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2nd 60lb+ from Lake Juvanze


Donny, who's previous best weight was 57lb 8oz, was caught last night at a new high of 61lb 11oz, just ounces short of the lake record. The mighty fish was landed in peg 5 by 16 year old Elliot!

That beats doing the English course work on half term!!

Fantastic result, well done Elliot.

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Strawberry tops 62lb 2oz


Lake Juvanze's 'Strawberry' tops a new weight of 62lbs 2oz.

Well done that man!

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Juvanze's first 60lb+


The ever reliable ‘Strawberry’ has topped 60lbs! Mike Chisholm Junior landed the lump this morning fishing in peg 2. I was delighted to be there to help with the weighing and witness Juvanze’s first 60+ at 61lbs 3ozs! The group have had 30 fish so far including 5 40s. Juvanze Blue is also fishing well. The big grey fish was caught again yesterday evening at 56lbs+. Two other 40s have also been caught from there this week. All the big fish have been caught on Juvanze Special boilies.

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Juvanze is off and running


 Opening week, 3rd -10th March was superb. The Welsh Carpers, Big Gav, The Beast, Lee and Wiggy braved the cold and were rewarded with a total of 23 carp. Their average weight was 33lbs and each of them caught a 40lb+ fish. These included fish of 40.4, 42.0, 42.12 and 51.8. The 51.8, a new personal best for Lee was the first capture of this particular fish over 50, so it really topped a fantastic opening week. Most of the fish came to Juvanze Specials or Live System boilies fished over pellets.

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57lb 12oz - A New Juvanze Record


Pete arrived today to fish Lake Juvanze and help out on the new lake and within hours he's caught a 33.8 and then a full coloured Strawberry at an all time highest 57.12! With night time temperatures of 16oC and strong southerly winds it's no surprise the fish are feeding.

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Fish feeding hard at Juvanze


Last week was exceptional at Lake Juvanze. Scott Parker, Les Smith and Michael Stevens enjoyed the holiday of a lifetime catching a group total of 69 carp with an average weight of 31lbs. Their catch included six 40lb+ fish to 49lbs and two over 50, the biggest 51lb 8oz.

New dad Scott had a fantastic week and caught 1119lb 6ozs of carp himself!

The majority of the fish were caught on the Juvanze Special boilies. These were fished over a mixture of pellets, hemp and maize.

Matt Donovan and friends who arrive yesterday afternoon are having a great time, within 24hrs they've caught three 40+ fish including Ale's two tone and Strawberry  has continued her binge and come out again at a couple of ounces below 51.

There are two october weeks available if anyone's interested...

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10th - 17th September available


Due to a cancellation, we now have 10th - 17th September '11 at this simply stunning exclusive venue.

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an exceptional week


David Cragg and friends enjoyed an excellent week at Lake Juvanze catching a total of 73 carp - 5 doubles, 27 twenties, 35 thirties (including fish of; 35.11, 2 x 36+, 37.0, 4 x 38+, 4 x 39+), 5 forties (41.3, 42.2, 42.7, 43.1, 43.14) and 1 fifty (50.11). The successful bait was the new 'Juvanze Specials'. Superb, congratulations lads.

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1st week going well


Within the first 12 hours at Lake Juvanze this week The Dawson party banked a 26lb, 29lb, 32lb ,35lb, 36lb, 44lb and a 53lb 12oz which has graced the bank twice!. A great start. We'll keep you updated.

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A FREE DVD is available which is focused on Lake Juvanzé. The DVD offers footage on the lake, the fishing and the facilities and is available to anyone who wants one. For your copy email

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Simon Garrett and his party of 5 anglers caught 91 carp, biggest Mirror 49lb, biggest Common 36lb.

Simon said "We found that cell worked well fishing single boilie and any coloured corn worked. Fished both days and nights, margins was the best this week with a few from the middle........The lake is well set up, this week was the best drive and survive weeks fishing we've had! 9 x high doubles, 54 x 20s, 25 x 30s, 3 x 40s. Average fish was just over 28lbs."

carp & coarse fishing holidays carp & coarse fishing holidays carp & coarse fishing holidays

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A FREE DVD is available which is focused on Lake Juvanze. The DVD offers footage on the lake, the fishing and the facilities and is available to anyone who wants one.

If you would like to be sent one please email us by clicking here

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Lake Juvanze

119 fish (new lake record) for a total weight of 2986lb 08oz, including 25x30’s to 38lb 6oz . John ‘sleep when you’re dead’ Bradbourne - 35 fish to 37lb 4oz inc x10 30s very impressive, Rob W - 34 fish to 32lb 6oz inc x3 30s, Baz - 22 fish to 33lb 12oz inc x3 30s, Ben - 21 fish to 33lb 10oz inc x5 30s and Rob A - 7 fish, inc much beer and bagged the biggest fish of the week, the now infamous ’camel’ at 38lb 6oz well done!

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Latest Catch

Dean East managed to bank this stunning 45lb 7oz Mirror at Lake Juvanze.. Just two anglers on this superb exclusive bivvy water this week. It shows that going late in the season pays off!

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Latest News

We started off in swim 2. We had a stroke of luck though because there was no one in swim 3 which meant we could cast our bait to the far margin and then go round and bait up. This proved a good spot. Although for me the most productive spot was a couple of rod lengths in the front of the swim. I had 5 fish in one day off of it. The baits we were using was 18mm cc Moore meteor boilies as hook baits and using pellet, corn and 14mm meteors as free bees. As the week went on the weather got colder and wetter this turned the fish off the feed. The best way I found around this was to bait very lightly 3 or 4 boilies max around your bait at one time. When I did this my catch rate began to rise again. On the last day we thought we would move to swim five as there was no one there and we fancied a change of scenery. I fished the right hand side and adopted the light baiting tactic. In the first half an hour I had 4 runs and three fish on the bank the biggest being my new pb of 36ib 6oz. well worth the move!!! I would advise anyone to get the food package as it was the best food I have ever had. Better than bacon and sausage rolls for a week. As a last thing I would like to thank Jeff and Ale for a wonderful time and I look forward to our next visit.

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Dan had a really good week. He Came with his girlfriend who out fished him! Food was very good and plenty of it. We would recommend Lake Juvanze to anyone that wants to catch plenty of gorgeous looking carp in beautiful surroundings. To hear how others have got on at Lake Juvanze click on the feedback link on the venue page.

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