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August week on Orchard Lake Available


Due to a late cancellation we now have a vacancy on the usually fully booked Orchard Lake for w/c 15th August 2020.

Lake exclusive plus the exclusive swim-side cabin equipped with all mod cons for two carp anglers or the small family. Watch Match of the Day whilst fishing! Carp to 40lbs, cats to 90lbs. Neil Harris and his son have already had 56 fish, totalling over 1,500lbs of fish this week.

Contact David at quickly if you want this week!

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Orchard Lake Vacancies 2020


We still have the odd week left on the very popular Orchard Lake for 2020, which is usually fully booked.

Only £600 for two carp anglers or the small family for exclusive lake and swim-side cabin equipped with all mod cons. One of the most private lakes in France.

Watch Match of the Day whilst fishing!

Book on-line if you want to reserve one of these weeks or contact David at if you need further information.

Available weeks: w/c 7/3, 14/3, 21/3, 28/3, 18/4, 9/5, 13/6, 22/8, 29/8, 5/9, 3/10, 10/10, 17/10 and 24/10.

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September Week Free on Orchard Lake!


Due to a regular client having to rearrange her week, we now have Orchard free for w/c 14/9/2019.

This beautiful, always fully booked exclusive use two acre lake is suitable for two carp anglers or the small family for just £600.

The lake is heavily stocked with big carp and cats.

The lakeside accommodation - only a few yards from the swims - consists of a bedroom with sofa bed, heater and an en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and wahbasin. This has a separate entrance to the main cabin.

The kitchen area has all mod cons including microwave, gas cooker and oven, heater, storage cupboards, table and chairs, fridge/freezer, hot and cold water sink and worksurface and the living area is equipped with English Freeview TV/DVD and a double bed-settee.

Outside there is a barbecue and garden furniture. There is a plastic storage shed for tackle. With a remote alarm receiver you can fish safely whilst watching your favourite soap or Match of the Day!

Contact David at if you want this week!

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Odd Weeks Available on Orchard Lake for 2019


We still have odd weeks free on our hugely popular Orchard Lake for 2019.
Weeks available are:
w/c 30/3, 6/4, 17/8, 28/9, 5/10, 12/10 and 19/10.
For two carp/cat anglers or the small family you get a two acre lake to yourself with carp to 45lb and cats to 90lb, plus the swim-side cabin equipped with all mod cons, including English Freeview TV, microwave, gas cooker and oven, fridge, freezer, shower, wc etc with mains electric and hot and cold water. Fish whilst watching Match of the Day!
Total cost for the lake, grounds and cabin is just £600 a week. Dogs are also welcome!
Contact David at if you fancy one of these weeks.

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Winter Top-Up Stocking


As has been our practice for several years now, we always have a little top up of carp across the complex in the winter to provide new fish for our clients to catch when we re-open in March.

Yesterday we stocked 17 new carp across the complex courtesy of Michel Bigot Pisciculture our local fish farmer, all previously uncaught fish from his large rearing and growing on lakes. 

The two biggest carp - both mirrors - went into Orchard Lake, to replace Casper the Mirror who has not been caught for two seasons now and who we think has gone to the great carp lake in the sky, although regulars swear they have seen him. They will also compete with the big commons who have recently been showing up in catches.

We still have vacancies on all lakes for 2019, contact David at

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Great Wels' for Birthday Boy Lewis


Lewis Aubrey from South Wales is 14 years old today and had a great Birthday present in the form of a personal best 60lb Wels' catfish this afternoon on Krill boilies from Orchard Lake.

He has also had carp to 25lb.

Well done Lewis!

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September Week free on Orchard Lake


We still have week commencing 29/9/2018 free on the very popular Orchard Lake.
For just £600 two carp anglers or the small family can enjoy this beautiful exclusive lake, full of carp and cats and the swimside cabin with all mod cons in complete privacy.
Fish whilst watching Match of the Day!
Contact us quickly if interested in booking this week.

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Young Josh Smashes Orchard Cat Record!


Young Josh Bodie from Oxted, Kent  had a great catch of carp and cats in August including this beast of 84lb which is the new lake record Wels!

Josh is no stranger to big fish as he landed a 42lb common from Birch Lake last year.

We still have some October 2018 dates left on Orchard and carp-france are able to offer £100 off for any of these October weeks.

Watch Match of the Day from the comfortable lakeside cabin whilst fishing!

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Orchard Lake Availability 2018


We still have a few weeks left on the very popular Orchard Lake for 2018.

Only £600 for exclusive lake use for two carp anglers or the small familly - wives and girlfriends go free. Plus a comfortable cabin with all mod cons including English TV, oven, microwave, excellent shower, wc, barbecue etc, just a few yards from the swims.

The lake contains both commons and mirrors to 45lb, cats to 80lb, sturgeon, koi and grass carp plus the usual coarse species.

One of the most private lakes in France.

Contact us by PM if you want any of these weeks.
w/c 30th June, 29th September, 6th October, 13th October, 20th October and 27th October.


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September 2018 weeks now available!


The weeks 1/9/2018 and 8/9/2018 are now available on the extremely popular and normally fully booked Orchard Lake.

Contact us quickly if you want either or both of these weeks!

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Last Week of the 2017 Season Still Available on Orchard Lake


The last week of the season is still available on the normally fully booked Orchard Lake.
This is from 28/10 - 4/11.
This prolific two acre water has a swim side cabin with all mod cons suitable for two carp anglers, a couple or the small family. Well behaved dogs are welcome.
October/early November is normally a mild period in this part of France, but you cannot rule out some rain at this time of year, but you will have the cabin to retreat to and fish from if it does.
At this time of year the carp come to the fore as they feed up prior to the winter, although you will also catch odd large catfish and sturgeon.
As it is the last week of the season we are offering this week for just £500 - £100 off.

Contact us quickly if you want this week!

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Rare cancellation week available on w/c 6th May 2017.


Due to cancellation we have a rare cancellation week available on the fully booked and very desirable Orchard Lake for w/c May 6th 2017.

As the deposit has been paid and it is short notice we can offer this week for only £500 for two carp anglers or the small family.

One of the most comfortable lakes to fish in France with it's fully equipped swim-side cabin, the lake has been fishing very well every week so far with multiple catches of carp, sturgeon and cats.

Contact us quickly  on here if you want this week!

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New Orchard Lake Big Mirror

We have slipped a stunning 45lb plus mirror into Orchard for the regulars to target. A high percentage of carp and anglers return year after year to Orchard so will appreciate a new big carp in the lake to go for. Here is a pic of this awesome beast!

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Lady Angler Lands Lake Record Wel's


Virginia Chamberlain from London had a great October stay at the popular Orchard Lake. Virginia started the week with a new personal best Wels' of 58lbs, however a couple of days later she eclipsed even that with a huge cat of 61lbs. This is a new Orchard Lake and Ladies Record Wels' catfish. Virginia also landed three nice carp to over 24lbs in the same session.

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There are only two weeks available on Orchard Lake this season, which happen to be the last two weeks - w/c 18/10 and w/c 25/10. Normal price is £550 but we are reducing these remaining two weeks by £50 so total cost is just £500. This beautiful prolific lake with its lakeside cabin is perfect for two carp anglers or the small family to enjoy. Contact us quickly if you want either week, or both!

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New Common Carp Record


Denise Spencer from Newquay, Cornwall, has landed a new personal best, lake record and Ladies record common carp from Orchard at 37lbs 12ozs. She also caught cats to 32lbs and sturgeon, whilst husband Michael had cats to 40lbs plus and a number of good carp. Orchard Lake is very popular with couples as the comfortable cabin is just a few yards from the main swims. Bookings are being taken for 2015 now!

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Brace of personal bests for Shelly Withers


Mike Fagan and Shelly Withers made their second trip of the season to their favourite Orchard Lake last week and amassed a total of 43 fish.

Specialist Nurse Practitioner and keen lady angler, Shelly, from Epsom, Surrey, banked a total of 21 fish made up of carp, cats and sturgeon.

This trip she landed a new personal best Wels' catfish at 42lbs plus another at 38lbs. She also caught numerous carp, mainly upper twenties but also a new personal best in the shape of a superb common of 30lbs 9ozs, plus a couple of sturgeon.

Successful tactic, as always on Orchard, was fishing at range to the far margins with pellet and  boilies with a bait boat.

Needless to say, the couple have already booked again for 2014!

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Alan Lobley Amongst the Big Cats!


Alan and Judy Lobley from Dewsbury, Yorkshire, come every year for two weeks in September to Orchard and this year Alan has been amongst the cats which are getting bigger with each passing year.

So far he's had his best cat from the lake yet with a 51lb 4oz specimen, plus back-up cats of 40lb and two 39lb fish, with the big moggie falling to livebait. He's also had sturgeon to 18lb and numerous carp to 27lbs.

With two nights left of his holiday Alan is now hoping to bank the 100-150lb Wels' we know the water contains!

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Lake Record Wel's Landed!


Londoner David Fiske banked eight cats last week from Orchard Lake, including this lake record Wels' of 58lbs - a real solid-looking fish.

Big cat man David fished live baits caught from the lake on dumbell rigs. He also landed two different 40lb cats and several double figure sturgeon.

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Great September Stay For Alan


Alan Lobley from Dewsbury had a great September stay at Orchard Lake with a total of 54 fish landed!

Here is Alan's catch report:

Mirrors: 19lbs, 19lbs 12ozs, 29lbs 2ozs, 19lbs 12ozs, 21lbs 2ozs, 16lbs 4ozs, 29lbs, 26lbs 6ozs, 23lbs, 21lbs 8ozs, 32lbs, 19lbs 10ozs, 27lbs, 19lbs 7ozs, 19lbs 12ozs, 16lbs 6ozs, 13lbs 4ozs, 23lbs 4ozs, 21lbs 3ozs, 21lbs 2ozs, 16lbs 5ozs, 21lbs, 19lbs 6ozs, 24lbs 6ozs, 22lbs 3ozs, 16lbs 10ozs, 20lbs 8ozs, 25lbs 8ozs, 24lbs 9ozs.

Commons: 13lbs 12ozs, 10lbs 15ozs, 16lbs 15ozs, 10lbs 4ozs, 12lbs 3ozs, 16lbs, 10lbs 2ozs, 11lbs 8ozs.

Wels catfish: 17lbs, 40lbs, 35lbs 10ozs, 38lbs 2ozs, 40lbs 10ozs plus six kittens.

Sturgeon: 17lbs, 16lbs 8ozs, 17lbs, 16lbs 8ozs, 17lbs, 15lbs 2ozs.

Alan commented: "I used inline leads and both bottom baits and live baits for cats. Scopex Squid Liver  and lots of  Paul's pellets both sides/margins of the lake and either side of island for the carp. As always made welcome by Hazel and Paul - see you again next year!"


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Catch Report: Orchard Lake 7/4 - 16/4


Dave Lawson (only fished dawn till dusk)

Mirrors: 31lb 8oz, 19lb, 28lb, 32lb, 22lb 4oz, 21lb 8oz, 26lb, 21lb, 22lb, 21lb 8oz, 19lb 8oz, 21lb 8oz, 25lb, 22lb, 20lb 8oz, 23lb, 2lb 12oz, 25lb 8oz, 21lb.

Commons: 16lb, 18lb 8oz.

Wels' catfish: 33lb, 8lb (removed), 10lb, 6lb (removed), 33lb, 12lb, 41lb, 6lb (removed), 19lbs 8oz, 7lb, 6lb, 5lb (removed).

Sturgeon: 16lb.


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Orchard Lake Catch Report


Orchard Lake - 02 04 2011

Richard Wright (Single Angler)

Mirrors: 22lbs 6ozs, 27lbs 14ozs, 34lbs 4ozs, 28lbs 6ozs, 23lbs 12ozs (linear), 10lbs, 27lbs 4ozs, 21lbs 6ozs, 15lbs, 26lbs 9ozs.

Common: 10lbs.

Wels' catfish: 38lbs 11ozs, 10lbs, 18lbs 6ozs.

Sturgeon: 18lbs, 12lbs.


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