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New Personal Best for Byron and Kurt!


After an 8 year gap as a last ditch effort to beat their groups personal bests of a 27lb grassy, a 40lb common and a 46lb mirror, Byron and Kurt did it with 5 × 20lb, 2×30lb, 3×40lb, 2×50lb commons, and a 60lb 3oz mirror. A great week with an excellent result!!



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2020 Dates Now Available to Book.


Be the first to book for 2020 on this incredible venue. Booking calendar now available.

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New lake Record


 A new lake record of 60lb 2oz has been caught at the end of the season. A lovely Mirror, well done to Martin.

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Bank repairs 2016


 At the close of this season we have done a major repair of the banks near the mobile. The digging by coypu had made the bank quite dangerous. We have pulled back the bank and filled the coypu holes. We have put gabion baskets along the front filled with stone. Then levelled and reseeded. We have also created a step down for landing the fish. We have trapped quite a few coypu this year and there is not much sighn of any at the moment. Also we are baiting up for the wild rats over the winter months. So all should be good next year.

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Pellet and Boilies now available


 We now have available for sale Coppens carp and Course pellet @ 12 euro per 5KG bag and

Essential Baits B5 Shellfish Boilies  16 or 20 ml @ 17 euro per 1KG bag

Both can be bought on site from the caretakers.

We feel that both of these have improved catch rates.

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New Lake record


Feedback from the Smith party on 19th June 2016

Hi there, just writing to let you know about our trip and how we did.
We caught approximately 20 fish with only 4 of these below 30 pounds. We had 5 forties one which we are sure we caught twice and of course the 57.2 mirror which we recognised from the wall of the caravan. Also my dad managed a lovely 8kg orange koi.
The fishing started off good but as the week progressed the air temperature and pressure rose resulting in a massive lightning storm on the Thursday night. We found it difficult to get bites during the day and found bites easier to get at night.
We found bite times to be 8am, 11am, 2pm, 10pm and 2.20am without fail with the day time bites disappearing towards the end of the week. All 4 of our party left with a personal best. My nephew Steven had the fifty. All large fish fell to Nash’s key pop up boilies on a hinged stiff rig and we baited with home rolled caviar and cranberry frozen boilies. Have attached a photo of Steven with the fifty and a photo of the scale reading with the fish in the weigh sling with the scales zeroed with a wet weigh sling. We also subtracted an extra 200g for any discrepancies.
We all felt that your venue offered excellent value for money and holds an exceptional head of big fish that far exceeds many of the other French fisheries we have visited. From looking at the visitors book I can see that people usually catch a lot more of the 20’s but for some reason we struggled to catch them, perhaps a combination of spawning/weather. I am convinced that the bait had a part to play in selecting the bigger fish as we ran out of the key pop ups on the Thursday afternoon and had no more big fish after this and picked up all of the smaller fish thereafter on other baits

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Steve and his Dad have a good week


Steve and his Dad had a great weekeven though they had to leave early. They had 41carp, the first 5 over 40lb. They ended up with 8 x 40lb fish. Steve caght the same big mirror as last year which now weighs 55lb 8oz. Dad also had a large mirror at 53lb10oz.

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20th June now available


We now have 20th - 27th June '15 available on this remarkable water.  

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New Record 54lb 2oz mirror


 A new record caught by Steve Grimes this week.

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An update


Through the winter we have created a new stock pond, where we hope to grow on our future stock.  We have added a few new fish  at 5, 6, and 7 kg  to grow on.

We have new caretakers for 2014, Steve and Irene.

This year we have seen the fish grow to huge weights 50lb, 40lb and 30lb. Some weeks we have seen catches of 30 to 40 fish. We have seen a new lake record of 50lb 14oz, Large numbers of 30+ and 40+ have been caught.

We would like to thank all our customers for choosing Malhere for their fishing holiday and we look forward to seeing you again in 2014.

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Malhere update August


 55 fish caught by three anglers.This was their second visit to Malhere. Among the catch were 3 40lb plus and 10 30lb plus.The remaing fish were in the mid 20s.Photos of  a few attached

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Feedback from Bob and Ted


This is just a short note to confirm that Bob and I both thoroughly enjoyed fishing at “Etang Lac Malhere”. The lake is smaller than what we have fished in the past but it was full of surprises for each of us.

The session started off slow with no catches on Saturday or Sunday and the weather was not too kind either, small hailstorms ensued on Sunday and severe frost that night. However, it was all change on Monday and on to the end of the week – we had a total of 568.5lbs of fish in all and because of the outstanding quality and the amount of fish caught, we simply did not fish at night. The above total is made up as follows:

1 x 49lbs Mirror to Bob, (a new PB plus a PB 30lbs Common to Bob as well)
1 x 42.5lbs Mirror
1 x 42lbs Mirror
10 x 30’s
7 x 20’s
2 x doubles

The complex itself is quiet, relaxing and well maintained and above all else the scenery is second to none. The facilities are good and clean

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New equipment installed


At last the solar power has been completed. We hope that we may only need the gennerator once or twice a week to top up the batteries. Nice to have lights all the time. 

We have also installed two new leather sofas in the mobile home, much more comfortable. Also a new gas oven and new fridge.

Whilst we were there Dave managed to catch a lovely mirror, we didnt have the scales so couldnt weigh it. Looked in great condition after the winter.

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Brendan has a great week


Brendan and his mate had a great week. they caught 49 carp in total,
2 x 40lbs+
19 x 30lbs+
21 x 20lb+
7 x 15-20lbs

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Lake record photo


Sam Strange had this to say,

Yes we had a good week, not as many fish as last year but still very good. We had 35 in the end but we didnt catch much during the second half of the week after the storms which was odd. We had 9 30s and obviously the 50. I have plenty of photos . Yes im sure we will be back next year!

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 A new lake record at Malhere this week. Only  the second day fishing produced a 50lb 2oz mirror..


More details and photo to follow...

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Malhere off to a good start


 The first three weeks of the season have seen several fish of over 40lbs plus,also large catches of 30lbs plus.

 Hope this will continue.There are still some dates available.

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poplar trees cut down


Over the last few weeks we have had the poplars behind the mobile home cut down. They had become too big and dangerous. The benifit is that there will be a lot more light, which will be good for the solar panels.

Unfotunatley we have run out of time so the solar panels have not yet been installed. We hope to get them in sometime through the summer. We have also replaced the double bed in the main bedroom in the mobile home. It is now a 'proper' divan bed. It is a 5ft so should be much more comfortable, although you will need to bring larger sheets

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