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Another Successful Week at Ultimate Lake with Two 50+lbers!


Good to see Chris, Ant and Scott this week in some sunshine at Ultimate Lake. In spite of some cold temps at night, the boys had a successful, impressive week with the following catch report:

32.5lb, 53.8, 2 x 28, 46.8, 19, 3 x 34, 30.8, 41, 20, 38, 2 x 25, 55.4, 30.6, 30lbs

There are some big changes (for the better!) going on at Ultimate Lake at the moment… watch this space for some fantastic surprises…

Thanks for joining us guys, we hope to see you again.

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What an Amazing Start!


Ultimate Lake has long been one of north France's premier carp fishing destinations - and for good reason!

This week has been an incredible start to the season, in spite of a truly mixed bag of weather here. We have experienced high winds, driving rain, drizzly rain, low temperatures - then had a summer's day on Saturday!

Shaun and Dave have still enjoyed some good fishing - 28lbs, 44.12lbs, 40lbs, 56.7lbs, 39.8lbs, 55.14lbs, 46.11lbs, 35.7lbs, 30lbs and last, but not least 39.11lbs.

Good to see some anglers on the banks after a long and busy winter!

Watch this space this week for some exciting updates and new announcements from Ultimate Lake...

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Cracking Start to 2017 Season


Ultimate Lake is living up to its name again this year, in spite of atrocious weather conditions here in north France.

Shaun and Dave are doing well so far, fishing in high winds, low temps and driving rain - good lads!!

This weekend they have seen a beautiful 43.12lb mirror, a 40lb common and another at 28lbs - and they are not done yet.

Good to see the guys here, always fantastic to see a season start so well.


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15th - 22nd October '16 Now available


We now have last minute availability for 15th - 22nd October '16. Contact us now for a heavily discounted price. 

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Catch Report 28th May - 4th June


A new 60.04lbs Beast for the lake this month caught by James!!

Book now for the chance to be in our hall of fame!


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Catch Report 2nd - 9th April


Another great week at Ultimate Lake!

Matt, Jack & Mick's Catches - 2/04/16 to 9/04/16

x5 20 pounders from 20.14lbs to 28.14lbs

x13 30 pounders from 30lbs to 38lbs

x3 40 pounders from 40lbs to 44.8lbs

x4 50 pounders from 50.8lbs to 57.12lbs

Just a few spaces left for this years fishing! Book Now!

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Catch Report 9th - 15th of April


Another great week at Ultimate Lake! 

Mark & Steve's Catches - 9/04/16 to 15/04/16

x1 19lbs 

x2 20 pounders from 25lbs to 27lbs

x5 30 pounders from 30lbs to 37.5lbs

x3 40 pounders from 40lbs to 47lbs

And 1 whoping 53lbs 7oz!

Don't miss your oppourtunity to join our hall of fame!

Book Now!

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61lb Lake Record


 Well done to Ash who's smashed the lake record with a cracking 61lb Mirror

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October Success at Ultimate Lake


In spite of the drop in temperatures at the lake in mid-October, Pat, Mick, Neil and Liam still had a good week, including a whopping 57.8 mirror.

The lads, who are regular visitors to Ultimate Lake, bagged between them:

  • 6 x 30’s to 37lb
  • 4x 20’s to 27lb
  • 51.4lb mirror
  • 57.8lb mirror
  • 41.4 lb common
  • 40lb mirror

“It is always good to see these lads, we look forward to the next time.”

The success of this season has been phenomenal at Ultimate Lake, and with only a few weeks left free for 2016, book your carp fishing holiday now.

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12th - 19th September NOW AVAILABLE


Due to a last minute cancellation, Ultimate Lake has become available for exclusive use or on an individual basis at a reduced rate.
We can offer exclusive use for up to 8 anglers for £1200, that's over £1000 saving!
Contact us on 01455 220390 for more information or email us: 

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Ultimate Summer Season


 It has been a busy summer at Ultimate Lake with a full house every week. We’ve had some great lads on the banks, and some cracking fish in spite of the searing heat for much of the time. Many of the boys went away with deep tans and personal bests!

In the last two weeks of July, Carl got through three kegs of beer and, although struggling with the heat, pulled the biggest fish of the week with a 55.8.

Pat, pictured with his 47.10, also did well in the last week of July with a 44 common, 44.6, 33.1, 20.6, 28 and a 36.6 – well done Pat!

Dave was happy with his 47lb beauty during the first week of August, when we could hardly breathe due to the heat, let alone the fish!

Paul, Jaz and Leroy had a staggering catch between them with Paul pulling a 55 as the week’s best catch (pictured).

Paul – 55, 53.8, 43, 4 x 30-38 and 3 x 20-29
Jaz – 3 x 30-38
Leroy – 48.5, 33, 39 and a 24

During the final week of August Andy and Tim caught the start of the first rains for weeks and Andy took some great photos.

We’re not done yet with a few weeks left of the season still to go and a handful of places left for discerning anglers in October. Head on over to Ultimate Lake, Northern France’s premier fishery, and add your name to our hall of fame.

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Chris's PB 54.6lb Mirror Called Pearl


Chris, Lee, Steve & Ian spent a successful week at Ultimate Lake in the stunning French countryside last week, catching 46 beautiful common and mirror carp between them.

Chris got a personal best, pulling 'Pearl', a stunning 54.6lb mirror.

This was a return visit for the guys, who have booked again for next year. We look forward to seeing them all - a great bunch!

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What a Week at Ultimate Lake!


With a mixed bag of weather last week and Fudge taking himself off for an adventure, it was a wild week for Mickey at Ultimate Lake.

Richard, George and Gareth kept him busy with a list of catches to make your head spin!

2 x 50’s, a 54 and a 56lb
5 x 40’s
14 x beauties between 30 & 39lbs
And 7 x between 20 & 29lbs

A good bunch of lads, some great fish and another superb week for Ultimate Lake.

Fudge was gone for a few days, and caused Mickey some stress, but all will be glad to know that they were reunited on Saturday.

With just a handful of weeks left this season, book your place at Ultimate Lake and enjoy some incredible fishing in this stunning French fishery.


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Another Successful Week at Ultimate Lake


Despite the heat of the French countryside last week, Dave, Scott and Dan managed to finish the week on a high note with some stunning catches at Ultimate Lake.

Between the 17th and the 25th the trio pulled 16 fish up to the 50lb stunning mirror pictured here with Dan (the sunglasses man!).

Dave’s star of the party was this 48lb mirror and Scott’s was a 49lb common.

Thanks lads, it’s been great having you around!

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Second Incredible Week Ends on a High at Ultimate Lake


It has been an amazing week of carp fishing in France at Ultimate Lake, which has really lived up to its name in only the second of the season.

Pat, Lee, Matthew and Justin have seen some fantastic fishing in conditions that have swung between mild temperatures, rain and high winds. Undeterred (of course) by the weather, the boys have pulled the following weights:

Pat & Lee
58.6lb – 52lb – 50.4lb – 43lb – 45lb – 43.4lb – 44.4lb – 44.8lb – 42lb – 36lb – 32lb – 32.4lb – 31.12lb – 34lb and the ‘baby’ of the bunch 29lb!

46lb – 45.15lb – 36lb – 32.3lb – 52.8lb

56.10lb – 45.8lb – 29.13lb – 29.2lb

With anglers fighting for places at Ultimate Lake, Mickey sees no rest for the wicked this season and is still waiting for the lake record to come out… Pat got the closest at 58.6lb, but Mickey knows there is a bigger carp out there!

Well done lads, it’s been an incredible week at Ultimate Lake, one of France’s premier fisheries.

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The Fishing Just Keeps Getting Better


Mick has been run off his feet this weekend as his latest party of anglers has kept him busy in one of the best starts to the season Ultimate Lake has ever seen.

The star of the party has been Lee – with his beautiful 52lber – a stunning fish worthy of the party record. Pat is clearly pleased with his 44.4 lb catch, as is Matthew, pictured below with a gorgeous 45 lb carp.

Since Saturday, the party have caught some incredible fish, the smallest of which has been 30 lb!

The catches so far for the trio have been: 52lb, 45.15lb, 44.4lb, 44.8lb, 45lb, 32.4lb, 30lb, 32lb and 34lb. They must be keeping you fit Mickey!

The fourth member of the group has yet to get off the mark – come on Justin, we want to see your face on here too.

All the guys are happy at Ultimate Lake this week, and the week is yet young. Plenty of time for Justin to catch up and beat Lee’s star catch.

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Roy Nets 58lb Carp at Ultimate Lake, then Clive Steals the Show!


Things just keep getting better at Ultimate Lake and Mickey proves his hard work over the winter months pays off as Roy pulls out a stunning 58lb carp on Sunday.

It was celebrations all round in this week’s angling party when Clive stole Roy’s thunder with his 58.1lber on Monday, just beating the party record!

Both lads are over the moon and Mickey is delighted with the week’s fish. Since the season started last week, his guests have seen 33lbers and upwards, promising to be a great season.

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Nice One Charlie!


Another of this week’s catches weighed in at 41lbs and was a real beauty caught by Charlie.

It’s been a great first week to the season, with reasonable weather for the time of year and no frosty mornings.

There’s only a few places left this year, so book up now and we could soon be seeing grins like these on all your faces!

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Ultimate Lake Season Off to Flying Start with Ron's 46lb Beauty


The new season is off to a perfect start with this great catch from Ron. Nice one Ron! 46 lbs of class fish pulled just a couple of days ago by the season’s first fishing party.

Mick and Fudge have been working hard round the lake all winter, tending the banks, cutting back trees and making sure all the fish are fed, happy and ready for the new season.

There’s been good weather this week with more promised to be on the way. Ultimate Lake are booking up faster than ever this year with just a few weeks left for you to be pulling beauties like this for yourselves.

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New WiFi System Installed


Anglers at Ultimate Lake will be kicking back this season with the latest in WiFi technology, giving internet access wherever you may be around the lake.

Valid for the duration of your stay at Ultimate Lake, the WiFi licences will enable you to keep up with the news from home, facetime the family, share your latest catches on FaceBook and leave us some great feedback on here!

We always do our best for our guests here, and WiFi is just the start of our plans for the 2015 season.

There aren’t many spaces left – so book up now.

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24hr Session


Dave Lawrence has just finished a great 24hr session on Ultimate Lake suffering horrendous weather with strong winds and rain BUT managed 3 x 40's including a 43lb, 46b and a cracking 47b 8oz mirror.

Well done Dave. 

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Ultimate new lake record 26th april.


 More 40's & 50's than you can shake a stick at last week! 58.5, 57.8, 56.8, 9 x 40's - 48, great fishing?

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Ultimate Lake off to a good start.


 Well done to Steves group, new 57 and a half, 49 and a half, 48 and a half, 46, 2 42s, 4 30s to 39 and 2 20s. Excellent week thanks lads. 

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Dates available


We now have 2 spaces free for 31st May '14 and 5 spaces free for 21st - 28th June '14. Please call 01455 220390 or email us on

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Poor weather, Great results!


The trip was hard going with the weather against us all the way but with some effort and hard work we managed to have a few on the bank. This is our 5th trip to Ultimate which is still one of the best, if not the best,  venue I have fished in France. Even with a good week you know there are still alot of fish to catch and target so the return visits will probably not give you repeat catches (except Arthur in my case but hey at 52lb who cares).

The food is exceptional voted by all that have had the package and say they were fed better than they are at home, all freshly cooked on the day with a varied menu to suit you, nothing in the microwave, just proper food and a superb English breakfast.

Mick will work with you to help you catch even if that means he is up at 3 in the morning to help or reposition baits. He knows the lake well as he lives on it and can watch it 365 days a year so its worth listening to him.(he does know what he's talking about).

In a nut shell a fantastic stock, great food, lovely surroundings and run by a star, as bailiffs go. Nice one again Mick from Kev, Chris and Dave see you in October.

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WOW – What an amazing start to the season at Ultimate Lake. We thought it was going to be a fantastic first season for this lake, but this is beyond our wildest thoughts. The guys on there this week have managed to bag the following over the past four days they have managed to bank the Lake Record at 55lb 8oz mirror, 5 x fourties including 3 mirrors and 2 commons, 6 x thirties and 5 x 20’s with the lowest weight being 27lbs. All fish have been caught on The Cell or Activ8 which were bought on-site along with the lake pellet. The official feedback will be on our website from next week

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Latest News

Dave and Mo managed to bank 9 x 20's, 9 x 30's and a Superb 51lb'er which is pictured. Chris and his brother are there now and are having a cracking haul including a 2 x 20's, 3 x mid 30's and 2 x 40's (42lb 6oz and 43lb 5oz) We'll keep you updated.

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