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5th- 19th April '14


Having just come back from a nice Easter break at Firs, to catch up with the preparations for the forthcoming season we had some lovely weather and managed to get some fishing in too! In total, I caught 27 fish this was made up of 16 carp inc. 8 x 30′s to 36lbs, 2 x 29lbs and 5 x 25lbs+ also 9 Cats and 2 Tench. Top bait was Cell, Pink Pepper pop ups fished on a Chod, or critically balanced Tigers all fished over a mix of particle, pellet, sweetcorn and boilies.


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Perfect family holiday


Lovely week, weather not been great, few thunder storms, sun came out by the end of the week. Fishing started slow but got better. Willow Plus Boilies with plastic corn worked for us. Would recommend fishing the island and tree line. This was more of a family holiday than a serious fishing trip, we taught our two young nephews to fish, and for them it was perfect, they didn’t want to go home Common: 27.7, 27.8, 7. Cat: 10, 10, 19, 21. Mirror: 23, 25, 31.10, 28.10, 23, 27, 15, 19.10, 26.8 Koi: 19.8. 

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Mixed bag


Mr Foster said “House is best we have stayed at so far, not that we were inside that much. A lovely setting and location. As for the fishing we left disappointed. Only 5 fish to show for the week (no carp). Two best were Catfish of 15lb and 36lb and Stumpy the sturgeon made an appearance. It was obvious there were plenty of large carp as they were constantly jumping and splashing around the margins.
Weather was very hot and stormy while we were there so don’t know if this has had an effect. The fish were offered just about every flavour boillie, including Tiger Nut and Cell that others had mentioned had been succesful, but the fish just weren’t interested. Large pellet seemed to produce as many bites as anything else and accounted for the bigger catfish. Night fishing more productive as stated by previous guests.
A good weeks holiday that passed too quickly, just wish we’d been able to land a few more fish.

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30 degrees and up


 Mr Maskell (AKA Weedswood Mafia) had a good start to the week, but the weather got progressively hotter starting at 30 degrees and by Wednesday it topped 37 degrees!! they managed 9 Cats to 42lbs and 7 Carp to 27lbs, they tried various tatics and baits but Tigernut boilies with a PVA bag cast to the spot gave the best results.

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What a week...


Mr Clarke said “Thanks for an amazing time at Firs Lake. House really nice and the lake is something else. Mixed weather, we didn’t come for the weather, its all about fishing. Fished the whole week on the lake and had some good fish on the bank. The fish are in really good condition, hard fighters, especially those in the lower 20′s.
Total head of fish caught, a massive 1019 lb. Keep it simple, don’t pile in the bait, cell and corn works a treat.
All three of us are ” made up ” as you can see but the p.b.’s we smashed it. Back next year to try and get a 40lb’er.
Massive thanks to Hugh and Sarah, and to Brian and Linda for their warm welcome.
Ash: Commons: 22, 22, 25 p.b.. Mirrors: 20, 34, 25, 27, 33, 28, 26, 19, 22, 27, 25, 21, 21 Cat: 14, 7, 23 Koi: 19 lb p.b.
Clarke: Mirror: 19, 19, 35 p.b. Cat: 9, 13 p.b. Sturgeon: Stumpty 10lb
Mark: Mirror: 32 p.b. 19, 20, 25, 22, 20, 25, 20, 28, 24, 28 Common: 19, 38 p.b. 20, Cat: 40, 41 p.b. 25, Sturgeon Stumpy 10lb.” 

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Rough weather conditions.


Mr Bandy had quite rough weather conditions with rain wind hot and cold weather changing daily,but he still managed a few fish including a Catfish of 44lbs


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Ready to Spawn..


John Waddilove had a quiet week as the fish spent most of the time getting ready to spawn The weather at Firs has been very changable with hot cold windy sleat and everything in between but he did manage 6 Carp to 26lbs and 3 Catfish.. 

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30 Carp banked


Mike Collins had a cracking week banking 30 Carp of which 18 were over 30lbs and the biggest was a stunning Mirror of 38lbs. Most of the fish were caught on patches of gravel to the right of the island or under the trees on the drive bank.They fell to 18mm Cell tipped with plastic corn fished over small amounts particle and boilies. He also lost about 8 fish.


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Brian 'The Bailiff' final trilogy..


Getting the chance to fish Firs Lake in season is a real treat for me, so, following a late cancellation to a booking here:
Fishing from the house swim, I tackled up for a night session and my first fish came at 1 a.m. with a hard fighting Mirror at 30lb. 3 a.m. saw a beautiful 25 lb Common in the net, closely followed by another common at 24lb at 4 a.m.. 10 a.m. and a strange bite on the “ retrieve “, a 6lb Tench which had been severely muched upon by a large cat. The scar from the bite mark was over 8″ wide on both sides of its body. All quietened down during the day till 7 p.m. and a 28lb Mirror came to the net. 11 p.m. and I had my first cat of the session weighed in at 20lb. 2.30 a.m. really tested my angling capabilities: an instant ” double header ” and after quite a struggle banked a 26 and a 28lb Mirror. ( if I fish more than one rod, I always set up two landing nets just for this reason ). 3.30 a.m. and I’m into another fish, another 27lb Mirror in the net. Finally, a couple of hours sleep in the bivvy, and awake again by a final Common of 20lb at 7 a.m. Time to pack up, breakfast, and start gardening !!
Well, what can I say. After one day session and six over-nighters, probably the best fishing experience of my life. I banked about 40 Carp and cats, a P.B. Common at 40.2lb, and a P.B. cat at 47lb ( caught twice ) being the highlights. A total of a staggering 1018 lb. Standard practice here, stick to a bait combination that works, find where the fish are and concentrate on those hot-spots.
Once again, a huge thankyou to Hugh and Sarah for the opportunity to Fish Firs lake. Brian.


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Brian's on a roll


I managed to fish a couple of nights ( thank you once again ) don’t know if you wanted a catch report but, in-case you did, only a short one.

Brian ” The Bailiff ” report: Whenever there is an opportunity to fish Firs lake, be it a cancellation or late arrival, it seems a waste to miss out, so,

I fished the same house swim and my favourite three rod positions in the lake. I fished about 40 hours in total and banked this time: Cats: 10,15, 20 & 20 lbs, Commons: 22,28 and 32 lbs. Mirrors: 26, 28, 30, 32, 36, 37 and 37 lbs. Once again, another great session, with the greater quantity of fish caught after dusk, and everyone falling to Willow+ boilies. A total of 373 lbs. Highly delighted. Thanks to Hugh and Sarah. 

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P.B. 40lb Common


Mr Armstrong had Saturday 3 hours fishing Sturgeon 15lb, Cat 43. Sunday Mirrors 34 & 27. Monday Mirrors 25 & 32. Cat 50lb. Tuesday 10lb common. Wednesday 40lb Common (P.B.) 5oz Roach. Thursday, 10lb Common, 36 & 30 Mirrors, Cat 40lb. Friday, 2 hours fishing 38 Mirror. 

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Slump in the weather


Mr Scott arrived to warm weather but it deteriorated as the week went on but they did manage 10 fish topped by a 43lb Catfish followed by a 30lb Mirror Carp. 

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A tough week


Mr Hogan had a tough week with very changeable weather hot then cold then sun then rain- not pleasant, but they managed cats to 39lbs and Carp to 37lbs  

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Round two for Brian


Two days later I set up again at the House swim. Three rods in the same position. 12:45 set up, and the first bite came at 1:30 p.m. r/h rod banked a 19lb cat. First fish in daylight. 3 p.m and this time the l/h rod screamed off, yet another cat, 23lb this time..where are the Carp ? 5 p.m. and I lost a carp at the net ( grrr ). Not to be out done, 6 p.m. and the centre rod this time…….my god… a carp… this looks big… TWO TONE .. weighed in at 40.2 another P.B for me. 7.10 p.m. middle rod again, this fight seems familiar, my 47lb cat puts in another appearance. 10 p.m. middle rod again, this time a real old scrap takes place, twenty minutes to the net and ANOTHER cat, 42lb. 01:30 was the left hand rod, boy what a fighter, I had no chance whatsoever. I think daddy cat was wanting it all his way. After ten minutes of too-ing and fro-ing ( mostly fro-ing ) he decided enough was enough and chewed through the line.
Peace returned until 11:30 a.m. the following morning when a 28lb cat finished the session off.
To summarise: This was a truly memorable session at Firs Lake. In two and a half days I banked three Mirrors 33,35 and 37 lb. A 40.2 Common ( P.B. ) six cats: 19,23,28,42, 47 and 47lb ( P.B ). If you include the six carp from the stock pond, I banked 401 lbs of fish. My best total ever. All the fish fell to either Hugh’s Willow+ Mix boilies or Robin Red boilies with Lupin Seeds, sweetcorn, chopped boilies and pellet ( via bait boat ).
Bit War and Peace, bit more of a fairy tale for me. Thanks H & S.

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Quick overnighter..


Brian our Bailiff: Seizing the opportunity of a spare night at Firs Lake, I set up for the first serious fish of the season. Three rods set up from the house swim produced nothing during daylight hours. I took the opportunity to dabble in the stock pond and managed 6 fish between 8 and 10 pounds. Great sport, but not easy by any means.!!
Setting the rods up again at dusk, I bivvied down for the night. First bite came at 11.45 ( centre left of the island ) and banked a 33lb Mirror. Closely followed, by what has been described in the Firs book by several previous anglers as ” a steam train “ took off into the gate corner of the lake. Well, 2.10 had him hooked, then battle commenced. 35 minutes later saw a stunning 47lb Cat in the net. Caught in the same spot as the first fish. ( a P.B. for me )
3.30 saw another mighty mirror banked and weighed at 35lb, this time right hand side of the island. Can it get any better I ask ?
06:15 and we’re in again, same right hand rod taking line at speed. This time a cracking 37lb Mirror on the bank. What a night !!
All four fish were caught on Hugh’s new Willow-Mix boilies, all served on a bed of pellet and sweetcorn. ( sounds like Masterchef.. ) 

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2nd visit by the Hyhams


Mr Hyhams party on there 2nd visit, managed to winkle out 12 carp to 38lbs but it was generally tough going as the weather was wet and cold, top temps only managed to get to 12 degrees c. Like in the UK, i think they are 3-4 weeks behind in there season.


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24hrs by Brian


Brian our baliff managed a quick over nighter and said this “I chanced an over-nighter on Sunday. There was a huge storm all around, and I chose that night to bivvy out !! The rain was that heavy that I swore that I would ignore any beeping sounds that came from outside. You guessed it, midnight and bbeeeepppp. Thank you Hugh for, 1) my P.B. and 2) the biggest Mirror to come out at Firs this year, I think, 38.8, followed closely by a lovely 27 lb’er. I also managed a 15lb cat, and a 29lb Mirror. All the fish came from the right of the island fishing from the house swim using Pineapple boilies tipped with plastic corn over a handfull of boilies and about a kilo of pellet mixed with some sweetcorn. A great 24 hours. 

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Bivvy boys


Mr Baker The Derbyshire lads. All bivvied all week, lovely wildlife. Fantastic time. Most fish on tiger + plastic corn 22 fish in total. Mirror. 24.12, 25.4, 24.8, 26.3, 27, 24, 31, 26.8,23, 24.1, 26.8, 33.3, 23.4, 22.4, 36 Sturgeon 11.12, 11.12, and 10.4 Cat 8, 20


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Only days..


Mr Ruggles said “We had a fantastic week, a real chill. Had a couple of days out exploring. Fished early mornings and in to darkness. ( No night fishing. Too old for the bivvy, likes the bed. ) Top tips. Spread of boilies tipped with tutti-frutti or pineapple fishing either side of island from home bank. ( think best swim is road swim but I like fishing in comfort in the sun. ) The house, lake and grounds are fantastic. Proves decent catches can be made without losing beauty sleep. Thanks for the wine. Really enjoyed the experience.”Mirror 37, 26.8, 30.8, 30.8, 34, 28.8, 26.8. Cats 15, 19.Common 38.4, 32.8.Sturgeon 10 Mirror/Koi 15.4.


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Recent Stocking


On Tuesday 14th November, The Firs took delivery of 63 stunning carp from Micheal Bigot Pisciculture, these were mainly mid to high twenties. fifteen thirties and 2 low fourties.


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Additional stocking


On Sunday 14th November 2010 we received an additional stock of 20 Commons and Mirrors, these were mainly mid twenties, but the jewel in the crown was a lovely Mirror of 19.3 kgs (just over 40lbs to me and you ! ) We will be recieving 10 more low /mid thirties in January. These fish came from Neil Wilson of French Carp Supplies.  

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On Wednesday 28th November THE FIRS took delivery of 56 carp to mid 30's. They included 15 high doubles (16 - 20 lbs), thirty one 20's and ten 30's to 34.5lbs, these fish were all in excellent condition. They will be recieving the remaining stock of ten high 30's / low 40's in January 2008 which will compliment the existing stock of carp bringing the amount of fish to in excess of an estimated eighty to ninety fish averaging well into the 20lbs mark.

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