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Well done to Darren Horton


Fishing the lodge over the weekend with a super 51lb 15oz mirror and 46b + Mirror, both pictured!


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Custom Street View


Now you can have a good walk round Vallee Lake 1 without even crossing the water. Just like street view, you can walk around to your hearts content. You can even stand in each swim and have a good nose at the facilities.
Go on, take a look:


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1st 60LB+ Mirror of the season!


The 1st week opened in 2015 on 2nd week in Feb with wintery conditions, However a few fish managed to grace the banks especially to Oliver Chapman with a Massive 60lb + Mirror smashing his PB! this being his second fish with the 1st weighing in at 45b! Pete Hooper managed three fish also to 39lb. 

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98 Carp added


We are delighted to announce a further significant investment to both lake 1 and 2 with an additional 98 Carp added into the lakes. 30 Carp being introduced to lake 1 and 68 Carp into lake 2 .

These fish were all hand picked with an average weight over 30lb + with some superb specimens to over 43lbs!

Some heavily plated Mirrors and beautiful Commons going into the lakes on the 25th and 28th November 14'.

The lakes are now Closed until Mid Feb 15' giving the fish time to establish themselves with the current stock taking a well deserved rest after a successful season .

Roll on the new season ...!
Thanks Dave , Steve and Terry for all your help .

Check out some selected pictures of the fish -
sorry can't add them all ..


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Awesome 63lb Grassy


 What a fish !! Take a look at this enormous Grass Caarp caught from lake 1 , the fish an original from the lake , probably in the excess of 40yrs Old !!! Taking on mais at range , 63lbs

other fish pictured are also some stunning specimens caught on the same session - Awesome fish !!

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11th - 18th July '14


Vallee Lake 1 swims 9 & 10 available for 11th - 18th July '14.

Special OFFER SAVE : £200
Cancellation 11th - 18th July, Lake 1 - swims 9 /10 3 anglers

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60lb 10oz


Now and again we get some cracking photos through, this one being one of them.

Nick Bunn enjoying a moment with a 60lb 10oz Mirror from Swim 1 on Vallee Lake 1.

Fantastic! thanks Nick.

For more visit 

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Carp to 56lbs


Phillip Murray and his fishing partner Andrew had a great session with fish up to 56lb.

Carp included: 30lb, 31lb, 41lb, 41lb 8oz,34lb, 39lb, 47lb, 56lb4oz, 35lb, 44lb, 24lb, 35lb, and a 52lb Sturgeon.

Great fishing guys!


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Impressive opening week


With big fish coming out all over the lake after their winter lay up! with over 12 forties between 7th March & 11th March topped up by a Huge 58lb 10oz Mirror taking by James Simpson from swim 9 on boilie in open water.

Well done James on your PB on your 1st trip to Vallee Lake with Andy Berry.

Swim 1 also doing well on 12 fish to 49lb - still the rest of the week to go.


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59lb 6oz Vallee Lake 1 Mirror


Chris Harris caught this superb Mirror just under 60lbs in wintery conditions in February '14 fishing deep water.

Nice one Chris


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Still producing


Peter Rosario and Chris Harris where rewarded for coming over on a work party, they managed a few hours fishing during the night with Superb results, Pete had a loverly Dark 40lb+ Mirror and two Mid thirties while Chris had a Monster of a Mirror just under 60lbs weighing at a superb 59lb 6oz fishing in deep water - check out the pictures a truly stunning Carp. 

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After setting up and with a few fish showing in peg 8, it wasn't until well into darkness that I got off the mark with a long, hard fighting 26 mirror from peg 8. Dad then got off the mark in the early hours with a low 40 from under the trees, in the top corner of 6. This same spot went on to produce 6 of the 10 bites which included a pb common of 41.12,that gave up an impressive battle, another low 40, two 30's and a 31. Fishing under a dead tree further along the far margin in 6 provided a 38 on the second night, but it wasn't until the final day that fishing in the deep hole from 8 provided two more runs. The first unfortunately ended in a hook pull, the second was of a pale common of 32 which nicely concluded the trip. We both thoroughly enjoyed the week in the stunning surroundings at lake 1, and the brilliant condition of the huge, hard fighting carp made it even more enjoyable! Can't wait to be back! 

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18 fish in 3 days


25th - 28th Oct '14..Vallee Lake 1....Once again, thanks for another top weekend at Vallee, awesome, awesome, awesome!

18 fish in a weekend with an average of 31lb 8oz is amazing.

Winter fishing has never been so good and there's 25% off from Mid November.

For more visit


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70lb'er for Dave Prowse


Dave Prowse banked a fish of his life with a HUGE 70LB+ Mirror! possibly heavier as his scales bottomed out.

Dave had the fish on Vallee Lake 1 together with another Monster of a Mirror at 59lb together with 4 x 40lb+ Carp & 4 x 30s .

Dave said...'absolutely unbelievable session, top fish & venue great week, thanks Mark & Nathalie' 

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Session of a lifetime


Session of a lifetime at Vallee...So far this week Steve Martin and 2 friends have banked..

3 x 60's, (68lb 12oz, 64lbs 10oz, 64lbs), 5 x 50's, 10 x 40's and 11 x 30's.

WOW, amazing fishing. Lets see what the total ends up at.

For more info visit.. 

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Winter Tales


Vallee Lake Winter Tales...

With the on set of winter the Catches certainly have not slowed down!

Forties and Fifties are still gracing the banks and now in their stunning Winter Colours matching the Golds and Bronzes of the Surrounding countryside.

Paul Downey, having an exceptional session with over 17 fish with an incredible 45lb average including 5 x 50lb Mirrors, 5 x 40lb+, 5 x 30lb+ and 2 x 20s .. 'Great fishing I'm absolutely exhausted - will have to go home for a rest , see you next year ' Paul Downey .

Carl Pritchard and fishing partner were also amongst the fish with 2 x 50lb+, 2 x 40lb+, 6 x 30lb + Mirrors & Stunning Commons . ' Great winter session expecially with our P.B's see you later in the winter cheers ' Carl Pritchard.

For more info on this big fish water visit: 

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An average of 43lbs


Lake 1 still producing the big fish with an incredable average of over 43lb comming regulary weekly . Danny North from Sport Fish and fishing Pal Leigh catching their PBs from swim 9 with 40s/ 50s comming from for the Cabin area and Lodge swims .. 

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Purple Patch



A Fantastic haul of three fish in three hours for Mat Hurst fishing swim 9 on Vallee Lake 1,

Mat said.."Fantastic to catch my pb but three times in an hour with two fish over 50lb and one over 60lb = this just doesn't come better .. "

Quite right Matt, fantastic fishing.

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Over 70s Club..


Both Vallee Lake 1 & 2 produced enormous fish on the same night, same swims and both anglers over 70 years young!

Swim 2 on lake 2 saw Terry Ryan catch one of our elusive Silver Carp @ over 69lbs, Terry lured the monster from the far margin on a snow man pop up and battled over an hour to surpress the monster - Terry exclaiming now that's done my back!!

John Darby on lake 1 the same evenning fishing at Hook lodge, swim 2, casted to a showing fish pva bagged and smashed his pb by over 10lb in the shape of a 62lb Mirror!!

Well done lads or gentlemen.

Regulars Liam Swallow and co fishing the Cabin had a monster haul of fish in the shape of a 40lb Grass , 66lb Cat , 70lb + Sturgeon. Mirrors and common Carp to over 40lb completing the set !

Richard Settler also delighted with a new pb fishing swim 5 with a new pb of 52lb in the shape of a stunning mirror .

The ladies not to be out fished saw Mr Cole's partner land a monster 80lb+ Sturgeon on lake 2 swim 10 - the fish bottomed out @ over 80lbs ....

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Season update - 60lb + Carp


Congratulations to the over 60s CLUB:

Mark Williamson 70lb Mirror,
Dave Jordison 63lb Mirror
John Armsted 70lb + Mirror
Peter Hurst 59lb 12oz * (deserves a mention)
Matt Howard 65lb Mirror
Steve Brown 65lb Mirror
Mark Webber 64lb Mirror
Paul Riley 65lb Mirror (poss 70lb+ bottomed scales)
Chris Howard 60lb Mirror

Over 50lb+ an incredible 42 fish banked

over 40lb+ Carp over 90 fish banked

These are incredible stats into only half the season fished ..

These fish being caught from both lakes but mainly from lake 1, however a lot of new forties to 50lb+ Carp are also gracing the banks from lake 2 .

Latest from Vallee Lake 1: 8th -15th June

Two 60lb + Mirrors

Paul Riley bottomed his scales at 65lb+ (possible 70lb+), and Chris Wood also doing his PB with a new lake 60lb Mirror @ 60lb 4oz from swim 7


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April Round up so far


YOUNG GUNS : Craig Hewatts & Lewis May being the yougest anglers on the lake didn't stop them catching their respective P.B.

Craig, fishing swim 6, had Mirrors of 55lb, 40lb, 42lb, 38lbs, 30lb, 28lbs, and a 56lb to Paul Barret changing swims, Lewis fishing swim 9 took fish of 53lbs, 33lbs, 40lb, 33lbs, 30lbs, with Kevin, his fishing partner, having a biggest of 52lbs .

Garry Court and Simon had another consistant big fish session taking fish over the 40lb average weight including: 46lb, 45lb 4oz, 46lb 8oz, 28lb 6oz, 44lb 4oz, 31lb 6oz, 31lb 4oz, 33lb 12oz.

Another superb week!

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2x30's, 3x40's and a 54.12....AWESOME


Andy Roberts had fantastic mid week trip. Andy said "After being ordered by the doctor to relax and get well it was nice that you could accommodate me at such short notice.
Fishing the end of February I wasn't expecting to catch many and would have been happy with 'a fish', however what happened next was a real pleasant surprise.
Fishing Vallee lake 1, I had a total of six winter crackers in all their amazing golden colours.

37lb 10oz mirror tues 28th feb 1230hrs

54lb 12oz mirror tues 28th feb 1910hrs

49lb 10oz mirror wed 29th feb 2030hrs

41lb 7oz mirror on thurs 1st march

34lb 10oz mirror on thurs 1st march

40lb 1oz mirror on thurs 1st march 0530hrs .
Mark, thanks for dropping what you were doing and coming back to the lake to photo my new PB.

I had an awesome and very relaxed few days, just what the doctor ordered. Can't thank you enough. C u again soon, tight lines."

Watch the video on the Vallee Lake page 

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Cut tail over 70lbs and a bad back!!


Mark Williamson is still stunned by his enormous mirror coming over to France and fishing Vallee lake for the 1st time -  Mark said he was hoping to break his fishless drought back in the UK after struggling on his home water . .

Mark arrived on the lake on 2nd March and opted for swim 9, doubled up with his fishing pal 'Turk'

Fishing at range using particle mix and lake special boilies Mark hooked into the Leviathan at 2am and patiently landed her into a waiting net .

Not until both tried to lift the fish out of the water did they realize the size.

Mark commented "We had to tripple check the scales and zero in the sling after bottomming our 70lb scales! we finally confirmed the weight at 71lbs, I stuggled to lift the fish for the photos and pulled my back in the process - but well worth it!"


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With Ice still present on the lakes - this didn't deter anglers from fishing on VALLEELAKE 1 .

Braving the winter conditions and fishing a short session, a number of anglers profited from their endeavors fishing literally after the ice broke up .

Michael Schoot caught his PB in the shape of a superb conditioned 54lb Mirror taken on a pop up fished over crumbed boilie and particle .

This was followed by a WHACKER of a 64lb Mirror taken by a delighted Vincent Kleibrgen together with a 35lb Mirror and 44lb Mirror taken by his fishing partner .

They commented:-
'Fantastic fish, venue and hospitality! and beyond our wildest expectations. See you soon mark & Nathalie ' Vincent .

Vincent manage to video the 64lb Mirror - so watch out soon for the video release ! 

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First 50s of 2012


A superb Start to 2012 with the first 50lb+ fish comming out on the 3rd Janurary .. and one just shy of 60lb at 59.4lbs

Stephan Janssen and his fishing partner Marc braved the gusty conditions and had superb results ..

Fishing with balanced Maize and pop up boilies, they caught their P.B's

Catching 10 fish with and average of over 39.6lbs included
3 x 50s - 55lb, 55lb , 59.4lbs,
3 x 40s - 42.9lbs,46lbs, 48.4lbs ,
4 x 30s - 33lbs, 33lbs , 34.1lbs , 35lbs ...

“Stephan said ' The average weight is just incredable and beating my Pb in the shape of a stunning 55lb Common is a fanastic start to my New Year - What an increadable lake, great facilities and hospiltality!, see you again soon!!”

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All Christmas's come at once



Phil Clark say's he's still pinching himself after a week session on Vallee lake 1 ,

Phil took advantage of his winter ticket and fished a week in December 3rd - 10th and had an absolutley awesomwe week catching an incredable 883lb of fish which comprised of 22 fish averaging over 40lb.

Carp included 3 x 50s (55.4lb, 54.10lb,53.2lb) , 8 x 40s (45.4lb, 48.6lb, 47.8lb, 45.10lb, 41,2lb, 41, 4lbs, 45,5lb), 10 x 30s (38.2lbs, 31.8lbs, 34.8lbs, 34.6lbs, 32.2lb, 35.12lbs, 37.8lbs, 34.6lbs, 31.4lbs, 37.4lbs) & 2 x 20s (28.12lbs, 29.1lbs).

Phil fished swim 9 and fished at range boating his bait out to the middle of the lake, fishing on his own at the lake Phil took full advantage of the windy and wet conditions with low pressure the fish were certainly on the feed.  

Phil "what an absolutly incredible week, I couldn't have asked for more! that's by far my best ever session let alone winter, I'm an avid French Carp angler and go at least 7 times a year to different venues and this has topped the lot - and thanks Mark for coming out in the early hours to Photograph my fish - more than once!"


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3 Days in November


Last weekend (3 X Days )

65lb MIRROR - to Dave Heather
52lb Mirror ,
41lb Common
42lb Common
38lb Mirror
34lb Mirror
33lb Mirror
28lb Mirror
25lb Mirror
51lb Sturgeon

See picture of Dave Heather's 65lb Mirror 

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Record breaking season


It's been a record breaking season for Vallee Lake 1 this year with incredible catch reports. The numbers speak for themselves. 191 x 40's banked, 91 x 50's banked and 14 x 60's banked with the biggest coming out at 67lb's. By anyone's standards, that's a hell of a season. Roll on 2012 where we're expecting some 70's. Don't forget that Vallee Lake 1 is open all year round and we have some great deals on of Winter.

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23rd Sept '11 Main Lodge now available


Due to a late cancellation this sought after lodge at Vallee Lake 1 (for up to 3 anglers) is now available for 23rd - 30th September '11. We have a VERY special offer on for this week - please enquire for details.

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60lb + Carp ... & weed ! Aug 11'


An incredable run of sixties are still gracing the banks of Vallee 1 - with 12 now being banked to date with at least 6 different individual fish over 60lb !!

A Superb 67lb Mirror being the latest fish to grace the banks - caught by Mark Geille, a regular,  who fished lake 2 last season and fancied a session on lake 1 this year . The Mirror comming from swim 9 caught on lake special frozen boilies .. Mark backed up his catch with another big Mirror at 56lb and other mirrors to 37lbs.

Mark... "an incredable catch and a SMASHED Pb ! loved both lakes and coming back next year to fish lake 2 - trying for a biggie their aswell !"

Other sixties on lake 1 have been coming from several swims around the lake including swims 9,10, 1 ,3 , 4, 5 & 6. giving all anglers a chance of a 60lb fish!

Lake 1 producing big fish throughout the summer with some weeks faring better than others -
Mid summer saw unseasionally bad weather conditions in the region effecting both lakes and dissrupting spawnning patterns, together with anglers experiencing weed problems on lake 2 especially,
despite our early season weed treatment , weed has been prevalent in the region with the exceptional hot weather conditions in the Spring promoting growth.

We are sorry for those anglers who have struggled in these conditions and we have taken measures to combat this for the remainning part of the session and future seasons. We have contracted a weed cutting / clearance company to seasonally cut the weed and have invested in our own mechanical cutter to deal with defined areas.

Bailiffs TIPS : come prepared with weed end rigs - i.e lightly clip your leads ensuring breakaway lead on the take - Nash weed safe lead clips are perfect (don't need cutting back ) - fish will come to the surface when hooked .
An angler caught a 32lb Mirror on lake 2 in the weed with float tackle .
We have got permanent markers also for free use and a boat for placing markers .

Fishing has picked up well on both lakes with changing weather conditions seeing lake 2 produce some nice new forties. Ian Brown bagging his pb on lake 2 with a golden 40lb+ taken on bottom boilie, 44lb Mirror & 43lb Mirrors comming out in swim 8!

Lake 2 fish have certainly packed the weight since opening lake 2, with some fish recorded over 8lb weight gains . This is good news for lake 2 for the up comming seasons and with the planned extra stocking this winter.

Lake 1 saw over 15 fish over 40lbs banked just last week alone (6th - 13th Aug) including a 67lb Mirror ,56lb Mirror (swim 9) 59lb 12oz Mirror, 48lb Mirror (swim 5), 44lb mirror, (swim 10) , 52lb Mirror (swim 4) , 81lb Cat , 52lb Sturgeon & 42lb Mirror (swim 8 ) , 55lb, 49lb Mirrors to swim 1 .

Lake 2 , fish over forty included , 44lb & 43lb Mirror in swim 8, 41lb mirror (swim 12 ) , 72lb Sturgeon .


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Swim 9, 12th August now available


Swim 9 has now become available on Vallee Lake 1 for 12th - 19th August '11. Swim 9 is a double swim and has produced numerous 50's and 60's this season already.

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7 x 60lb+ Carp Banked


Fish weights have been up again this seasion VALLEELAKE 1 has fished absolutly superb this seasion with over 7 x 60s banked (up to 30th May 11') with a congratulations to : Chris Hanks, Kevin Goulburn, Neil Jenkins, Steve Goff, John Sewel, Robert Griffin & Nick Bunn all catching 60lb+ Mirrors!

With an incredable tally to date this seasion (30/5/11) of : 7 x 60s , 27 x 50s and 70 x 40s banked !!!

that's good fishing by anyones standards.

tight lines


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May 2011


Fishing absolutley superb with 60lb fish now featuring regulary on the board , not discounting the countless 40s & 50s out weekly .

e.g Gary court fishing swim 1, having over a ton of fish on his week session with over 9 x 40s , 2 x 50s , 30's and a few 20's.



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Another 60 out


Congratulations to Kevin who managed to bank a 62lb Mirror from Swim 9 on Vallee 1. So far, Vallee 1 has produced four 60's. We can only imagine what the rest of the season will bring.

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3 x 60's out this week


Nick Bunn in Swim 9 has landed the 3rd 60lb carp of the week from Vallee lake 1. Nick, who is a regular on Vallee lake 1 banked a stunning 61lb 1oz mirror plus two further 50's.

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The season so far


8th - 15th April, what an incredable start.

2 x 60s , 5 x 50lbs ,9 x 40lbs in one week only! Two 60lb Mirrors coming out ,1 in swim 3 to Alister Champman weighing in at 61lb 4oz and the other stunning Mirror from swim 1 to  Steve Martin on boilie weighing in at 62lbs.

The total so far this season to date is

2 X 60LB + , 14 x 50lb + ,32 x 40lb , 72 x 30lb+


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April update


High unseasional temperatures didn't stop the fishing, with good catches around the lake, Paul Brading, a regular fishing HOOK LODGE, landed an impressive haul of over 1000lb fish including a PB Mirror of 50lb 10oz and 8 forties to 49lb and 12 x 30s to 39lb and several 20s.

Richard Edmund catching his PB - a stunning 57lb Mirror after 25yrs fishing in France - caught his monster fishing swim 10.

Jon Angel fishing a short w/end session also doing a pb with a cracking 54lb Mirror & 45lb Mirror .

Graham Young fishing the Cabin swim 6 starting well last night (11th April) also doing his PB in the shape of a 56lb Mirror ; caught on VALLEELAKE SPECIALS (18mm boilies ).



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15% off in July & August


This is your opportunity to receive 15% off accommodation options on selected July & August dates at this phenomenal big fish water. If you want a chance at catching a 60lb+ with only 1.5 hours drive from Calais then this venue is for you. Enquire with our staff to find out which dates we have available.

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February Video released


Justin and friend fished swim 9 on Vallee Lake 1 for 5 days at the end of February. The video of their results is shown on the Vallee Lake 1 page. click here to view

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Summer , Spring , Winter - No difference ! VALLEELAKES continues to produce BIG FISH ..

A short winter February session ( 21st - 24th Feb 2011 ) being no exception producing nearly a TON of fish to Peter Hooper and Justin Slappendel .

With an average 35lb + weight and three fish over 50lbs biggest going to Peter Hooper @ 55lbs fish coming during all hours .

Other fish included superb specimens of : 53lb , 50lbs ,46lbs,47lbs ,39lbs 38lbs , with 17 other Carp over 30lbs and a handful of 20s .
'Superb winter or Summer fishing by any standards ' Justin Slappendel. ' Thanks for an unforgettable session! '

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The season started with a stunner of a 40LB+ Common to Danny Wynne fishing just a short two day session - Danny's timming was perfect, and after taking some advise about swim choice, started the session with a 'Wood Carving' of a 40lb + Commom, following it up with another 41lb Mirror and a 37lb Mirror, including two lost fish. He couldn't have asked for more on this Janurary short session Danny said  'What a great way to start! - First fish of the season banked on VALLEELAKES - a stunner of a 40lb+ Common in stunning condition - as were all the fish - cheers mark '



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63lb 1oz Mirror


OVER 145 40LB + CARP  Caught in 2010

VALLEE LAKE continues to produce BIG FISH with over 145 40lb + fish banked since March 10'

Being 40 x 50lb + Carp and 100 x 40lb + Carp with three over 60lbs topping up by Adam Hodkins 63lb 1oz Mirror caught from swim 9 .

The weights have been pilling on in VALLEELAKE 1 over the last few seasons with an increadable catch rate of fifties comming out every week .

This resulting from the careful stocking program over the last few seasons - Vallee Lake 2 will also benifit from a ongoing stocking program over coming seasons with huge potental for even bigger fish in the rich 25 acre lake.

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Winter Warmers ,

Both VALLEELAKE 1 & 2 have produced some winter wamers this weekend 21/11/11

Andy Mayes celebrated his Birthday in Style with two PB'S smashed in one night - Fishing VALLEELAKE 1 from the Carpers Cabin Swim he had a brace of 40s - the 1st comming out in the early hour being a stunning 44lb Mirror followed by a heavier 48lb Golden Mirror !  'WHAT A WAY TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY , superb fishing I'm impressed ! ' Andy Mayes ..  He also finished off with a 38lb Mirror before packing up ..

VALLEELAKE 2 also saw action for Chris Seeleys from Pursuit Baits , fishing swim 5 at distance had a Stunning 39lb 11oz Mirror and 32lb Mirror on his latest boilies on a short session . '' Plenty of fish still showing for this time of year , What a great lake , see you again next year '' Andy Mayes.

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VALLEELAKE - Capology Article



Read a review of DAVES LANES visit to VALLEELAKES in the December issue of  CARPOLOGY Magazine ..

out NOW !! His average weight caught being over 45lbs !!! Including a 53lb Mirror ...

Details on rigs and bait used on ALL his catches ..

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Dave Lane


DAVE LANE BAGS A 53lb Mirror on VALLEELAKE - Autumn / winter .

Dave Lane and his family  just returned from a trip to VALLEELAKES 

Dave fished on VALLEELAKE 1 for a mid week session fishing hitting an average over 40lbs , including 53lb Mirror , 49lb Mirror , 48lb Mirror  , and two upper 30s -

Dave used boilies over hemp, fishing fishing long range . Dave also did a recky , eyeing some swims on VALLEELAKE 2 for a forthcomming session on the lakes .



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80 x 40's and 36 x 50's


What an incredible story so far, Vallee Lake 1 has shot into the lime light producing 80 x  40's and 36 x 50's since March this year. Mark and his two sons have jsut returned banking 2 of the many 50's to 55lbs. Len Wood and his partner managed a stunning 59lb'er and the guys the cabin and swim 9 banked 16 x 30's and a 41lb mirror. Matthew Parker, who has also recently returned caught a 57lb 1 oz and 51lb 15oz - both mirrors. The list can go on and on.


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FIFTIES on the first week


VALLEELAKE 1 - FIFTIES on the first week.

The first anglers to the season on VALLEELAKE 1, after the big freeze saw a group of seasonal campaigners from the BCSG - The week started with low temperatures and nightly frosts with water temperatures just hovering over 5C - despite this, the first 50lb+ of the season came out to a delighted Bill Phillips with a cracking 51lb 8oz Mirror breaking Bill's PB. Bill also managed a 44lb Mirror, 37lb mirror and a 27lb Pike. Bill's partner, Paul Regent, also had an early season result in the shape of a 45lb Mirror being his best fish of the session. Other fish included a 75lb Sturgeon and a number of 30s to another BCSG member.

Andew Deeley who followed dropping into swim 6 on the 19th March had a superb 52lb Mirror within hours of arriving benifitting from a warm southerly wind.

VALLEELAKE 2 test fishing producing just some stockies to 30lb - water temperatures being colder than VL1 due to its larger size

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November 2009

VALLEE LAKE 2 has fished well with Olie Ricotti test fishing proving productive - Ollie banking over 5 forties to 47lbs with NEW unknown forties gracing the bank - last being a 40lb + mirror Sunday morning (22nd November), coming out of swim 6, a beautiful bronze autumn coloured orginal Mirror.

Fishing will stop soon when we recieve our new STOCK ordered from FCS Neil Wilson - Full reports and photos will be published on stocking.

All purpose built swims have been completed on VALLEELAKE 2 - We hope you enjoy them..

VALLEELAKE 1 November 2009 :

Martin Ricketts fishing swim 9 ended up with a new PB - a cracking 47lb Mirror and three 30s fishing open water catching on boilies. Lots of fish still showing and being active especially at night in the mild conditions .

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With low pressure wind and showers... This week saw over 90 fish on the bank including : 50lb ,54lb Mirrors , 9 forties including , 40lb ,42lb 44lb ,45lb,44lb, 43lb ,41lb, 43lbs ,45lb with also a 58lb CAT , 66lb & 72lb Sturgeon . Swim 1/2 HOOK LODGE saw an amazing 60 fish banked with an average over 34lbs. ' An incredible weeks fishing, fantastic fish in great condition and super facilities ' Bjorn Verbeek 'and three PB's awesome !!!!'

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3rd - 10th JULY Chris Collis party having the luxury of having the lake exclusively (just four anglers - yes! ) catching all personnel bests throughout there session with fish over 40lbs 10th - 17th JULY 09' Omir Sadik fishing the lodge took a personnel best of 54lbs , two forties of 43lb ,42lbs and five 30s including 33lbs ,31lbs,35lbs,34lbs 35lbs ,and several 20s to 29lbs .All fish came to VALLEELAKE SPECIAL boilies and Mais . Omir only fishing at night and playing golf during the day! 'A great holiday , fantastic fish and a PB ' Another VL2 regulure Tracy Brooker fishing swim 9 had a great week , with over 3 40lb+ Mirrors to 44lbs with 10 other Mirrors and Commons smallest being 32lbs. Kevin Rees fishing the Carpers Cabin had over twelve 30lb Mirrors and Commons to 38lbs. Swim 4 also producing a big 40lb mirror to first timer to France to young Mr Fisher of 18yrs . 17 -20th July - A great weekends fishing so far - with a 50lb+ Mirror to Paul Brading in swim 9 , Three forties and several 30s comming out in the Carpers Cabin to all swims 6,7 & 8 to Lee Mansi's Party . Belgium Anglers fishing Hook Lodge swim 1 can't stop catching taking over 24 Mirrors and Commons so far averaging over 38lb. Lewis Lester in SWIM 5 having a 58lb Catfish and 66lb Sturgeon on Saturday night .

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Over 65 fish banked around the lake with 12 Carp over 40lbs including ; 51lb ,55lb ,52lb, 56lb and 55lb Mirrors , 40s included 41lbs 41lbs 40lb, 43lbs ,43lbs. Ben Radly and Justin Sneer fishing HOOK LODGE took 14 Carp to 55lb including three forties and the remainning 30s to 39lb. Ben Badley doing the business on the 12hour just before packing up, landing a stunning Mirror of 55lbs . 'A fantastic week - that's what we come he for - awesome !! Great facilities stunning lake and set up , we're be seeing you again ! ' Rob Stils fishing swim 3 is still pinching himself after his 51lb Mirror 42lb Mirrors and 30s - 'First time to France , 1st Fish a 50 followed by 40s and 30s - it can't get better ! ' Peter Lee Streeve fishing swim 9 had a incredable 51lb 8oz Grass Carp , a 42lb Common and that not being enough followed by a 56lb Mirror - other fish were 30s to 37lb .... The CarperS Cabin also not missing out with an incredIble haul of over 20 x 30lb+ Carp, two forties at 43lb & 42lb a 45lb Sturgeon and two 50LB + Mirrors of 51lb & 55lbs. Peter Streeve and Ray Love just delighted . ' Our best fishing ever and VALLEELAKE producing our PB'S again each year - we'LL be booking for later in the year and next !! ' VALLEELAKE SPECIAL boilies doing the business round the lake ' GB Baits certainly doing us proud with our exclusvive bait ! with Spicy maize also producing well this week .

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7 Fifties banked

Alan Jones landed a mirror from swim 1 which bottomed his scales at 57lb .. Mark Townsend, fishing the Lodge, took a flying start banking a 49lb Mirror followed by a stunning unmarked 55lb Mirror within a short time of arriving in Hook Lodge - he continued his success with several thirties with another 50lb Mirror and an awesome 47lb Common - taking over 34 fish out with 7 lost. Andrew White fishing swim 9 banked a 54lb Mirror in the early hours and David Parker fishing in swim 7 banked another stunning mid fifty Mirror at 55lb 8oz and the same night banked a 40lb+ Mirror in swim 9. Other fish have included several thirties and upper 20s around the lake -

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Jason Bodil fishing swim 10 having four forties a 50 + etc being :41lb, 42lbs , 41lbs .48lbs , 55lbs and a few thirties including a nice double linear Mirror, Nick Bunn and his Mate Steward fishing swim 9 having over 14 thities a 42lb Mirror and a Cracking common at 40lb , fish taken on VALLEE SPECIAL boilies. Michael Knapton fishing the Lodge having three forties plus also !!

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MORE 40'S & 50's

The 1st of April was no fools day for Richie ... fishing swim 4 when he banked his PB a stunning 51lb 8oz Mirror Carp the first fifty for April ! falling to boilies.. other swims producing mixed results the same week with the best consistent catches coming to Andrew Eves fishing swim 1 in HOOK LODGE - Andy having an enjoyable week with over 13 fish and a few loses the best being a absolute stunning un-marked Common falling just short of 40lbs , but who cares, a pb for Andy and surely one of the best looking fish around. WEEK END BONANZA!!!! 3-5/4/09. On the back of Andrew Eves' success, Dean Smith fished HOOK LODGE for a short week end session - Ending up with an incredible haul of 13 fish including three Morrors over 40lbs . Within hours of arriving Dean landed a 38lb Mirror and sucess continued with fish at :29lb, 38lb, 28lb, 45lbs, 21lb, 31lbs, (22lb Common 28lb Brace) 42lbs, 37lbs, 25lbs, 46lbs and 31lbs. 'Quality fishing , fish and venue , my best ever catch' Dean Smith.

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Continued Sucess

Chris and Martin Sergeant fishing swim 9 at Vallee Lake had a good week with consistent catches each day with over 14 fish, with Martins biggest at 43lbs and Chris celebrating his birthday with a superb 52lb Mirror! Andi Kraft fished Hook Lodge and finished up with eight fish over the weekend with the biggest Mirror topping over 47lbs. Rob Carless and his partner also having a great weekend session with seven fish up to 46lb (Mirror) fishing the Carpers Cabin Bay. Brian Fagen got straight into his fishing within an hour of starting, resulting in a huge 66lb Sturgeon and a stiff back! Maggots and chopped boilies are proving very effective at this time of year with the 50 and 46lb Mirrors coming out to maggots. Water temperatures around 10 Celsius.

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Despite cold water temperatures and ice on the bank! the season's first 50+ of 2009 came out at 54lbs in the Hook Lodge bay. Fished 30 yards off the far bank the fish fell to spicey maize critically balanced fished over chops and a scatter of maize. A great start which we hope is a sign of great things to come.

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best of the week a Stunning 56lb Mirror from swim 9 , a 48lb Mirror from the Carpers Cabin bay......... and a Huge 84lb Sturgeon from swim 4 - Many High thirties also coming out around the lake with the smallest fish of the week topping 30lb !!!

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Latest News

Just a quick news update! Steven Hird in swim 9 banked 5 FORTIES in one night !!!! together with a thirty pounder and his son banking a 39 pounder and upper 20. Not bad going for a night fishing , fish came out during the hours of darkness and fell to Maggots and boilies ! Weights included 46lb ,45lb,46lb, 44lb and 45lbs Mirrors all in superb Autumn Colours. ' Superb fishing , what can I say ' Steven Hird Also a 75lb Sturgeon graced the bank over the weekend !

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Latest News

fish so far include : 43/b mirror ,47lb mirror ,26lb mirror ,13lb common, 37lb grass carp.29lb mirror,30lb commom,50lb 11oz grass carp ,43lb mirror - other big fish this week so far include : 43lb mirror (swim 5), 45lb and 43lb mirrors (swim 10), 45lb sturgeon (swim 9), 39lb mirror (swim 1), several other 30s ,20s etc around the lake and many big fish lost - not a bad week so far - two days to go STILL ! Latest in:- 47lb mirror from swim 7. That's a 40lb's from EVERY SWIM this week!!

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First trip to France for Chris and he had 12 fish betwen them which included a 51lb 3oz mirror, 46lb 3oz mirror and a 32lb 1oz. The rest were all 20`s upto 29lb.15oz. What a fantastic weekend they had :-) They fished in mid water on peg 9 with maize and a piece of immitation corn. Can't wait for a return visit next year.

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Colin Greenland has just come back from a week at Vallee Lake (29th Feb - 7th March) and they had a cracker. Between the three of them they had a 42, 48, 49lb 8oz, 38, a 27 AND a superb 51lber! 2 fish came from the Premier bait they have onsite and GB Baits (CPX) caught 3 40's. The feedback has been put on the Vallee Lake mini-site. We are awaiting photos.

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Feb 2007 produced some great fishing for Danny Wynnes' party who fished the 1st weekend of February 2007 - From the off within an 1hr the biggest Sturgeon to date was hooked and after an awesome fight of over an 1hr a 72lb Sturgeon was Banked. the big fish continued over the weekend with another 47lb Sturgeon , 28lb Mirror, 28lb Common ,32lb Mirror, 34lb Mirror, 32lb Mirror and a Stunning 51lb.6oz Mirror! .This was the second trip for Danny's party, the 1st being just two weeks previous in Janurary on another productive weekend with Carp to 38lbs. Great Winter Fishing . So far this week Vallee Lake has banked 6 fish all over 40lbs including a cracking 50lb mirror (Shown) to John Wiggins on his first trip to Vallee lake. All in all an unbelieveable start to the season at Vallee and long may it continue.

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Great fishing for Danny Wynnes party who fished the 1st w/end of February 2007 - From the off within an 1hr the biggest Sturgeon todate was hooked and after a awesome fight of over an 1hr a 72lb Sturgeon was Banked. the big fish continued over the w/end with another 47lb Sturgeon , 28lb Mirror, 28lbCommon ,32lb Mirror, 34lbMirror, 32lb Mirror and a Stunning 51lb.6oz Mirror! .This was the second trip for Danny's party the 1st being just two weeks previous in Janurary on another productive w/end with Carp to 38lbs. Great Winter Fishing .

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Vallee Lake

After a successful 2005/2006 winter stocking program bringing stock levels to over 400 fish, the lake has fished very well this year with full swims, with the spring starting well with lots of new big fish being caught to over 50lb after laying up for winter. Many new forties and fifties being caught in super condition after our winter feeding program with the first fifty plus coming out in March April 2006 - producing over 26 x 40s many upper forties and over 38 x thirties again many high 30s - several multiple 40+ catches with 3 / 4 forties to single anglers in a week. Also the big Sturgeon coming out to 64lb. May 2006 - Again a very good month for big fish catches with over 30 40lb + fish out in May including three 50s and stacks of 30s. Many anglers achieving their PB''s despite the bad weather conditions in May with multiple 40+ catches Tom Williams with a great weeks catch of over 850lb fish including 16 x 30s, 5 x 40s, 1 x 50+ and stacks of 20s these coming to fishery supplied frozen GB caviar / cranberry boilies. Jamie Lucus, with almost a mirror catch of above including Mirrors to 50lb +, 5 x 40s, 60lb + Sturgeon, 30s and 20s with Common Carp to 40 +, these all taken on frozen baits. Mark Billows party, a competition winner for 3, achieving all catching 40s etc and Mark getting wet for his efforts with a Big 60+ Sturgeon!. June: after poor weather in the spring this forced the fish to spawn later this year in June! – this obviously interrupting the fishing due to the carp have other matters on their minds – despite this still a few big fish being landed!. A question which I always get asked “ when do the fish spawn ? “ a million dollar question – all depending on many factors not least the weather, water temperature etc etc how long is a piece of string. August: with weather favoring fishing most of the month, good catches were being had with an average of over 60 – 70 fish + out a week again averaging over 30+ and at leased 8-10 forty pound plus fish out a week!. September: two new 50lb Carp appearing on the bank to 54lb in stunning condition. Proving our policy on micro barb hooks, Klinik on ALL hook holds and certain bait restrictions including the ban on High Oil Pellets etc (oils being well documented as being detrimental to fish and the environment). Lady Anglers, its was nice to see a good proportion of the female gender fishing along with partners and guests, not just enjoying the accommodation facilities etc but enjoying the lake and also outfishing their male counterparts on occasions ( not mentioning any names ). Hope to see the girls back next year along with a few more. :-) Weed: No reports of any weed problems this year, with very little weed present, having treated the lake in the spring and the introduction of two new aerators. The fishing this year to date has produced an average weight of over 30lbs with the average of over 8 forty pound plus fish out a week with the fish continuing to gain heavier weights. This bodes well for the future and only our third season, this with our continuing policy for additional stock for 2007 etc, with average stock weights of over 15kg and other investments in the fishery. Don’t forget we are close to three major ferries ports Calais, Bolougne and Dieppe the closet being only an hour away . Finally we would like to thank all our customers new and regulars (together with Carp & Coarse Fishing Holidays) who booked this year and the many repeat bookings for 2007 . Tight lines Mark and family

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Vallee Lake

This is the third time Tom has been to Vallee Lake this year - and always comes back with a great reports. The catches were as follows: 28lb, 35lb, 42lb, 26lb, 39lb, 38lb, 32lb, 26lb, 29lb, 39lb, 32lb, 24lb, 35lb, 32lb, 37lb, 38lb, 38lb, 27lb, 25lb, 60lb sturgeon, 58lb sturgeon, 47lb sturgeon. Tom used the GB Baits supplied on site with particular success with Caviar + Cranberry boilies over the top of Parti blend, pellet and hemp. Roll on next seasons trip and congratulations from us.

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75 fish out at Vallee

Mr Chamley and seven other anglers had Vallee Lake to themselves for the week 4th - 11th August. Luckily the weather was not too hot, with many overcast days. This made the fishing great and between the eight of them, they managed the land 75 fish including eleven 40lb+ carp, seventeen 30lb+ carp and a fantastic 57lb Catfish. A great week - the avereage size of catch was over 30lbs. Thanks to the Chamley party for their feedback.

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2 fifties + a dozen forties

Another brilliant week at Vallee Lake with Jamie Lucas doing the best of the lot. Jamie was in the lodge swim and absolutely bagged up up with a 60lb+ Sturgeon, 50lb+ Mirror, 5 x different 40's and several 30's & 20's. Altogether he banked over 30 fish. In total 65 fish were banked last week including 2 x 50's and 12 forties - giving an average size of over 30ls! FANTASTIC - given the weather conditions. LATEST NEWS - Tom Williams has already had 2 x 40's from the lodge swims (including this beautiful 43lb linear mirror pictured) On top of that Dave Drake and his party have had a 65lb Sturgeon and there have been eight 30's and several 20's already. The weather conditions are awful at the moment but they are being reqrded for their efforts.

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Proving itself!!

Vallee Lake has really been put on the map for Big Carp Fishing in France. With 26 Fortties, 35 Thirties and loads of high twenties coming out throughout the month it has proven itself as being one of France's top BIG FISH WATERS! Along with that anglers have managed multiple catches of 40's in a weeks session. The facts speak for themselves Along with the big car captures - it has also produced a 64lb & 57lb Sturgeon. Lets hope it continues!

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The season is continuing to produce good sized 40's each week. The biggest this week was 47lb 8oz - with not a mark on it! Productivity of the lake is proving to be a great deal higher than last season - the additional stocking really has made the difference. Congratulations to all those who banked a 40 - It looks as though it's going to be a record season at Vallee in 2006.

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First 50lb+ Carp of the season

You can't get much better than that! This year has already produced some great results including this 51lb Mirror, a 54lb AND a 64lb Sturgeon and another Mirror at 43lbs. This is a great sign of things to come for 2006 at VALLEE LAKE. To look at some more catches from Valle click on 'Our Venues' above and then choose Vallee Lake.

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Why not make use of the excellent location of Vallee Lake throughout this winter. A single one off payment of £260 will give you the right to unlimited time on the bankside of Vallee lake between December and February inclusive (subject to conditions). Taking advantage of the Speedferries service, which is only a 50 minute crossing from Dover to Boulogne and then only 45 minute drive to the lake - it really could be the ideal winter venue! There are superb facilities on site, a well stocked tackle shop and food available - Give yourself a chance of catching that 70lb+ common with this superb offer. MAKE VALLEE LAKE YOUR LOCAL WATER!!

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60lb Sturgeon added!

To develop the potential further of what is already a phenominal water, Vallee Lake has stocked a further 500kgs of carp and three huge sturgeon. They are also waiting on confirmation for a further 400kgs of fully scaled mirrors - we will keep you posted as to any further developments. Take a look on the Vallee Lake venue to see recent catches of grassys to mid forty, mirrors to over 50lbs and commons to over 70lbs

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NEW LAKE RECORD, Well done to Tom Harrison who has caught a magnificent 70lb+ Common Carp this week at Vallee Lake. Tom was fishing from the lodge swim when he struck into this superb carp, only fishing for a limited hours a day, he really did strike it lucky! He's also managed a 40lb mirror and another common at 32lbs - what a week!! We will have more news about this catch later on, so watch this space! for more information on Vallee Lake and how to book please go to 'our venues' on our home page

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