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1st 4 days fishing in April


My friend came over last Thursday to take advantage of the good weather for a couple of days and wound up staying for the weekend as well. He had 17 fish to 38lb.7oz and lost 4. All the fish were in his words "fresh out of the packet and in immaculate condition" Six fish came on Sunday afternoon and left him "knackered". Cell fished "snowman" done the trick with a bag of lake pellet, also had a couple on drilled lake pellet. 


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Some good anglers


Our first five weeks have produced some impressive results with an average of forty plus fish being banked each week. Many of these fish have been upper 30's that come the later part of the season will be the new 40's (fingers crossed). I have every confidence that the season will continue to throw up good results for our clients.As a closer for this news report we had a man after my own heart here several weeks ago, someone who loves having them 'off the top' he had 7 fish over 30 lbs in this manner and finished the week with 30 plus fish banked.Don' ignore it guys it takes some serious patience but WOW ain't it worth it!

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Happy Valley 1st week


Well this was worth waiting for! our 1st week open and an angler has taken 55 fish to 39lbs. The bait was 'Sticky baits bloodworm' and he fed 10 kilos of lake pellet and maize per day. The fish are all in superb condition after the long winter we have had. Well done mate.

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Six days at Happy Valley


I was not supposed to be here this week and had a friend come over to look after the place. He had 37 fish in total 2 doubles the small Koi at 17lbs and all the rest 20's and 30's upto a stunning 36lb common that took 20 odd minutes to tame before netting! Cell & Source done the trick and a secret concoction evidentley eclipsed even these magic baits. But as always with these secrets they were not to be shared, maybe one day in an unguarded moment it will slip out and then we'll all know! Happy Landings. Geoff. 

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bit late but!


The first four weeks of the season have produced four different 40,s just need the big girl to come out to make the season complete. As you can see from the feedback we have had some happy anglers this season I hope the rest of the season goes as well for the clients still to come. I will keep this news up to date in the future (sorry been busy) Happy angling all.

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1 week 1st 40


1st week of our season we had a lovely young couple fish the lake, Rees & Jade took 36 fish between them to 40lb 6 oz with a couple knocking on the door at 39lb 5oz and 37lb 6oz. Hopefully the winter feeding program will throw up some more lumps in the coming weeks. Best bait last week was 15m New grange topped with half a pineapple pop up.

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Cancelation for 28th April '12


This wonderful small water with carp to over 47lbs and dozens of 30's now has 28th April free this season. A water which always delivers!

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Record haul


The last two weeks have seen all previous catch's blown away !

An uncaught common at 40lb7oz and a mirror at 43lb9oz plus 45 30lb + fish with just four repeat captures all in two weeks and by one angler..

We have had some very good anglers here at "Happy Valley" but none have ever matched this. More pics to follow.

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Nash monster carp cradles


We purchased 3 of these this season and they have proven to be a great investment. The anglers have said it is so much easier to take care of the fish and also to photgraph them. I would urge all lake owners to use this excellent bit of kit.

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1st off the top


just had to add this. I have fished in France for over 20 years and never had a fish off the top, 'tho & behold' Bernie an angler at Happy valley this week just had a 28 on a bit of bread! Hopefully the 1st of many..

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1st Week

The Scotherns were very happy last week both achieving pb's with a total of 54 fish for the week and NO night fishing apart from one evening until 11pm. 8 fish under 20lb were caught including a 6lb ghost koi and another koi of 14lb 8oz, a 15lb 'wildie' and several commons and mirrors between 17 and 19lb. 8 fish over 30lb were also caught. All the 38 other fish averaged 27lb. Bait used was mainly 'spicy tuna' bottom baits but several fish were taken on 'pop ups' They also did well with float fished corn taking some nice 'Crucians' 'Roach' and would you believe 'Perch' on CORN!

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