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New Lake Record and a brace of 50lb fish


 The First week open went off with a bang as Shawn broke the lake record with a 56LB mirror and followed it up another 50lb plus mirror for a stunning brace of 50's.

He also had 4 x 40lb plus fish ranging from 44 - 49lbs

And he lost count of the numers of 30's as it was a very hectic week.


Shawn commented " An amazing weeks fishing with no rest it was non stop"





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Lake Record Mirror 54lbs 4oz Stunner


 I am pleased to announce that the outright lake record has fallen again this season with this stunning fish of 54lbs 4oz it was caught after just two hours into Ashleys trip after the fish had evaded capture all season long!

For the 2020 we will have the full set of 50lb plus carp at Oakwood Fisheries as we have a mirror, leather and 3 commons that are very close to 50lbs after winter feeding they will be over the magical 50lb barrier too exciting times to fish Oakwood Fisheries.

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Common record falls again at 48lb 5oz


 Im delighted to say the common carp record at Oakwood Fisheries has fallen again with a fish of 48lb 5oz.

Its the third time its been broken this year with three big commons pushing the 50lb mark.

2020 should see our first 50lb plus common a rare beast even in France and we should have three swimming in oakwood fisheries come the start of the 2020 season which would give us a full collection of 50 plus fish as we already have a mirror and a leather over this weight.



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Waiting for a 40lb plus common, now there coming along like buses!!!


The month of May has been a great month for big common carp at Oakwood Fisheries.

We were waiting for our fish 40lb plus common this year as we had 6 commons pushing 40lb last season.

With an intensive winter feeding program and planned lake management the month of May has seen 3 different commons of over 45lb caught.

If you are after a big immaculate common to add to your photo album then look no further than one of the best specimen small water carp lakes in France Oakwood Fisheries.

We can now boast 12 different forty pound plus carp and two fifties to our present lake record of 53lb 10oz.

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New Lake Record Common Carp 47lb 5oz


We currently have two 50lb plus carp, a mirror and a leather in our lake at Oakwood Fisheries as well as numerous 40lb fish all mirrors but last season the commons were getting close to the magical 40lb barrier having had quite a few different fish caught around 38-39lb mark.

So this season with our intense winter feeding program of our own lake special boilies that offer a complete diet for our carp we hoped there would be a new common carp lake record at Oakwood in 2019.

We didn’t have to wait long i’m delighted to say as Henry one of our regulars smashed the Common Carp Record with this 47lb 5 oz monster. What a stunner!! congratulations to him!

He also backed his common carp record up with a 44lb 3oz scale perfect mirror what a brace of fish for him, this is what dreams are made from and why people travel to France every year for there carp fishing.

This fish will be over 50lbs come the 2020 season as it has put on close to 13lbs since its last capture 16 months ago.

This puts Oakwood Fisheries seriously on the map of small water carp fishing as we will be able to boast the whole set of 50lb plus carp soon.

A Stunning Mirror, Beautiful Leather and that very exclusive club of having a 50lb plus common carp swimming around in our lake.

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New Lake Record 53lb near leather


 We had our last guests leave for the 2018 season at the end of October and the lake record was broken again on the final week.

Paul banked this stunning near leather at a weight of 53lbs temped on a lake special boilie topped off.

It marks a great season for us at Oakwood Fisheries where we were waiting for some of our high forties to break the 50lb barrier.

Brutus was first to break the 50lb barrier earlier on in the season and now Heather his sister has also pushed through the magical 50lb barrier at a new lake record of 53lbs so we now have two fifty pound plus carp at Oakwood Fisheries and hopefully more will follow in their foot steps 2019. 




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New Lake Record 50lb 6oz Mirror


 We have finally been able to break the magic 50lb barrier here at Oakwood Fisheries.

Congratualations go to Toby who temped the beautiful lady of 50lb 6oz on one of our Lake Special boilies rolled fresh on site.

We had 8 different 40's out last season and we have been waiting for one fish to make the jump as quite a few fish were close to 50 lb. 

At the time of writing a different fish over 50lb has been banked so we now have 2 different fish over 50lb, i expect the lake record to be broken again next season with the planned winter feeding campaign.


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New PB 49lb


 Just a quick post to congratulate Peter on his new P.B. with this stunning mirror of 49lbs. The fish fell to an Oakwood Fisheries rolled bottom bait fished over to the gravel plateau in swim 5. Stunning Fish.

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Congrats Henry


Just a quick post to say well done too Henry who landed this beautiful two tone mirror of 47lb and absolutely smashed his PB 

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Looking Great for 2017


We have done a tremendous amount of work already during the close season at Oakwood Fisheries. We have been busy clearing banks, taking some trees out of the lake, we removed part of the bottom island, totally renovated the south bank and had some extremely cold conditions!

We even spotted what could be a Crocodile frozen in the ice..... or is it a tree the recent storm bought down!! Great picture!

We are currently on a project that should take about a month to complete where we are creating a holding pond for work which we will be doing to the lake at the end of next season 2017. 

Good lake management never stops!

But the lake has never looked better, its stunning.

We will also be installing free WiFi around the top of the lake and anglers cabin new for 2017 in the next month a great addition!




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Last Guests Leave With A Splash!


 Another season draws to an end at Oakwood Fisheries as our last guests depart and the fish get a well earn't rest.

This season has seen 3 rods get dragged in through violent takes all were finally found using a spinner but Stephen our last guest had a surprise on the second to last day. 

Stephen was sitting next to his rods when he heard a single tone from the delkims and then the rod flew up in the air over the snag ears and into the lake! Stephen dived straight in on top of his rod in 5 feet of water and was into the fish which unfortunately for Stephen was un controllable and headed straight for the nearest snag and broke his line. He was dissappointed and wet but still had a great week this is what he had to say: 

" Smashed by mirror PB with this 42lb 8 oz beauty and also added 4 lbs to my common PB so more than happy days. It was a great holiday for us well run and managed fishery, Dan will always give you advice on the best places to fish and fresh bait made on site which we used throughout. The food i must say was also fantastic thank you very much for a great trip with beautiful carp".


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Almost A Record Week


 I would like to congratulate Phil and Gary on a good weeks fishing at Oakwood Fisheries who were on target to break the record of the most caught fish in a week which stands at 46.

Unfortunately for them they fell a few short on 39, this was blamed on Phil who forgot to prebait there day swim after dinner on Thursday evening! Nevertheless it was still a good week and there haul included 3 x Forties and many Thirties.

They also dropped around 12 fish during the week as they are very hard fighting so they could have shattered the record!

This is what the guys had to say about there stay.

" We opted to move around and bait different areas of the lake fishing one swim at night and another in the day these tactics really worked for us. We caught all of our fish on the lake special boilies and another mix Dan rolled for us. Our top advice is to put in Loads Of Bait and rest the swims, we only used boilies as we thought using pellets etc would only bring in the big Rudd and Tench."

Gary said " We had a great week on a beautiful lake very relaxing and the fishing was excellent. Facilities were also superb and I must say that we have fished many lakes over the years in France and the food here is the best ever! 10 out of 10 a must"



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Path now goes all the way round at Oakwood Fisheries


 We have already started work around the lake this year on the planned yearly improvements at Oakwood fisheries and i am delighted to announce that with the aid of a digger you can now pass the whole way around the lake without having to go up any steps and the carp park has been moved to a central position between swims 3 and 4.


This means that you can unload your tackle at the back of swims six, five and four and the distance from the car park to the top swims one, two and three is just 60 meters so even easy access for the 2016 season while you are on your carp fishing holiday in France.

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New Stocking 2015 Oakwood Fisheries


 I am excited to announce we have just introduced a new stocking into the lake 19/02/2015 of 25 carp all between 21 - 33 lbs.

All the fish were hand picked at the fish farm by myself and were a mixture of stunning mirrors and commons to complement the existing stock.

They have settled in well to there new surroundings 

To view the stocking video visit the link or it is available on the video page

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Stunning Week At Oakwood


I would like to say a big congratulations to Ciaron Jordan on a great weeks fishing during September. Ciaron got his tactics spot on baiting two different parts of the lake with our lake special boilie and moving between the two spots during the week. He broke his PB twice during the week and on the first day hooked 9 carp between 6 in the morning and dinner time great stuff. Heres Ciaron's own comments: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dan & Cheryl for their warm hospitality throughout the week I spent at Oakwood fisheries . I was immediately made to feel welcome and Dan was really helpful in tactics and bait to use . I soon had my first capture from one of the spots Dan had pointed out . I went on to capture a total of 22 fish up to 38lb with an additional six fish lost . The fish are stunning , in excellent condition and fight hard so be prepared ! ... Dan also supplies fresh quality bait at a very reasonable price ( I used it to great effect )... The facilities were excellent and very clean ... Cheryl's cooking was fabulous ! Highly recommended ( I guarantee you will not go hungry ) The lake is very picturesque with some great features to fish to , the pegs have plenty of room and are easily accessible . In summing up I had a fantastic week , the fishing exceeded all my expectations and more ! ... I will definitely be back in the future , my tip for catching !.. Listen to Dan's advice he knows his lake , his fish and how to catch them ! Thanks for everything .... Kind regards , Ciaron Jordan .

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Surface Record Gets Broken


The sun of a few weeks ago is a distant memory now the weather has changed but one group of anglers used the late September sun to there advantage. They enjoyed some great surface fishing and broke the lake record for a surface caught fish by over 2 pounds. The previous record stood at 44lb 2oz and Chris's beauty tipped the scales to 46lb 4 oz. Chris caught it next to the lily's on a whole slice of bread just using a hook on the mainline and to use his words, he was buzzing for days after the capture of the beautiful mirror. Chris also added over 20 lbs to his PB, nice one mate!

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May Has Been A Good Month


May has been a great month this year with temperatures staying fairly cool and constant with no heat waves yet.

The lake produced 40lb plus carp every week for almost a month, bought to an end the week Josh visited but he only missed out by ounces as his best fish was 39lb 6oz mirror and I must say he had a great week returning to Oakwood Fisheries for the second time and set many junior records including biggest junior fish and most overall weight as he took 13 carp between 22lb – 39lb 6oz - with 2 doubles and also lost 7.

Paul fishing with his son Bradley,visiting for the first time also deserves a mention as he banked a brace of 40′s and son Bradley got a fish shower great picture! Father and son team Mick and Lee had a great trip banking a new PB 40 mirror and 6 x 30′s and 5 x 20′s.

There has been many 30′s caught and a few visits to the bank by some of the harder to catch residents. No grass have been caught yet with the lakes resident biggie at over 50lb still evading capture.

I was pleased to see some old friends as some of the much sought after linear’s were banked including one which has not been caught for 4 years at a new highest weight of 36lbs along with a couple of stunning fully scaled mirrors.

The average fish weight has also risen nicely with the average topping 30lbs which has risen well over the last 5 years of lake management and above all they are still in great condition for everybody to enjoy. 

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New Stocking


I am excited to announce that this December we will be increasing the stocks further at Oakwood Fisheries with the addition of a further 25 hand picked carp, plus 2 mirror/koi crosses absolutely stunning and 7 grass carp. These will complement our existing stock of beautiful fish. 2014 will be a great season at Oakwood.

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Stag Party


This year at Oakwood we welcomed our very first Stag Party here. The group choose Oakwood Fisheries in particular as they wanted to try and catch a linear mirror and they saw that our lake holds some very unusual pretty fish for France with at least 6 linear’s and some fully scaled mirrors. I’m glad to report that the Stag himself managed to land one of the target fish the perfect one at over 30 lbs to top off a memorable time for the group. We would like to wish Chris well with the wedding and his married life. Here's what the stag himself posted on our facebook " Hi dan, just like to say a big thank you from all of us on the stag do you have an amazing fishery and we hope to be back very soon! Here is probably the best pic that's ever going to be in my carping portfolio Proper made up! "The Perfect One"

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Plenty of New PB's


I would just like to say congratulation to the 14 guests we have had break there PB’s so far this year. Some anglers added over 20lbs to their existing records as they got amongst some of the bigger residents of Oakwood Fisheries. Mark Bartucci added “ had my first PB on the second night and they just kept getting bigger throughout the week up to 44lb 8oz mirror” Happy days for Mark and the other 13 guests.

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Winter Wonderland Oakwood Fisheries


Who said carp don't feed that much in Winter???

Take a look at the new Oakwood Fisheries HD video of a snow covered lake, bitter conditions and carp feeding everywhere!!



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