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New Lake Record 56lb


 Really happy to announce the capture of a new lake record with an amazing weight of 56 lbs 8 ozs. As the fish was only stocked 12 years ago at 6 lb this makes it’s progress even more special and I’m sure it won’t be long before it reaches the magical 60 lb barrier. There are still a few weeks available in the coming months and with some flights being as cheap as £80 return a late booking could be cheaper than you think. Don't miss out book now.

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April Action


Our 1st guests had a great weeks fishing with 72 carp between 2 anglers. The biggest went 48lb 12oz with 2 other fish over 40lb lots of fish over 30lb a 23lb Grassy and a 16lb Koi.
Our 2nd week of guests from April which was this particular groups 4th visit to St Amand, had a good catch rate considering the weather was very changeable. They ended up with 59 fish between 4 anglers fishing days only.Including 4 x 40’s to 49lb with nearly 20 fish being over the 30lb mark.

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Video 3 days in April


We have a new short film showcasing some of the exceptional carp fishing St Amand has to offer. As you'll see the fish and the lake are special with 2018 producing 3 diffrent fish over 50lb the biggest of which was a new lake record weighing 52lb. 

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Exciting new film is landing shortly


A big thanks to John and matt who did our film for us several years ago and agreed to come back and do a new film as the fish had grown so much since the last time they were here. They ended up fishing for about 4 days and managed to get some great footage and fantastic pictures for us. They were pleasantly surprised by the growth rates of the fish with much bigger averages than they had a few years back. Matt caught Floppy tail which he had caught on his 1st trip at just over 40lb this time she weighed over 49lb and John had the Italian at 46lb they had many good 30’s I believe matt had about 10 x 30’s and John had several good 30’s also as you’ll see when the new film is available shortly.

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6 over 40lb


This information has only just come through to us but it’s clear that the carp have woken up at Saint Amand Leisure.
As one of our clients has just told us about his week in April which had some amazing captures, although confronted with extremely changeable weather, he and his father were able to catch over 65 fish, 6 of which were over the 40 lbs mark, with 2 of those being over 45lbs. Although they did have a couple of slow days when the fish fed they fed well. With them catching 13 over 30lbs and 22 over 20lbs, with many of those being over 25lbs. All caught on Premier Baits Saint Amand mix boilies. Chris actually thought the lake fished quite hard this time around (His 6th visit to us) but as usual he has already booked for later this year. Well done Chris on your great captures, look forward to seeing you soon, with only a few weeks left this year we are close to fully booked again!
Please check our calendar for available dates if you'd like to have some time on our beautiful venue.

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New Lake Record of 50 lb


St Amand Leisure's 1st 50 lb'er was caught by Lee at the end of March 2018 whilst visiting for a few days with his daughter Soraya.
After 2 days of rain they decided to brave the elements and they were pleased that they did, because within an hour of casting out they both found themselves holding 2 of St Amand's finest Soraya, who is only 15 opened her account with a fish of 49 lb+ whilst Lee not to be out done caught a new lake record of 50 lb 10 oz.                 They also caught a number of other fish topped by a 37lb fish for Soraya caught fish of 44 lb, 41 lb for Lee followed by numerous other fish including a few good 30's.

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Kurt, Wilson & Treacle all catch PB's


Fantastic Spring with new 40’s out every week
Kurt caught a new PB of 44lb, his dad beat his PB with a 37lb'er and Wilson beat his PB with a 42lb’er whilst Rick managed fish to over 38lb between the 4 of them they caught over 60 fish with countless 30’s. Well done lads not bad for March. Here are some of the pics.


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New Lake Record of 49lb


Well done to Richard Bellamy with his capture of St Amand's new Lake Record. The 3 lads had a great week capturing 97 fish between them including 6 fish between 39-49lb. Let st more news to come as the previous week which was in the last week in March saw 2 out of the 3 Anglers beat thier PB's with fish up to 44lb pictures and more news about these captures to come shortly.



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Over 100 carp with 3 x 40lb +


The 3 lads from Crawley had a great session with Vickesh catching 4 fish over 40lb and they all caught some stunners.

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New PB's for Benwell Brothers


The 2 brothers decided to have a social together whilst hauling some carp and so far St Amand hasn't disappointed despite fresh mornings and only fishing days the 2 brothers have smashed their PB's. Tony has caught fish of 41,35,35,30,29,28,27,24 and a few doubles
Clayton has had so far 45, 25,20 and a couple of doubles.
Well done to the 2 of them and I'm sure they'll finish the week with a few more good fish having had a comfortable stay in our fully kitted country house.

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4 x Forties


Back in October we had a group of 4 young lads fishing days only in the hope of breaking the 40lb barrier. They had a great week and caught between them not one 40lb+ fish but 4 including a new forty at 43lb+. Tom caught 3 of the forties so well done Tom. The lads also had numerous fish between 20lb-40lb so a great trip with everyone beating their PB’s. This trip highlights that even though St Amand is a runs water you can catch some 40lb+ carp and it’s the perfect venue to get some good action in stunning surroundings. Don't forget this venue is open all year.

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222 Carp banked


 Aaron, Gaby & Wayne took the place apart banking an incedible 222 Carp

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140 FISH between 4 Anglers fishing days only !


 Our 1st week has got off to real belter with over 140 fish landed between 4 anglers fishing days only.
Last week saw some incredible weather at Saint Amand with temperatures reaching 30 degrees on at-least 1 day and the fish responded well to this shift in conditions. The 4 lads that were there had a great week with their biggest fish weighing 39lb and lots of 30’s and countless twenties during the course of the week.
Our mission is to bring back the fun to fishing and we believe we have achieved that with the average weight of the smaller fish increasing each year.
You get a real holiday as well as the chance to catch plenty of carp whilst on your holiday.
Anyway well done lads I hear that a few of the lads beat their PB’s and I’m sure they’ll be back for more soon.

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New long awaited promotional film


We are proud to announce the completion of our new promotional video. It's a short 6minute film expertly filmed using a drone and really shows you what a special venue Saint Amand is and why you really should go there.

If you are considering going to France for some great fishing along with excellent amenities then this high definition film is a must see and really brings to life the venue.

Don't forget we are still operating at a reduced price of £850 instead of £1250 for the week for up to 10 people in the house and up to 6 anglers fishing which is incredible value for money and is only available for a limited time so don't miss out. 

To watch the video You Tube : Saint Amand Leisure, the video


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Probably the Best Kept Secret in France


This venue is absolutely magical and as we are offering such a reduced rate of £850 for a week to be shared between whoever is booking it’s crazy to think that not more people have sampled it’s magic. For those that have been it leaves ever lasting memories of chaotic action, natural beauty and many beautiful big carp to talk about on their return. The amount of people that have visited St Amand and beat their PB’s several times during the course of a weeks fishing is Phenomenal. For September we are giving a further discount of 20% which means you get it for £680 this is giving it away don’t forget our normal price is £1250 which in itself is very very good value so £680 is an absolute steal. Please look at our feedback and make your own mind up !
We look fwd to receiving you at St Amand Bonne Peche.

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New video out


 Great vid of Saint Amand giving you a great impression of this fantastic lake. For more info take a look at

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April Madness PB for Kurt


Prolific action during April with a new PB for Kurt at 37lb and over 100 fish between Kurt and Ric from Crawley who only fished for 4 days and with the bailiff Christophe putting in a couple of day sessions and catching quality fish up to 36lb. Fantastic fishing was had by all with the fish fighting incredibly hard as they always do at Saint Amand . This is the 2nd time that the lads have visited us in 6mths with kurt's previous PB of 35lb coming from his previous trip.

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Chris Westley Video Prt 2


The long awaited part 2 of Chris Westley's video is now available to view just go to the videos link then you can select it. For anyone who hasn't seen part 1 the lads had a great week in May 2013 unfortunatley it was a rare week of rain but they had some fantastic fishing and gives you an idea of what Saint Amand is all about. Bringing the fun back to fishing with incredible value for money. If you haven't already taken a look at what we have to offer please take a look it's well worth it. Not forgetting that we are open all year due to the accomodation making it worth going at any time of the year. It's a great for a bit of winter fishing.

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Chris Westley Video


Part 1 of the Chris Westley Video is now available to view on Youtube.
Get a glimpse of the kind of fishing available at St Amand this was filmed at the beginning of May 2013 and the lads had to deal with unusually bad weather for that time of year similar to what we experienced in the UK but they still managed to have a great week catching many fish including one of our larger residents at 46lb. You can view it by the video link on our page or by going to Youtube and then entering Saint Amand then selecting Chris Westley Video part 1. Our thanks go to Chris Westley and Paul Baldock for the long hours spent producing this film so we can show you how special a venue this is.

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Chris Westley & Paul Baldock Film


 The lads despite the rain managed to get some great filming and both beat their PB’s (well done lads) with some really special captures on film including the Brown fish (37lb) , Floppy tail (46lb4oz), Dougal (41lb), Paul’s Angel (31lb), and lots of other fish to 37lb their total for the week was over 80 fish between the 2 of them. The 1st part of the film will be available for viewing in a few weeks on Youtube and will no doubt show just how incredible the fishing at St Amand really is for those of you who are unfamiliar with this special venue. Watch this space.....................

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Best Ever Action


Best Action ever this was what Roger Bacon experienced when he visited us for 3 days as he fancied a short break and a bend in the rod as he just finished the very successful Northern Carp Show in Manchester. Roger flew over from Liverpool airport with his wife his young daughter of 10 and her friend so was only going to be fishing 2 day sessions and staying in the house with his family at night..
Roger baited up with a few Kg’s of quad boillies on arrival and fished the following 2 days.
The 1 st day he caught over 15 fish in 9 hours fishing and lost a few the biggest being over 40lb with lots of 20lb+ hard fighting fish. The second day Roger had over 30 fish with both rods out of the water for long periods due to the mad action (2rods) once again Paul had a fish over 40lb with countless quality 20lb+ fish up to 29lb. Paul said himself that it was the maddest bit of action he had ever experienced in his 30 years + of carp fishing. His daughter fished with a float rod for a few hours and caught countless roach and rudd which she capped off with an eagerly awaited tench so needless to say she was a very happy girl. 

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30% Discount 27/04/13-04/05/13


We are offering a 30% discount on selected weeks so don't miss 

out on this special offer of £595 for exclusive use of house and lake.

as you can see from our last news clip the lake is fishing extremely well so 

don't miss out on this incredible offer.

I've attached pictures of a couple of fish caught last week.

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More than 60 fish between 2 anglers fantastic start to 2013


After such a cold start to the year our first session on the lake was not until the end of March. After having booked a return flight for £40 a few days earlier I was on my way to Limoges and 5 hours from leaving my house I was at the lake rod in hand looking for signs of fish. Our onsite bailiff elected a more casual approach, casting out singles to a bar at 40 yards. With his bait being picked up almost straight away resulting in a 25 mirror .He then went on to catch a further four twenties to twenty seven pound in under an hour. I fished over to the dam end in fourteen feet of water in hope of one of our bigger specimens. First days fishing was a great day ,twenty three fish sixteen twenties to twenty nine between the 2 of us with the rest being hard fighting doubles in fantastic condition .These fish really do fight hard and with many double takes by the evening we had retired to the house for a rest and a glass of wine or two .After watching England play football and a lovely steak and chips an early night was in order only to return to the lake in the small hours to resume the action which continued all week with rarely more than two hours between fish. All in all a great week with more than sixty fish gracing our net ,half of which were twenties some nearing the thirty pound mark with two over thirty and a 43lb’er. What a way to start the year. We look forward to seeing you soon with our low price fixed for 2013 don’t miss out on the action.

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Fantastic new rates from Sept 2012


New Prices starting from September 2012 with over 30% reduction from £1250 down to £850 for the week with exclusive use of the large character house and stunning 4.5 acre lake which we believe probably makes us the best value for money family holiday house lake combination in France.
As we are open all year we are offering a further discount from the beginning of Nov to the end of Feb £600 for the week.
We wanted to make our venue somewhere that even the smallest of groups could afford and enjoy.
We know that many people particularly families which make up 70% of our clientele are struggling in these times of recession to get away as the cost is not shared between individuals and would like to make it as accessible to them by giving them a fantastic offer.
Please look at our site and our reviews so you can see what you are getting for your money we are confident that you won’t find better value for money anywhere.
We suggest that you book early to avoid disappointment as we can only offer this price for 2013 at this present time.

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Fantastic 1st summer


Our 1st year of being open to the public has meant that we have had a busy summer and many satisfied guests with everyone getting in on the action there have been countless PB’s.
Our site manger Christophe has been doing a great job, with everyone who has visited us appreciating the help and advice that he offers.
It’s really nice to know that our guests appreciate all the hard work that has gone into providing this very special venue with so much charm and character it’s difficult to see how anyone could possibly not enjoy their stay at St Amand.
The fish have been keeping people busy and have given many an angler a memorable battle to remember. To give you an example of what some of our guests have caught Martin from Herts only spent half of the week fishing mainly days and caught a 40lb, 38lb, 30lb 2 tone common along with many twenties and doubles. I’ve attached some pictures of these special fish.
We have started to take bookings for 2012 and look fwd to another great summer at St Amand with many more happy guests experiencing this special venue and what it has to offer. We truly believe we have a venue that everyone can enjoy.
For those who like to get out in the colder months we are open most of the year and because you have a house included in the package at St Amand you can keep dry and warm whenever you choose to.

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2 Anglers 59 fish catch in 4 nights biggest 38lb


Great action topped by a 38lb specimen's the weather has been incredible over the last week with highs of 30 degrees which has really got the fish going. The great thing is that the 38lb fish weighed 31lb 12oz in November 2010. It won’t be long before Saint Amand produces a 50lb+ fish. Take a look at the top 4 fish pictured they are stunners.

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December Stocking


As part of our on-going and carefully thought out stocking programme in December of 2010 we were able to Hand pick 20 fish between 30lb - 43lb these fish have never seen a hook and were bought from our local French fish farmer who has provided us with quality fish for the past 4 years now. These fish had been left to grow naturally in low numbers with lots of acreage for a number of years and have not been artificially fattened up in a fish farm as is often the case so it is not surprising that they grow so well once at Saint Amand. There is no doubt that these fish are going to be the Crown Jewels of the Lake in the very near future.

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Impressive Growth Rates



During a short 12 hour session at the beginning of March I caught 2 fish the one pictured weighed 24lb8oz and I recognised the fish when comparing pictures as a fish that was caught in July 2009 weighing just over 15lb. That morning there had been a sharp frost a result of the incredibly clear skies that night and even though no fish were showing there were fish feeding as shortly after the 24 I had another fish. The second fish was a fish that was stocked 4 years ago at between 8oz-1lb it weighed just over 11lb so you can only imagine how big some of the bigger fish will be this year, it's a very exciting time for us at St Amand and we are anticipating some great captures in 2011.

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Novembers new stocking


During November 2010 we had the opportunity of handpicking 10 fish between 30lb – 42lb these were fish that have come from a very reputable fish farmer that we have been using from the start.

The fish came from an un-fished lake where they had been left to grow on naturally and are young healthy good looking fish of varying shapes and scaling-patterns, to add to our already impressive stock of approx 450 fish.

There has also been a December stocking of handpicked big fish so watch this space....

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Open to the public


After 4 years of hard work and careful planning Saint Amand Leisure's owners are proud to offer you some outstanding fishing along with a fantastic character house that can sleep up to 10 people. The venue is situated in incredible surroundings and has a large head of carp to 45lb+ many of which have never been caught. A special introductory price of £895 for up to 5 anglers and 5 none anglers for 2010/2011 this is quite simply an offer you can't afford to miss.

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