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week on Poppy's Lake.


Poppy's lake opened for fishing last week with Adrian, Paul and Josh visiting us for a good rest and some rod bending action. Fishing mainly days our three intrepid anglers failed to meet my target of 100 carp by having lazy days and early nights and finished up on 98 for their week. In fairness it was good fishing by the lads considering the amount of spawning activity they had to contend with. To our surprise a week of hot sunny weather had triggered some frantic spawning by the carp that carried on for most of the week. Not the best conditions for fishing however the lads still enjoyed themselves There were a good few 20lb+ fish in the catch however doubles and singles were in the majority. None of the bigger fish were interested in baits and I would hazard a guess that most of those caught will have been either males or spawned out females. All in all it turned out to be a most enjoyable week made all the better by the banter and laughter around the table at meal times. Happy days !

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Latest from Poppy's Lake


After a winter of hard work Poppy's lake will be opening in a couple of weeks. With a couple of new islands, deeper area's and newly sculpted points the fishing should be even more interesting than last year. All the swims are on one side of the lake leaving the far bank and islands for stalking and short session angling which makes a week on this pretty lake very interesting indeed. We are now taking bookings at very reasonable prices for the 2013 season so for those interested in having a regular bend in the rod this is a venue worth serious consideration.

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The netting of Poppy's Lake - December 2012


After several unadvoidable delays we finally managed to get the netting of Poppy’s completed. The day of the netting was sunny but very very cold with a biting wind from the North. We were rather surprised to find that on the morning when we were scheduled to start the water level  had not dropped overnight but instead had actually risen a little. Typical luck as we had been reducing the level for about 10 days and closed the sluice on the Monday night when water levels looked about right. The heavy rain in the autumn has obviously resulted in a strong flow from the many springs in the lake so in hindsight we should have kept the outflow running continuously ! Anyway, after a morning of cutting back the tree’s and removing half of a poplar that had crashed into the lake during a gale last week we managed to reduce the water level to a decent nettable level. We were unable to use our usual net this week and instead used a 100m net borrowd from a friend. Unfortunately the lead line was a much lighter one than we normally would use and it soon became evident that this would be a major problem once we saw the large number of fish caught in the first sweep of the net. To our dismay the bulging bag, holding hundreds of carp that we could see, eventually reduced down when the lead line lifted and lots of them made an escape. Fortunately we did manage to hold onto many of the larger carp and they were transferred to the holding pen whilst we sorted out the remainder of the catch. It was very, very cold work so when Lottie turned up with hot flasks of tea and coffee we all retired to the bonfire for a warm and some well earned refreshment. The afternoon saw us make a second sweep of the net that resulted in a good many more carp but as dusk approached we could see that there were a large number of fish still in the deeper water under the tree’s. The decision was made to leave the catch in the holding pen overnight and to make another attempt in the morning to bag the fish that had been missed.

Wednesday morning saw heavy frost lying on the ground and ice on the lakes. !! Not what we wanted to find ! After a concerted team effort we managed to break the ice and spread the net into the deeper water under the tree’s in the hope that we would be able to finally get the escapee’s from yesterday. It was very hard going as every piece of floating ice had the be physically removed from within the spread of the net as it was closed. As the ice was being broken there was more ice forming on the open water so we had to work quickly to ensure that we had as much clear water when we finally closed the bag on the fish. It was soon obvious that plenty of carp had once again evaded our efforts but we still managed to secure several hundred carp plus 21 catfish !! Now that was a surprise, an unwelcome one at that, as we only ever put one catfish in the lake and can only presume that one of our anglers had ‘kindly’ added another to give us a breeding pair. All were removed.

After some great work from the team the netting finally achieved what we set out as our targets for the week. We removed all the catfish plus around 80 smaller carp. Most were given to our French neighbour to grow on in his lake but we did add approx. 25 of the really pretty, well scaled fish to the main lake to ensure that we have some quality fish coming through in the years to come. Our hope is that this small amount of new fish will create a more active feeding pattern and give ‘energetic’ competition to all the big girls for the season ahead. One pleasant surprise was that the pike that we added last year have done really well just under 30 were couted with many being nicely into double figures. I have no doubt that next season will see at least one 20lb pike in Poppy’s Lake. The big sturgeon seems to have settled in well and will add some spice to next years fishing as well.

Once again with the draining of a lake it is interesting to see the holes that the carp have made whilst feeding. There can be no doubt that a bit of plumbing around is always a good idea as these small feeding features are so easily missed. I have posted a couple of pictures below to show what I mean.

We now estimate that we have upwards of 400 carp remaining in the lake along with a single sturgeon and 30 pike. With many of the smaller fish removed the carp should really prosper well this coming season and we will be feeding them well all winter to ensure they will be in tip top condition for the start of fishing in 2013. There was nothing huge to report however there were some stunning carp upwards of 30lb and plenty of good doubles and 20′s. In fairness we now have much the same mix of fish that we had when we opened Le Mée and look how that lake is developing. I am sure that with the work we are carrying out over the remainder of the winter the lake will be better than ever next year and offer some great sport for those anglers looking for a regular bend in their rod.

Plenty of photo's can be seen on the blog at -

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A week to remember !


 We have just come to the end of a cracking weeks fishing on Poppy's lake which, despite appalling conditions still managed to produce over 230 carp to just 4 anglers. Fishing mainly days, Robin, Mick, Aaron and Carl, who were here for 'just a chill out' absolutely hammered the carp and considering that spawning had barely finished when they set up I feel they really made the most the opportunity. The bulk of the catch was made up with hard fighting doubles but there were also a good many 20's up to 29lb and although the bigger fish remained elusive everyone was more than happy. It is always a pleasure to have a group of anglers here that enjoy the whole experience, the wildlife, the food, the environment and the banter with the fishing being a plus rather than the be all and end all. It finished up being a great week despite the rain and the wind and for that I must thank (and congratulate) the lads that that made it all happen.

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New stock for Poppy's lake.


 As promised we have now added another 60 carp to the very high stock present in Poppy's lake. The new stock were between 20lb and 46lb with a good many 30lb+ fish and now puts us in a situation where Poppy's is not just a hectic runs water but also offers the chance of some real big lumps. Overall stock is around 500 carp with a great many doubles plus around 20% of the stock being over 20lb. This must be one of the most prolific 'runs waters' around now and with the addition of the new stock is superb value for the angler who wants  a regular bend in the rod at a very pretty, exclusive lake.

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