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St. Leonard's


Lovely 56.12lb mirror from Peg One last week. Well done Mark - some other nice fish too including a 31lb common.

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St. Leonard's


The weather really turned this week to Autumn and there's been some lovely fish out. The Picnic Table swim proved to be the most productive with fish from upper 20s, mid to upper 30s and two fish over the 40lb mark. The Back swim was also productive with two of the fish over 30lb and one at 37lb.

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St. Leonard's


Lovely 50.10lb common last week from the Picnic Table swim along with some lovely upper 20s and 30lb+ well done to the lads - fishing's been tough due to the very hot temperatures.

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St. Leonard's


The weather's been extremely hot recently which effects the fishing. It was the back of the main lake that was the main producer of fish last week with best fish to 35lb. The Back Lake has also produced some lovely fish recently with a beautiful 34.04lb zip linear. Please see the gallery for all the photos.

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The Latest


Some lovely fish out again last week with best weights of 48lb, 41lb, 38lb and some nice mid 30s and upper 20s.


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Well done to our Dutch lads last week. Ronny had a lovely 50lb mirror from the main lake and there was also a great catfish out of the back lake that bottomed their scales out at 35 kilos so it was over 77lbs. Some nice fish out this week too already including a 38lb, a 41lb and a 48lb.

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St. Leonard's 2015


The season's well under way and there's been some lovely fish out already. Well done to Tracey who had a mirror at 52.12lb, there's also been a great brace of 30lb commons - please see the gallery for the photos.

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St. Leonard's Stocking


Both lakes have been stocked again this year for the 2015 season. We put 13 fish between the two lakes with weights between 30lb - 40lb. There was a selection of mirrors and commons and the fish are lovely. The Main Lake received 5 fish with their weights between 35lb - 40lb and the Back Lake the remaining 8 fish. We're looking forward already to the new season.

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Despite the ever changing weather there's still been some lovely fish out with the picnic table swim providing Craig with the top rod and a mirror of 42.10lb. Please see the gallery for the photos.

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Brace of 50s.


 Well done to Evan who fished the back two pegs of the main lake with his Dad last week and was rewarded with two stunning fish both over 50lb. His first was a 52lb common and then a 53lb mirror to top it off. Please see the gallery for all the photos from this season and before.

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The lads had a great week last week with their catches including 3 lovely fish of 46lb (from the back peg), 47lb (from the picnic table) and a stunning 51lb mirror (from the double swim). They also had a good haul of fish ranging from the upper 20s to mid 30s. The back peg has already produced a 52 common too this week.


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St. Leonard's Update


There's been some lovely fish out recently with at least one 50lb+ gracing the banks since the season started. Last week and the week before saw Peg One producing the best fish in weights and the Picnic Table swim also fishing well. Please see the gallery for all the photos.

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Another 50lb+


Well done to Darren who decided to move to the back of the main lake and was rewarded with a beautiful mirror of 50lb+.

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St. Leonard's - another 51lb


Some lovely fish out last week with the best being a 51lb mirror. Martin also had a 47lb mirror and both fish came from the back two pegs of the main lake. There was also a 39lb from the picnic table along with 14 other fish from mid to upper twenties.

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St. Leonard's 47.04lb


Best fish of the week for the lads last week was 47.04lb mirror that came from the double swim.

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2 x 50lbers this weekend


There were two lovely mirrors out this weekend and both were over the 50lb mark. Weights were 50.06lb and 52.08lb. The slightly larger of the two came out in the morning from peg one and the other from the peg after the picnic table and at around 6am in the morning. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season will bring.

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St. Leonard's Stocking


As promised both lakes have been stocked again for the 2014 season. There was some truly stunning carp with the main lake receiving 3 x 50lb and the back lake getting 10 x 30lb. We would like to thank all our customers who made 2013 a great season with some true lumps gracing the banks this year. We're looking forward to 2014 and meeting old and new friends. Thanks Steve and Liz

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St. Leonard's 3 x 40lb+ 2 x 50lb+


There's been some lovely fish out in the last two weeks of the season. Three of the fish were over 40lb with one at 45lb (picnic table swim) and one weighing 48lb (back of the main lake). The back of the main lake also produced a 50lb mirror last week and this week already, despite the very stormy weather, has produced a beautiful 51lb common. Please see the gallery for the photos.

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St. Leonard's Update - Another 50lb+


Another lovely 50.06lb mirror for one of the two fishing the picnic table swim in the middle of the main lake. The Back Lake also produced some good fish with a 31lb mirror, a 29lb mirror and a 28lb catfish too. The weather recently has been exceptionally hot and then coming on the back of this some severe thunder storms. It's a little cooler now and more settled which is encouraging for the following weeks.

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St. Leonard's Update - Another 51.08 Common and a 47lb Mirror


Two lovely fish caught from pegs one and two last week smashing both anglers' personal bests. A 51.08 common and a 47lb mirror too. The Back Lake also produced some lovely fish with a 63.08lb catfish, a 32lb mirror and a 34lb mirror which also gave our two back lake anglers new personal bests. Please see the gallery for photos

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St. Leonard's - And Again - Another Week Another 50lb+!!


Another beautiful 51.8lb common was landed by Andy this week. He was fishing to the left of the double swim when he caught his personal best common at just after 4 o clock in the morning. The back lake also produced a 31lb and a 64lb catfish.

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St. Leonard's - Another Week - Another 50lb+ Carp


Again this week a great result with another 50lb gracing the banks. This time it was the swim to the left of the picnic table on the main bank which produced this beautiful mirror!

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St. Leonard's Update


There have been some lovely lumps out despite the horrible weather. Three 50lb+ carp have graced the banks along with 4 fish over 35lb+. Peg one produced a 50lb mirror the week before last. The back two pegs saw a 53lb mirror, a 29lb common and a couple of grass carp too this week along with a few lost. The swim to the left of the picnic table this week also produced a 50.8lb mirror and a 37.8lb, a 36.08lb, a 35.6lb and a 35.2lb along with another 3 fish over 20lb+. All the 50lb+ carp were different fish as were the 4 x 35lb+ carp. Please see the gallery for all the photos. Well done to the anglers who braved some terrible conditions, kept their spirits up and fished well!

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St. Leonard's Update


The last two weeks have seen again some unsettled weather but it finally seems to be warming up this weekend. The week before last saw a good number of fish caught to two anglers (around 25 fish) and best weights from mid to upper 20s and 1 x 31.13lb and also a 30.06lb both of which were commons.

Last week the 3 anglers had less fish but much better weights:

1 x 33.05lb mirror, 1 x 33.12lb common, 1 x 34.04lb mirror

1 x 40.12lb common

1 x 51.00lb mirror

There were also some other fish out again from mid to upper 20s. The 40.12lb common came from the two swims at the back end of the lake and the stunning 51lb mirror from peg one. We also saw our first two grass carp of the season out last week with best weight of just over 25lb. Please see the Gallery for all the photos.

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St. Leonard's Easter News II


The conditions this week have been awful to say the least. There's been cold northerly and easterly winds blowing across the lake all week and temperatures dropping into minus every night. Depsite this though our Welsh friends managed to pull out some lovely carp. Along with a few twenties there was a beautiful 47.09lb from peg 1 and a stunning 50.02lb common from the picnic table swim. Also a 30lb mirror from the swim just after the picnic table. There wasn't a great quantity of fish but some very good weights and 3 personal bests broken too.

Next week promises warmer weather with showers - more like a normal April in Normandy!


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St. Leonard's Easter News


Hello everyone - the season's well and truly under way now with some nice results already. The lads last week arrived to temperatures of around 21 degrees but gradaully this decreased with the week becoming much colder. They still managed to catch around 15 fish with two of them over the 30lb mark. The back lake also produced two lovely fish a 31lb mirror and a 33lb linear. Saturday change over was greeted with snow which has melted now but it's still very cold for the time of year. Again though the lads have produced a great fish this morning - a 47lb mirror with a stunning scale pattern. Let's hope for some warmer weather in the next few weeks!!

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More February News from St. Leonard's


The first 50lb+  fish of the season out already and it's only February!!

5 fish caught in an afternoon including a 30lb+ fish too!!

It's snowing again today and the end of last week saw the temperatures barely rise above freezing. However after the success of Mac's brace our two Liverpool regulars, Paul and Robert (on their third visit to us) decided to get mobile and move to the back end of the main lake travelling light with a couple of rods each. They braced themselves against the cold northerly wind blowing directly at them and the results were more than worth it for the afternoon. They caught 5 fish between them with the best fish being a stunning 52.06lb mirror caught by Paul. Robert caught a beautiful 31lb mirror and there was also a 28lb, a 24lb and a 21lb caught. Excellent fishing for the guys especially for the time of year.

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St. Leonard's February News


Despite the very cold February weather one of our regulars, Mac, achieved success with a beautiful brace of commons. He came for a break with his family and fished for only a few hours during the daytime and was rewarded with these two lovely fish. The brace came from the back end of the main lake within minutes of each other. Best weight was 26lb and the second fish was just under 21lb. Well done!!

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3 x 50's stocked


A great season this year, and, as promised to all our customers, we've stocked both lakes again for the 2013 season. The carp that were chosen are stunning with great patterning and colours.

The main lake received 3 x 50lb+ carp - two were mirrors and one a beautiful golden common. There was also 2 x 30lb+ mirrors put in there too.

The back lake was stocked with 11 x 30lb+ carp all of which were mirrors.

It just remains now to keep the feed going in over winter as usual and to see these lovely new fish grace the banks in the Spring, if not before. There's two intrepid (and brave) anglers on this week just itching to catch one of the new 50lb stockies!!

For more info please visit.. 

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End of Season


Some lovely fish out for the last week of the season despite the never ending rain. A beautiful 48lb mirror was caught from peg one and the picnic table swims producing a 23lb common, a 40lb common and a 32lb mirror.

We would like to say a big "thank you" to all our customers this year who have a made a great 2012 season. We have more work planned already for round both lakes for the winter period to keep the site in great shape for 2013. We have also put our order in for the winter stocking this year when, again, both lakes will be stocked with carp. Please watch our news on this site for further info and phots of the new fish.

We're looking forward to 2013 already!

Steve and Liz

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St. Leonard's August Update II


There was some great fishing last week for the anglers at St. Leonards with 4 x 40lb+ fish on the bank. Our long weekenders Craig, Chris and young Kody banked two of the fish, both mirrors, from the picnic table and the swim directly to the left of it. Both fish were caught between 9 am to noon on different days weighing in at 44.06 and 42.09.

Our Belgian angler, Lee, on his 5th visit to us here, also banked two 40lb+ fish during his week along with 12 other carp. His 40s weighed in at 40.05 (a common) and 42.11 (a mirror) and were caught from swim one.

Well done to them all and great fishing!!


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St. Leonard's August Update


Both lakes have been doing well in the few weeks with some lovely fish gracing the nets. The week before last there were two 40lb+ fish, last week saw a 40lb+ and two 35lb+ carp and this week already a 40lb+ mirror all caught from the main lake from various pegs. Of course there have been other catches too from mid 20s to mid 30s. 

The cats have been feeding on the back lake too with fish out at 25lb, 30lb, 60lb, 61lb and a lovely top weight of 66lb!

Well done to all the anglers and please see the gallery for all the pictures.


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St. Leonard's News


Despite what continues to be a pretty dismal summer both this week and last week have seen some beautiful fish caught from both lakes. Last week the main lake produced numerous mid to upper twenty pound fish coming from the picnic table and the swim directly to the left of it. The angler fishing the picnic table swim also caught a 40lb mirror and a 36lb common (this fish came along at the same time as another common producing a beautiful brace on the banks). The two anglers on the back lake also did well with a 29lb linear putting in an appearance and a 30lb mirror.

This week again the picnic table is the most productive swim with a 44lb mirror and a 35lb mirror out already. A stunning 61lb catfish has also been caught from the back lake too.

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St. Leonard's Updates


It's been fantastic fishing for the last two weeks here at St. Leonard's despite all the rain. We can also claim that there's been at least one 40lb+ fish out every week for the last 7 weeks!! This week has seen more than 35 carp caught on the main lake weighing over 600lbs in total weight! Best fish caught was a beautiful 47.04lb mirror taken from peg two early Tuesday evening. Most fish landed came from the back two pegs of the lake. This was also the case for the anglers last week who fished that end and came away with 19 fish landed and best weight a 41lb common.

Please see our gallery here for the rest of the 2012 catches and feedbacks.  


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St. Leonard's Easter Update II


Just a quick update to follow on from our last update from Easter Weekend. Kai, the excellent young angler who took a personal best smashing 45.06lb common on Easter Sunday, did it again on Easter Monday landing a beautiful 37lb mirror from the same peg on the same rod. Another beautiful daytime catch for the keen and dedicated Kai.

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St. Leonard's Easter News


There's been some lovely fish out here at St. Leonard's already for the start of the 2012 season. Last week saw two 40lb + mirrors on the bank along with 10 other fish ranging from mid 20lbs to just over 30lb.

However,  the star already this week is 12 year old Kai who has smashed his personal best twice since arriving on Easter Saturday. Very early Sunday morning he caught a pretty 21lb mirror but just a few hours later he more than doubled this weight landing a stunning 45.06lb common from peg one.  Definitely a star angler in the making!!

For more 2012 catches please see our gallery page on this site. We look forward to seeing all our clients this year.


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St. Leonard's January 44lb Mirror


A great start to 2012 for one angler who braved the -6 night time conditions to catch a beautiful 44lb mirror. This fish was caught during the day at the end of his 48 hour session on our own coconut boilies. The fish was newly stocked having only been put in last week!

New for 2012 is the opening of the Back Lake at St. Leonards as a separate exclusive water. Two anglers can have the whole lake to themselves, with a newly built log cabin, for £550. This lake holds cats to 66lb and has also been stocked with some gorgeous mirrors to the low 30lb mark along with the original stock of carp in there already.


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St. Leonard's Update


It's been difficult fishing last week as the weather has been changing constantly and bringing some quite cold rain, but despite this the anglers have perservered and some lovely fish were caught. Best fish last week was a just under 30lb mirror to the lads fishing the picnic table along with the back pegs of the lake producing fish also.

However, despite nearly 24 hours of solid rain, this weekend has already seen a beautiful 42lb common out to the angler fishing the dam wall end of the lake.

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There's been some good fishing already this week from the Saturday arrivals. The double swim produced 5 fish and one lost last night with rods going off simultaneously despite the pouring rain. Monday morning has already seen a beautiful 46lb common grace the banks giving the angler a great fight.- good luck to the lads for the rest of the week and we'll keep you posted.

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St. Leonard's Updates


Last week saw some lovely fish out from both the lakes. Weather has remained very warm which has seemed to encourage more daytime fish, especially the cats in the back lake.

Best fish from the main lake came very early evening from one of the two pegs at the back of the lake and smashed the angler's PB weighing in at 41.08lb, a gorgeous golden common. Other catches from main lake included both mirrors and commons from mid to upper twenties. The back lake also produced with cats munching through bait rapidly in the sunshine with best catfish landed 50.01lb. 

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St. Leonard's


Apologies for not doing the updates sooner but since the storm last Friday we have had limited, or no internet access, until now. Fishing was slow last week for the anglers on the main bank with top weight going to peg one and a lovely 36lb mirror.

Again, the back end of the lake fished much better with 19 runs and 16 fish landed with total overall weight of fish at 318lbs. Please see gallery for further pictures.

Best weight so far this week, again goes to peg one, with a beautiful 39.14lb common.

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St. Leonard's Catch Report 23-30 April


Last week saw the hot weather continuing through most of the week and some beautiful fish gracing the bank. The group of two anglers who fished the back of the large lake had an excellent week with some great catches with their best fish a 41lb common taken from close range directly in front of their swims. The main bank also saw action with a range of carp, including some beautiful grass carp, coming from the gaps and in front of the large bed of lillies opposite the picnic table, up to the dam wall end of the lake (swim one).

The group who fished the main bank also took advantage of the sunshine and moved a couple of rods down to the back lake during the day and were rewarded with the new stock of catfish feeding. Best cat out to just over 40lbs. Please see St. Leonard's Gallery pages for all pictures.

The weather's really took a dive this week though and it's colder and wet for the start of this week. The fishing has slowed a little but the angler fishing peg one produced a gorgeous 34lb mirror yesterday afternoon.


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St. Leonard's Updates


This week has been an excellent and productive time for the anglers on the lake. The weekend before saw John have a brilliant long-weekend session with 21 runs and 16 fish landed with best fish at 30.03lb mirror and one just under at 29.14lb. (Please see feedback for St. Leonard's for full catch report from John). Excellent fishing over a 4 night period. There has been over 60 fish out already this week too with best fish to 36lb, again a mirror, and still one more night to go before Saturday change over. Pictures are on the St. Leonard's Gallery page.

Also in the news is a new stocking of 10 catfish into the second lake. Best cat to 66lbs and also a 44lb and a 21lb with rest a smaller size. Cats are doing well and the larger ones were spotted yesterday (in the beautiful sunshine) eating floating dog biscuits from the surface!! The second lake also has a wooden cabin under construction that is nearly finished and will be available to hire very soon. Cabin and the lake will be available to hire exclusively for 2-3 anglers. More news on this soon. 

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Catch Update St. Leonard's


Along with all the beautiful weather there were some nice fish out last week ranging around the mid-twenties and then a big jump to the best fish of last week which was a 41lb common caught early in the morning. This week already has started with  some great looking fish including a sturgeon, a 26lb, and within the space of twenty minutes, two 33lb fish - one a mirror and one a common. These were beautiful fish again caught early morning to the same angler. Attached to this commentry is a picture of the 41lb common but please see the St. Leonard's Gallery for the other photos and more from this season. 

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Winter Work at St. Leonard's


Since the last anglers left in 2010 the work at St. Leonard's has been non-stop. We have concentrated on improving areas on the main lake and the back lake with results looking amazing. We began on the back lake with some major cutting back of overhanging trees creating more space for fishing. This was done sensitively though so as not to loose any of the natural beauty around this area. Once this was accomplished we removed silt from all the way round the edge of this lake creating wide, deep margins. There has also been a new path created at the back of this lake where you can fish from a wide jetty point in an area that was previously inaccessible.

The main lake has also had silt removed from all along the back end. Again this has created deeper, wider margins. A large area of reed heads has been removed  which has left large holes where the root systems used to be and making excellent targetable areas to fish to. A new path has been built from the main fishing bank through to the back end of the lake and it is wider, flatter and much more easily accessible than before. It is also possible to bivvy along here now creating a new outlook onto the lake and another peg. A large oak bridge has also been built between the back and main lake making access round with fishing equipement much simpler, especially for the anglers who wish to fish the back end of the lake.

We look forward to meeting all our customers in 2011 and hope that you like what's been achieved at St. Leonard's this winter.

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Fish Stocking January 2011


Here at St. Leonard's we have stocked again this year adding another 13 carp to the main lake.The fish were between 25lb to 35lb and were both commons and mirrors. The stocking went well with the fish arriving safely and being introduced immediately to the main lake. We've added some of the better pictures as the fish were hard to photograph (as you can imagine) after being transported for seven hours in an oxygenated tank. Upon arrival the fish were excitable and keen to get into their new home and meet their new aquaintances. We have stocked the main lake every year since our move to France and these fish are another great addition to the already excellent stock of beautiful large carp here. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2011 season with some great catches.

We are also busy working round the lakes this winter. The back lake has been largely the focus with some major tree cutting undertaken to clear good wide open spaces round the lake making access and fishing easier, without losing any of the natural beauty of the lake. The path round to the back of the main lake has also been widened and levelled out making the route round clearer and more accessable. This is also a great part of the lake in the warmer weather, as it's often where the carp will be enjoying the sunshine.

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First 60lb'er banked


St. Leonards is fast becoming a premier big fish water with it's first 60lb+ Carp banked in September this year along with this stunning 50. With a further stocking of Carp this Winter, St. Leonards will not only be able to produce the runs but also the trophy 60! Looks like 2011 is going to be a bumper year for this lake. Watch this space!

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Stocking News

At St Leonard’s Carp Lakes there will be a new orchard chalet available in 2008 which will sleep two people. This is in addition to the beautiful 18th century stone-built four person gite. There is also a bankside licensed café serving hot and cold food throughout the day. 29 new carp from 30lbs to 40lbs were stocked this November. This is in addition to the two tonnes of stocked carp to 50lbs which had already been introduced. St Leonard’s Carp Lakes is situated in the Normandy region of France, just one hour from Caen or 3 ½ hours from Calais and is ideal for the angler who is looking for top quality accommodation together with fast and frantic fishing. For more details contact Carp & Coarse Fishing Holidays (CCFH) on 024 7664 1178 or visit their website at

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