the photo another hand, this is a helping hand from behind by one of the FOX girls who were also there this week.

Brilliant....WELL DONE Remco.


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14th - 21st April....The Round up


Bad unseasonable weather still dominated the fishing with tempertures still not above 7-8c with cold water temperatures not inducing the fish to feed well . However Nathan Defosse, a regular who fishes lake 1, decided on a change and fished swim 3 on lake 2 .

Nathan, not disssapointed with his choice, had a bumper session despite the conditions fished at 110 - 120 yrds in a drop off, in 11ft of water catching some superb condition Mirrors & Commons including 42lbs, 31lb Common, 32lb, 33lbs, 25lbs, 28lbs, 31lbs, 29lb, 32lbs, 26lbs, 35lbs, 39lbs, 33lbs, 24lbs and a 75lb Sturgeon. Nathan bait boated his rigs out fishing boilies and Maize .

Swim 5 also fished well with over 30s to 36lbs - fish mainly holding up in the centre of the lake in blusterly changable conditions .


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7th - 14th April '12


Unseasonably cold weather with frost saw the beginning of April ,

Patrick Philipo's party took fish early hours fishing the deeper areas of the lake fishing with lake boilies over pellet / parti blend taking : 43lb, 42lb,36lb , 36lb , 36lb , 36lb , 35lb , 35lb , 34lb , 35lb , 34lb, 34lb, 33lb, 33lb , 30lb , 30lb, 28lb ,28lb, 22lbs & a mighty 74lb & 72lb Sturgeon.

Well done guys! 

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Season Opening on Vallee Lake 2


Season openning on Vallee Lake 2 ..

Pascal Habes fished the opening week on lake 2 with his fishing partners and landed over 33 fish including ,
27lb, 36lb, 24lb, 23lb,35lb, 34lb, 26lb, 31lb, 34lb, 26lb, 28lb, 26lb, 21lb, 23lb, 33lb, 29lb, 30lb, 40lb, 31lb, 26lb, 30lb, 30lb, 33lb, 31lb, 40lb Mirrors and 70lb, 75lb, 76lb Sturgeon.......a great start for a Vallee Lake 2, definitely one to watch.

Fish came to boilies fished over crushed boilie, partiblend & maize.

Pascal wrote.

"Plenty of fish were seen crashing during the mornings and evenings throughout the week, good fishing was had by all despite the poor weather conditions of high pressure and frosty mornings - a good time had by all see you again and thanks for the hospiltality Mark & Nathalie."


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Carp Matches Scheduled


VALLEELAKE 2 will be holding a series of fishing matches over the 2012 season.  

Four matches are planned for throughout the 2012 season, for SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN
& WINTER. Dates are weeks commencing:  28th April, 23rd June, 15th Sept and 3rd Nov 2012.

Click here for more details


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Additional Stocking


We are pleased to confirm our arrival and successful stocking of 86 Carp adding to the existing healthy stock in VALLEELAKE 2. Hand picked fish included some stunning true Linear Mirrors and further heavily scaled Mirrors and Golden Commons .

Average weights in low thirties to 35lb + . With planned further stock in Jan . Feb 2012 of some larger target fish to over 40lb + from the same pisciculture.

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84lb Big Head Carp


Paul Hopkins caught this 84lb Big Head Carp at Vallee Lake 2, Swim 8 with a 4' zig rig with a popup

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Weed Cutting


They have completed a weed cutting / harvesting operation on VALLEELAKE 2 .

A specialist weed clearing company was contracted to under take the work for us cutting and extracting weed on lake 2.
The Dutch company involved will now be contracted on an annual basis, which will be undertaken early in the year ,

Helping to prevent weed problems as experianced this summer.

Other improvements on lake 2 will be the introduction of 4 additional boats for marker placement - this free of charge to all anglers , additional stock has also been ordered for the introduction this winter . News / photos of the fish will be reported after the stocking..

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Vallee Lakes update


An incredable run of sixties are still gracing the banks of Vallee 1 - with 12 now being banked to date with at least 6 different individual fish over 60lb !!

A Superb 67lb Mirror being the latest fish to grace the banks - caught by Mark Geille, a regular, who fished lake 2 last season and fancied a session on lake 1 this year . The Mirror comming from swim 9 caught on lake special frozen boilies .. Mark backed up his catch with another big Mirror at 56lb and other mirrors to 37lbs.

Mark... "an incredable catch and a SMASHED Pb ! loved both lakes and coming back next year to fish lake 2 - trying for a biggie their aswell !"

Other sixties on lake 1 have been coming from several swims around the lake including swims 9,10, 1 ,3 , 4, 5 & 6. giving all anglers a chance of a 60lb fish!

Lake 1 producing big fish throughout the summer with some weeks faring better than others -
Mid summer saw unseasionally bad weather conditions in the region effecting both lakes and dissrupting spawnning patterns, together with anglers experiencing weed problems on lake 2 especially,
despite our early season weed treatment , weed has been prevalent in the region with the exceptional hot weather conditions in the Spring promoting growth.

We are sorry for those anglers who have struggled in these conditions and we have taken measures to combat this for the remainning part of the session and future seasons. We have contracted a weed cutting / clearance company to seasonally cut the weed and have invested in our own mechanical cutter to deal with defined areas.

Bailiffs TIPS : come prepared with weed end rigs - i.e lightly clip your leads ensuring breakaway lead on the take - Nash weed safe lead clips are perfect (don't need cutting back ) - fish will come to the surface when hooked .
An angler caught a 32lb Mirror on lake 2 in the weed with float tackle .
We have got permanent markers also for free use and a boat for placing markers .

Fishing has picked up well on both lakes with changing weather conditions seeing lake 2 produce some nice new forties. Ian Brown bagging his pb on lake 2 with a golden 40lb+ taken on bottom boilie, 44lb Mirror & 43lb Mirrors comming out in swim 8!

Lake 2 fish have certainly packed the weight since opening lake 2, with some fish recorded over 8lb weight gains . This is good news for lake 2 for the up comming seasons and with the planned extra stocking this winter.

Lake 1 saw over 15 fish over 40lbs banked just last week alone (6th - 13th Aug) including a 67lb Mirror ,56lb Mirror (swim 9) 59lb 12oz Mirror, 48lb Mirror (swim 5), 44lb mirror, (swim 10) , 52lb Mirror (swim 4) , 81lb Cat , 52lb Sturgeon & 42lb Mirror (swim 8 ) , 55lb, 49lb Mirrors to swim 1 .

Lake 2 , fish over forty included , 44lb & 43lb Mirror in swim 8, 41lb mirror (swim 12 ) , 72lb Sturgeon .


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Despite May being another hot and dry month - both lakes fished well.

LAKE2 produced an average of 40 + fish per week with fish averaging 30lb+

Many upper 30s being fish that have gained 4/5lb over the last years stock!

This bodes well for the future seasions on the lakes with expected higher weights .

A super Grass Carp of 52lb 8oz being the biggest of the month comming out in swim 12 .


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52lb Grassy and a 77lb Sturgeon


Vallee 2 is producing some great results with over 40 fish out last week including this 52lb 8oz Grass Carp and this 77lb Sturgeon. The potential of this water is phenomenal and certainly one to watch.

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6 x 30's and a 40lb 8oz mirror


Russell Winstanley had a great result on Vallee Lake 2 quoting "Thanks for an enjoyable time on VL2, give my regards to Ollie & Dave they are good lads. I ended up with 6 x 30s to 34lb leather, 24lb common & a 40.8lb mirror, Kindest regards"

A good catch from a lake which is one to watch.

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April update


With the start of the season now in full swing we are pleased to say that our winter stocking was fully sucessful on VALLEELAKE 2, with ALL fish in perfect health. With plenty of fish showing and feeding .

Nathan Reed, who fished VL2, fishing swim 6, had 34 Carp catching consistantly over a bed of particles with pop ups , Commons up to 35lbs included in his catch plus a 72lb Sturgeon.

Ken Drinkwater actually targeted the BIG STURGEON having fish to 75lbs+ , 71lbs, 69lbs , 54lbs .

Steve Slater, a regular, - fishing swim 11, reported scale perfect Mirrors to 37lbs and a Brace of Grass Carp to 29lb. Steve fishied Maggots and French Maise.


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We are pleased to confirm our new arrival of residents to VALLEELAKE 2 .

Being precise ~1000kg (2200lbs) of Carp with an average weight of over 30lbs .

These included Commons and some heavily plated Mirrors - which I'm sure will be recognisable over the next few seasons.

VALLEELAKE 2 will be closed until April, to ensure these fish are in perfect health for the opening of the 2011 season - With a regular feeding program in between, these fish should even gain more weight !!


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New Stock


New Stock for VALLEELAKE 2 ,

As part of our stocking program , VALLEELAKE 2 will be recieving an additional 1tonne 1000KG of Carp .

Mirror & Common Carp averaging 30lb + will be added this winter - Ready for the 2011 season .

A news update will be added with photos and press release after stocking is completed - December 2010.

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New stocking arrived


We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the new stock for Vallee Lake 2.

Approximatley 150 Mirror and Common Carp have been introduced to Vallee Lake 2 with the an average of appromimatley 30lbs. The fish were in superb condition with a nice cross section of Commons and Mirrors with some superb looking scaley Mirrors .

The fish will benefit from a 4 month rest & feeding program over the winter and early spring ready for the new April openning on Vallee Lake 2.

More fish have been ordered for Vallee Lake 2 arriving later this winter too. These will be between 44lb & 55lbs. Details will be published on arrival .

Additional Carp were also intoduced into Vallee Lake 1.


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