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Winter Works


 We have been wanting the temp to drop to freezing before starting our tree work so the ground is nice and hard and not cut-up, so easy with the heavy plant we use for the job and last night we got -5 C a good time to start our tree work today. Just some of the overhanging and dead limbs coming out to keep it looking and fishing nice

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The high top


New for 2016
If you need to save space in your car, we have a South African canvas bush tent 'The High Top'. A big two man for just €35 for the week..
Marc will put it up and pack it down after you so you don't have to pack down a wet tent on your last morning.
The awesome features of height, insulation, visibility and air flow, along with a square footprint of 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.85m it's able to take 2 bed chairs with ease and a good sized central walk way with a standing height up to 7ft. It has full size windows on both sides with panels and full mozi mesh. It's got a fully sewn-in ground sheet making it incredibly dry, also includes a generous porch area where shoes etc. can be stored even in the rain. New.from Mack 2 I also got a nice big bedchair (The Relax) 208cm long and 83cm wide to go with the new bivvy if you need it for €18  Also we have a viper-mk3-bait-boat for €60 per week


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Updates and works for 2015


35 new babies have come to stay with us. Just looking at the photos you can see how clean the mouths are from damage but with the brown stains they like a pellet or two. We've received this years tackle and equipment general stock, and for 2015 we are replacing our carp cradles and floating weigh slings with nice new ones. Also we are adding a weighing tripod for the cabin swim, along with a couple of 8ft stalking rods for your use. Along with the normal winter lime treatment to the water and old tree root cutting back and removal of old dead leaf material. Our tree work got on very well. We decided on the removal of around 65 limbs just to let more sunlight on the water. We have updated the cabin with some more storage and a Sony full hd 32 inch (82 cm) LCD TV. Sky HD Freeview TV box. Also we will have available for your use the latest hdmi usb media player with a 500 gb hard drive full of films and tv series box set for the ladies. The old dvd player and xbox have been removed

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Last minute availability 28th June-5th July


A change in a customers workloads has made a booking move to 2015 so we have the 28th June- 5th July available for exclusive use of our venue for a maximum of 3 people. We have no immediate neighbours, no noisy main road close by, just the gently rolling landscape perfect for a nice getaway

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And were off


Nice video from our 1st customers of 2014 bit of under water go-pro action

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Goodbye Jurgen


we have made the choice to remove Jurgen and rehome him with big Sid at our good friend Tonys water he was getting so active coming out more than once a day so to safeguard him it's for the best hopefully he can  enjoy some peace and quiet o his early retirement

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Need a week for under £600


If you are looking for an exclusive with accommodation break we have 3 dates left for 2013 and are pricing them at £570 we have the 6th-13th July,  10th-17th August,  14th-21st September so come and get a late deal

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Early bird booking in April for £580


Looking for a weeks get away in April ? We offer exclusive use of our venue for a maximum of 3 people (whether anglers or not) to include the use of our cabin with the chance to catch excellent condition fish from our stock of over 100 carp whilst enjoying the exclusive use of the facilities provided. If you (or partner) don't wish to spend all of your time cooking there is a very good food package, all home cooked. We give you a cd each of all the photos we have taken for your week with us and there's a bottle of Champagne for biggest fish of the week.

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who said the closed season was not a full time job


‎The closed season for most of us is the most busiest times just this week looked like this for me ( 7 more trailer loads of dead leafs and bits out of the lake on sunday..netting job on monday for a customer..pick up our chalk on pets here on wednesday - thursday.. who said the closed season was not a full time

We also got our gifts a little early this year in the shape of 22 new bars of gold

The 1st stocking was on November 24th - 18 new carp from a friends private french lake living off only natural food and never seen a hook
6 over 22lb - 10 kg
9 over 28lb - 12.7 kg
3 over 30lbs - 13.61 kg

The 2nd stocking was December 13th - with 4 little pigs making dad get a sweat on with the photos

33.7lb-15.3kg 36.4lb-16.55kg  37.9lb-17.2kg and a 41.89lb-19kg

We will start our winter lime and chalking programme for the best water quality we can have around January time.

Have a great end to 2012 and lets hope 2013 will be the best for all of us

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New pets


We have started our 1st top up of our stocks at La Petite ready for you guys in 2013 with 18 new carp from a friends private french lake living off only natural foods and have never seen a hook or a boilie
6 over 22lb - 10 kg
9 over 28lb - 12.7 kg
3 over 30lbs - 13.61 kg

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Only 41 Days and its Christmas


So here is a early gift from all of us at La Petite....All bookings made from 14/11/2012 to 14/2/2013 will receive a 5kg bag of our mix boilies and a 10kg tub of lake mix


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Our last week for £550


To end a great year at la petite we have made a nice price for a week in our little paradise   

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A sticky week in sticky heat


Our very good friend Frank van Luijn of Sticky baits holland fame came back for the 2nd time this year with dad Frans (The Master) to a lake in full spawning mode and hot temps but that did not stop them banking fish with Sticky baits vortex boilies doing the damage for them

40 fish at 331kg = 728.2lbs with 15 over 13kg
18 x Commons - best 14.1kg
17 x Mirrors - best 16.2 kg
1 x Grass carp 14.8kg
1 x Sturgeon
2 x Tench
Sticky baits Frank 23 fish at 222.9kg = 490.4lbs
Frans (The Master) did 17 fish at 108.1kg = 237.8lbs

They said it was nice to fish with Big Sid moving out Frank fishes all the big name lakes for work for Sticky baits but loves our little place for his holiday fishing with family or friend this is their 2nd time this year and are back in Oct that will be the 5th time in 2 years and have booked for 2 weeks in 2013


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Goodbye to Big Sid


If you have fished at La Petite you know we have 3 Sturgeon..Big Sid ..Little Sid and Big Jurgen

This is our 3rd year with them and in 2012 they are very busy coming out on any baits..we know there like Marmite..but if the carp are not on the feed you are not just sitting there twiddling your thumbs with them in a lake..So we asked our facebook group what you think about them

Most said they are happy to fish for all 3..and just some said take out 1 or with this info

We said goodbye to Big Sid he was the most active one this year and is now at his new 7 acre home..we will see how this weeks go's ..we are hoping it calms down now only the one big guy Jurgen and Baby Sid are left..but if it is still sturgeon mad then he can move on too

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Running a small fishery is not just about fishing


Running a small fishery is not just about fishing this week i have been a Taxi Cab, Party Organiser,RAC and also a Recovery Man when they got the van stuck in the mud and a Breakdown Man For a Jump start to get them home me this is all part of the job to help make your week with us the best it can be the only thing i cant do for you is put the fish on your hook ..that bit is up to you haha

The kent lads banked 25 fish at 384.3lb ..5 for Murry @105lb with a PB 33lb common..10 for Lewis @ 121.5lb with a brace of 24's..and Top Rod Kevin taking the pot of £40 with 10 @ 157.5lb..

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1st time to france for the dutch young guns


We welcome Brian van der Heijden and his friends Mark and Steve all the way from sunny Holland we are very happy the guys picked us for their 1st trip to France Little Steve is hoping for a sturgeon..i think his wish may come true our follower on facebook are give odd  of 10/1 on Sid coming out!! ‎10/2 Jurgen and Odds on Little Sid the baits this week are 20mm XXX and our 24/18mm Pineapple Punch boilies

I had a great week with the guys and was very happy they still liked the place with all the bad weather and a lake full of difficult fish for their 1st trip to France..Lots of runs and lots of rain but only 15 fish out next time guys.. i hope the rig tips work for you in your fishing back in holland

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Wet wet wet


 We said goodbye to the lad today and i must say they deserved a medal to stick it out in this weeks weather the boys did bank 28 fish 15 for Adi with two over 30lb giving him the fish of the week and Paul on 13 with a best at 27lb 14oz.. best bait this week was CC Moores XXX with a carp balls uk yellow blackcurrant pop up doing the most damage

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PB's and dolphin shows all in the 1st week


Around 24 hours of fishing had gone by for the boys.. Big Ben got off the mark and his 1st fish is a PB for him at 13kg after getting wet from the waist down the boys finished the job off he did up this 3 times to 15 kg

Jerome said that the nights was like a sea world dolphin show 

And Frank offered a swop of the Sticky Baits trailer for Nikki but then though i will have to start working again lol 

Big Ben had a little tear in his eyes when Nikki handed him the champagne bottle and again said it was one of the best weeks in his life

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10Kg of free boilies for bookings received in January


January 4th was Marc's Birthday and to celebrate this with him, if you make a booking in the month of January for a trip in 2012, you will receive 10kg of our boilies free... a saving of €110

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Welcome Sid and Jurgen


The last of this years stocking went well with our 2 new Sturgeon arriving all safe and sound at a wet La Petite Martiniere we introduced Sid at 10 kg and Jurgen at 11 kg to the lake after their photos they were a little hard to photograph after their ride in an oxygenated tank and just a bit keen to get into their new home and make some new mates

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welcomes Aqua-Dynamix Baits


We are very happy to add the new Aqua-Dynamix baits by Jonny Banister to our range this bait is banking some monster fish in field tests in the UK and Europe we have in stock

The Monster Worm

The Maggot

The Oyster

Aqua Dynamix has been born out of more than 15 years underwater observation and research. Joint founder Jon Banister is well known for being the concept idea man behind the hugely successful Korda state of the art underwater DVDs and more recently the Cemex “Ultimate Quarry”. Jon is well known for spending hours below the lakes surface and is known as the leading underwater authority in the UK.

Any bait will catch and to coin Jon’s favourite phrase “even a broken clock is right twice a day”. That’s why we have put so much time effort money and research into Aqua Dynamix because we believe in more and we want the best. It’s taken three years to get the first baits into the market with the most complex mixes we have ever seen. It’s hardly surprising that on the first day of testing with only two bait testers two forty pound carp instantly ended up being banked. And since then, well history is being made as we speak.


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New for 2011


‎2010 has seen a lot of happy faces and broken PB's for our customers, so much so that many have already booked for (2011)

We have reinvested all of our entire income back into La Petite Martiniere from 2010 with ‎40 new virgin commons stocked all around 16 -18 lbs , new landscaping and pathway from the cabin , and mods to swim 1 for more room to site a bivvy also swim 5 is now  a nice big 5m double 

We have also netted La Petite Martiniere to remove the under 12lbs carp and silvers ‎and we removed  a total  of 297lbs of carp and 382.8lbs of silvers

It  was so good to see that our winter feeding programme is working well and our lake record mirror is getting it's head down was 42lb in Aug ... and is 46.5lb now 

We do still have some dates available, so to avoid missing out, get your enquiry in early and you too will have the opportunity to sample our lovely surroundings and bank some of our specimen Carp, the records for 2010 stand at 42.2 for a Mirror and 38.8 for a Common, no one has managed to tempt the 32 lb Grassie onto a hook; that's not forgetting the Sturgeon, Tench, Crucians, Roach, Perch, Zander and Pike.

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