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Catch Report 29/8-5/9/2020


The Morgan Brothers

Mirror carp: 36lb 12oz, 24lb 7oz, 15lb, 13lb 15oz, 17lb 4oz, 12lb 12oz.

Common carp: 27lb 9oz, 29lb 1oz, 28lb 15oz, 27lb 1oz. (All from Peter's Pool}

Sturgeon: 14lb 2oz, 14lb 2oz.

Wels' catfish: 5 x 20's, 4 x 40's, 2 x 50's. Best Wels' 54lbs 12ozs.

Methods: Boilies over pellet and sweetcorn.

Note: personal best carp, sturgeon and Wels catfish for Andy Morgan.


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Rare Cancellation Week Available


We have had a last minute cancellation for the popular Eagle Lake and Peters Pool for w/c 12/9/20.
Carp to 46lbs and cats to 104lbs already this season plus great facilities in the cabin.
As the deposit has been paid and in the short notice circumstances we are offering this week for three anglers or the small family for just £500, which is £150 off.
Contact if you want to book this week!

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New Lake Record 104lb Wels!


George Bennett and his mates arrived this afternoon after a gruelling drive from Congleton, Cheshire, starting at 11pm Friday. He has been rewarded quickly this evening with a new Lake Record Wels' at 104lbs from Eagle Lake.
Well done George!

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Catch Report 11/7/20 - 18/7/20, Thomas Watling and Stephen Elli


Wels' catfish: 13 cats best 40lb 8oz, 67lb, 75lb (pb).
Mirror carp: 28lb 8oz, 40lb, 25lb, 43lb 8oz (pb), 30lb.
Common: 10lb 8oz.
Sturgeon: 12lb 12oz.

Wels' catfish: 11 cats, best 77lb (pb)
Mirror carp: 35lb 4oz, 34lb 8oz, 28lb, 36lb 4oz, 46lb (pb), 29lb 12oz.

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Vacancies for this year on Eagle Lake and Peters Pool


Now we have sorted the rest of the season and moved many who had booked to next year due to Covid 19, we have some vacancies on the two lake venue Eagle Lake and Peters Pool for this year. These are: 4/7, 11/7, 22/8, 26/9, 17/10 and 24/10. Contact David at carp-france for info and to discuss prices for up to three carp/cat anglers or the small family, cabin accommodation included.

The lakes contain many 40lb carp and cats to 90lb, plus grass carp and sturgeon.

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Josh Lands New Personal Best!


Regular Josh Bodle always does well when he visits the complex with his dad, Martin.

He always seems to get amongst the bigger fish in whichever lake he fishes and this was the case when he and Martin fished Eagle Lake and Peters Pool at the end of October/beginning of November.

In a tough week with constant rain and cold temperatures, Josh still managed to bank a brace of mirrors at 31lbs and then an absolutely stunning carp of 49lbs in full winter colours.

Well done (again) Martin!


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A fish longer than him!


Evertonian Michael Wharton (right) from Wigan has had a couple of cats on his previous visits to the lakes, but nothing close to this 96lb beast - a new personal best!

Michael landed the monster on halibut pellet on carp gear on Eagle Lake after an incredible fight. The Wels' catfish proved to be longer than him!

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Tenth Anniversary Success!


Neil Horwell from Swindon has been coming to the lakes for ten years now.

It is only fitting for that loyalty to be rewarded on his Tenth Anniversary visit this week that he has quickly landed three good mirrors from Eagle Lake with a new personal best of 44lb 2oz, another at 42lb 2oz and 30lb.

Well done, Neil!

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The Capture of Dave


The Nixon clan from Baxenden of Matthew, George and Fred arrived on Eagle Lake and Peters Pool on Saturday and got straight into the fish.

At 5.30am Sunday, they found themselves attached to a big Wels' and being regulars to the venue thought it best to take to the boat for the best chance to land it.

After a considerable tussle they managed to land one of the bigger cats known as Dave at 86lb.

Well done lads, but I now challenge you to catch Dave's Dad! 

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Wayne on a Roll!


Evertonian Wayne Cheney from Swindon has had two personal bests towards the end of his session on the in-form Eagle Lake and Peters Pool.
After a run of catfish Wayne had a carp of 34lbs then a pb Wels' of 76lb 9oz and followed that up with a new personal best mirror carp of 43lbs!
Boilies from Hinders of Swindon proved the successful bait.

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Crazy Twenty Minutes for Keith!


A madcap twenty minutes for Keith Lansley yesterday on Eagle and Peters with a 19lb mirror from Peter's Pool, a 66lb personal best Wels' from Eagle Lake which was quickly followed up with a 34lb mirror also from Eagle Lake.....phew!

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Bargain Offer Week for Eagle and Peters Pool


One of our regulars, Dan, has had to cancel his trip to Eagle and Peters for week commencing 27th July to 3rd August.

So this week is now available!

Two beautiful lakes to fish exclusively for three anglers or the small family with cabin accommodation with all mod cons. Eagle and Peters has already produced lots of 40lb/30lb carp this season with cats to 95lb.

All for just £550 for the week, between three anglers as the deposit has already been paid.

Contact David at carp france if you want to book this week.

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Rare August Cancellation Week Available on Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool!


Due to unforeseen circumstances we now have w/c 24/8/2019 available on the two lake venue for just £550 as the deposit has already been paid.

That means up to three anglers will pay just £183 each for exclusive use of the two lakes, which are full of big carp and cats, plus the on site cabin kitted out with all mod cons!

Contact David at if you want this rare cancellation week on this two lake venue, or for more information!

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ABSOLUTE BARGAIN May Cancellation Week available on Eagle Lake and Peters Pool!


Due to a late cancellation we now have w/c 11/5 available on the two lake venue for just £550 as the deposit has already been paid.

That means up to three anglers will pay just £183 each for exclusive use of the two lakes, which are full of big carp and cats, plus the on site cabin kitted out with all mod cons!

Contact David at  if you want this rare cancellation week on this very popular two lake venue or for more information!

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August Cancellation Weeks Available on Eagle Lake and Peters


Due to cancellation we now have week commencing 17/8/2019 and 24/8/2019 available on the two lake venue Eagle Lake and Peters Pool.

Eagle Lake contains many carp with a good head of 40lb plus carp plus cats to 100lb. Peters Pool contains a good head of carp to 40lbs, including some cracking commons and cats to 60lbs. We added ten more carp this winter. It is possible to fish both lakes at the same time as they are only a few yards apart.
You also get a fully equipped with all mod cons log cabin, 50 yards from Peters Pool where there is car parking and a barbecue.

Cost is just £650 per week for up to three anglers or the small family.

Contact David at for more information or to book one or both of the lakes just use the online booking system. 

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Shelly is the Cat Whisperer!


Regular visitor to the complex, Shelly Withers from Epsom, Surrey, decided to target the large catfish on her visit to Eagle Lake in July.

A prolific catcher of big fish, Shelly fished with Mainline Cell boilies over House Pellet and really got amongst the fish.

She banked Wels of 84lb which was a new personal best, along with fish of 72lb, 59lb, 52lb 8oz, 50lb 2oz, 45lb., 43lb, 42lb 6oz, 33lb 8oz, 32lb 5oz, 30lb, 28lb, 27lb 5oz, 25lb, 25lb,23lb 7oz, 22lb 8oz, 22lb 3oz, 22lb, 20lb, 20lb, three Wels' under 20lb.

She also had two bonus grass carp of 22lb and 19lb 3oz.

Shelly is back in September this time on Orchard Lake and we expect she will do very well as always!

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Tom banks two great new personal bests!



Regular Tom Atherton from Wigan has caught two stunning new personal bests from Eagle Lake.


Amonst other fish Tom caught the great-looking carp known as Shoulders at 42lb 5oz - its first capture for over 12 months - along with a huge Wels' of 86lbs.

A delighted Tom, suffice to say, has already booked the venue again for next year!


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September Cancellation Week Available


Due to cancellation we now have week commencing 15th Sptember 2018 on the very popular Eagle Lake and Peters Pool venue.
As the deposit has been paid we can offer this exclusive two lake venue with comfortable accommodation suitable for three anglers or the small family for just £550.
The lakes contain a large number of carp to upper 40's and cats now approaching 90lbs.
Contact us quickly if you want this week!

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Eagle and Peters: Prime April Cancellation Week Availab


Due to cancellation we now have w/c 14th April 2018 on the very popular Eagle Lake and Peters Pool venue in a prime fishing week.
You will have two lakes to fish with carp to 47lbs, cats to 90lbs plus grass carp, a comfortable one bedroomed cabin with all mod cons just 50 yards from Peters Pool, for three carp anglers or the small family.
As the deposit has been paid we can offer £100 discount on this booking and so it is available for a one-off price of £550.
Contact us quickly if you want this week!

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Matthew takes Eagle Record Wels!


Matthew Nixon from Baxendale, Lancs, has been a regular visitor to Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool for many years now, always catching good carp and cats.

This season he has broken the Eagle Lake record for the Wels' catfish with a fine specimen of 86lb 8oz. The big moggie fell for half a tin of luncheon meat in the margins and it was also a new personal best for Matthew.

PIC Matthew [left] with his big Wels'.

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Shelly the Cat Queen!


Shelly Withers from Epsom, Surrey, visits the complex a couple of times every year and always does well.

She certainly has the knack of catching the large cats whichever lake she fishes!

She fished Eagle Lake at the end of June and was rewarded with a number of big cats, including fish of 55lb 7oz, 75lb (which was a new pb) and a new p.b. and Ladies Lake Record Wels' of 79lbs!

Well done Shelly! See you on Orchard Lake in September!

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17th June now available with £100 discount


17th June is now available with a £100 discount due to a last minute cancellation.

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Cancellation Week Available on Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool


Due to cancellation we have the week commencing 1/10/2016 on the very popular Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool.
With a comfortable cabin just 50 yards from Peter's Pool with all mod cons, you have two lakes to fish with carp to 46lbs and Wels' catfish to 80lbs plus. The venue is suitable for three carp anglers.
As the deposit has been paid the week is available for just £550 : just £183 each!
Contact us quickly here if you want this week!

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Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool Top-Up Carp Stocking for 2016 Seaso


Every year we add a few fish to these two lakes to give our clients new carp to target for the next season.

We have just added a few carp including these three cracking fish. The biggest went into Eagle at 36lbs along with another big shouldered thirty. We also popped another thirty into Peters.

We have a few dates left for 2016 on these prolific and popular lakes that lie back to back., They contain a huge head of carp, mirror, common and grass and cats to 90lbs plus, with comfortable cabin accommodation fifty yards from Peter's Pool..

Eagle and Peter's are suitable for up three carp anglers with two fishing on Eagle and one fishing on Peter's or the small family

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Tony Walker Banks Eagle Lake Record Cat!


Tony Walker had an excellent week on Eagle Lake from 23/5 30/5 landing some great carp and cats. The highlight for Tony was landing this new lake record cat at 77lbs. The big moggy was christened 'Two Poles' after breaking two landing net poles!

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Fancy an Easter Break Away for a Bargain Price?


We have a vacancy on the normally fully booked, prolific big carp and cat fishery, Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool for the first week of the Easter holidays w/c 28th March 2015. THe vacancy has arisen because regular clients have had to cancel their trip due to family problems. As it is short notice, we are offering this week for a one-off special price of £400 - £200 off! This is for the exclusive use of two lakes and a chalet fully equipped with all mod cons. Contact us quickly if you fancy booking this rare cancellation week!

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Young Tom Bags a Big First Carp!


Thomas Forrester, aged 11, caught this 37lb 5oz personal best mirror carp on his first ever fishing and first ever night fishing trip from Eagle Lake. Well done, Thomas!

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Bird's Flying High: Another Great Haul of Carp and Cats!


Tony Bird from Hull and his 16 year old son Dan, enjoyed a great haul of fish from Eagle and Peter's in the week 17th -24th of August.

Tony landed a total of 31 fish. This included ten commons up to 22lb 13oz, fourteen mirrors with twelve twenties (mostly upper twenties) and two 30's. He banked seven cats, with the two best Wels' at 46lb 13oz and a new personal best of 47lb 5ozs.

Young Dan started his week on Peter's Pool where ha landed four commons to 26lbs 8ozs and a 19lb mirror before switching to Eagle. Here he quickly landed three twenty plus mirrors, then two 30's including a new personal best at 33lb 15ozs. Then he had a run of big cats with a new pb of 43lb 15oz, then another pb at 50lb 5oz and a new pb of 51lb 5oz! He had the brace of 50's in one day.

The pair commented: 'Fantastic week, weather, hosts and fishing! Really could not have asked for a better week. Definitely back next year!'

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A Dream Week for Andy!


Andy Taberner's personal best carp before arriving on 10th August was a scraper twenty and he had never seen, let alone caught, a Wels' catfish.

Both of those stats was to quickly change in what was to become a Dream Week's fishing for the lad from Wigan on Eagle Lake!

His first fish was a rod wrenching 51lb Wel's catfish! He followed that up with a superb 45lb cat along with two double figure kittens of 17lb and 11lb.

His first mirror carp smashed his previous pb and weighed in at 22lb, but that was not to last long, with two 25's, another at 27lb, then 28lb then on his last cast a great new pb mirror of 41lb 8ozs!

He has banked a new common carp pb, first with a 21lb fish, then one of 22lbs.

Accompanying Andy was complex regular Kris, who also had a good week, banking a new pb mirror of 30lb plus in his twelve fish catch.

The pair commented: " Great weeks fishing, yet again. No nights fished. Bait used was Mainline Cell and Pineapple pop-ups and also Monster Crab and Pineapple pop-ups. Back again next year!"


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Two Anglers: 1,266lbs of fish!


The week 3/8/2013 - 10/8/2013 was a great one for two of our regular anglers, Peter and Mark.

Concentrating on Eagle, but also putting the odd rod into Peter's Pool just a few yards away from Eagle, the pair notched up a total of 1,266lb of carp and cats during their stay!

Peter (who didn't fish any all nights preferring to sleep in the cabin) landed 22 mirrors nearly all twenties, with three at 30lb 13oz, 31lb and 36lb 5oz - a new pb - along with four commons to 18lb 11oz. He also had five cats to 24lbs.

Mark banked 13 mirrors, mainly twenties, with three at 28lb 8oz, 29lb 12oz and a new pb at 36lb 15oz. He also had a dozen cats to 25lb 9oz.

Total weights were:

Peter 653lb 10oz

Mark 613lb 12oz

The pair commented: "Yet another fantastic week, many thanks to Paul and Hazel. Every trip here is a pleasure."


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Three Anglers catch 1,619lbs of fish!


Eagle Lake and Peter’ Pool Catch Report 15/6/2013 – 22/6/2013 Steve (Eagle Lake, Left Swim, fished no full nights). Mirrors x 16, best 39lbs. Commons x 8, best 20lbs. Wels’ catfish x 21, best 49lbs. Grass Carp x 1, best 13lbs. Total fish caught: 46. Total weight of fish: 864lbs. Dave (Eagle Lake, Right Swim, fished no full nights.) Mirrors x 4, best 31lbs. Commons x 8, best 16lbs. Wels’ catfish x 7, best 43lbs. Total fish caught: 19. Total weight of fish: 279lb. Justin (Peters Pool, fished days and nights) Mirrors x 12, best 25lbs. Commons x 12, best 29lbs. Wels’ catfish x 4, best 14lbs. Total fish caught: 28 Total weight of fish: 478lbs. Group Totals Total fish caught: 93. Total weight of fish 1, 619lbs. Comments: brilliant week!!!!!

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PB's All Round - Catch Report 8th Sept - 15th Sept 2012.



Mirrors: 26lb 1oz, 30lb, 36lb 8oz (pb).

Commons: 17lb 3oz, 23lb.

Wels' catfish: 45lb 2oz (pb) plus two kittens.


Mirrors: 17lb 3oz, 19lb 8oz, 25lb 2oz, 28lb 2oz, 29lb 5oz, 31lb 5oz, 33lb (pb).

Common: 18lb 5oz (pb). plus a couple of kittens.


Mirrors: 18lb, 23lb 10oz, 34lb (pb), 20lb 8oz, 20lb 14oz, 22lb 14oz.

Commons: 16lb 2oz, 27lb 2oz.

Wels' catfish: 18lb plus two kittens.

Comments: boated boilie over pellet for most fish, some to stalking in margins. We all had a terrific week, we all had pb's which is what France is all about. Yet again Paul and Hazel made it a week to remember, great fishing, great facilities. Looking forward to our next visit, many thanks!

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Three Anglers Land 1,793lb of Carp and Cats!


Three anglers had a massive bag of fish last week from the prolific Eagle Lake and Peters Pool.

Leading the way was Spencer Tuddenham with thirty fish. The biggest carp Spencer banked was 42lb, along with three thirties of 33lb 6oz, 35lb and 33lb 7oz, twelve twenties up to 29lb 14oz plus some doubles. In what was a very quiet week for the cats, Spencer bagged the biggest at 37lb 8oz.

Spencers dad, Gary, banked his first ever forty with a superb mirror of 40lbs 4ozs, plus another at 34lb 8ozs and five twenties up to 29lbs 5ozs plus some doubles.

Young Tom Starman had a brilliant week on Peters Pool next door landing five thirties which included two commons of 31lb 8oz and three mirrors of 32lbs, 31lbs 8ozs and 30lbs 4ozs. Tom also banked nine twenties to a best of 28lb 12oz (common) plus numerous doubles.

The trio, all from Fakenham, Norfolk, banked 1,793lbs of fish! It goes without saying they have already re-booked for next year!!!

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September Cancellation Week Available!


Due to cancellation we now have the week 22/9/2012 - 29/9/2012 available on the lovely Eagle Lake and Peters Pool.

Both lake are runs waters producing many carp to over 40lbs (averaging 25lbs plus) a...nd cats to 60lbs every week of the season. With brand new comfortable accommodation just fifty yards from Peters Pool, this is a real value for money venue guaranteeing plenty of fish from two very private lakes which are totally exclusive to each party.

Only £600 for the small family or up to four carp anglers. Contact us quickly if you want this week!

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Catch Report Eagle and Peters 24/3/2012 - 29/3/2012


Andy O'Brien
Mirror: 37lbs 4ozs (pb)
Wels catfish: 37lbs 1ozs, 40lbs, 51lbs (pb)
Paddy (Andys Mrs)
Mirrors: 24lbs 4ozs (pb), 32lb 8ozs (new pb), 34lbs 4ozs (new, new pb!)
Wels catfish: 44lbs 13ozs (pb).
Note: Hazel, thanks for the tips, for the girls!!!!!

Comments: Didnt fish nights, mainly fished late morning:early evening. Only fished Eagle properly. 1 day both ill, no fishing! Amazing fishing!!! Cats waking up!!! Most fish from margins on various boilies over Paul's pellets.
Love the new accommodation, a home from home. See you in July on Orchard. Thanks to you both xx.

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Accommodation Work In Progress Update!


The bedroom extension has now been added. Concrete floor is down. Wood stain protector goes on tomorrow, floor tiling midweek, after that fitting out the kitchen then all the plumbing and electrics.

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Work in progress


Work is in progress on the new living accommodation on Eagle and Peters.
Around thirty trees have been removed, the living room chalet has been built on the front of the existing chalet which now reverts to an en-suite bathroom, concrete floor is in the living area, tiling starts tomorrow. The foundations have been laid for the new bedroom extension, we are just waiting for the chalet to arrive.....

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Great Week on Eagle and Peters Pool


Three lads from Hull fished Eagle and Peters Pool for the first week in October and were rewarded with no less than SEVEN personal bests!

Here is a breakdown of the catch!

Catches from Eagle:

Mirrors: 22lb, 28lb 11oz, 15lb, 27lb, 28lb 3oz, 21lb 5oz, 25lb 5oz, 16lb, 25lb, 38lb 1oz, 41lb 5oz (pb)

Common: 4lb 4oz.

Wels catfish: 8lb 8oz, 44lb 2oz (pb)

Catches from Peters Pool:

Mirrors: 28lb 6oz, 17lb 4oz, 19lb 3oz, 16lb, 18lb, 26lb, 25lb, 16lb, 13lb.

Commons: 26lb, 14lb, 16lb.


Catches from Eagle:

Mirror: 16lb.

Common: 17lb, 9lb.

Wels' catfish: 30lb, 51lb (pb), 10lb plus a kitten.

Catches from Peters Pool:

Mirrors: 22lb (pb), 16lb, 13lb 8oz, 11lb, 6lb.

Commons: 27lb, 29lb 7oz (pb), 16lb 9oz.


Catches from Eagle:

Mirrors: 34lb 3oz, 34lb 8oz (pb), 4lb, 34lb, 28lb 11oz, 26lb.

Common: 4lb.

Wels' catfish: 34lb (pb).

Catches from Peters Pool

Mirrors: 21lb 5oz, 24lb 8oz, 13lb 4oz, 21lb 1oz plus a small common.

Their feedback: fantastic week - we will be back!

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Cancellation Week Now Available on These Prolific Lakes!


Due to cancellation we now have the week of 17/9/2011 - 24/9/2011 free on the exclusive use Eagle Lake and Peters Pool.

These two runs waters have been proding an average of 40 - 100 carp and cats each week with many 30lb plus carp and 40lb plus catfish!

With exclusive use for up to four anglers the venue has excellent facilities for the biovvy angler!

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Eagle Lake: Latest Catch


Catch Report  Week  Ending 11 06 2011


Mirrors: 14lb, 24lb, 32lb, 23lb, 24lb, 28lb, 36lb, 25lb, 24lb, 12lb, 14lb, 6lb, 9lb, 33lb, 23lb, 27lb, 27lb, 25lb, 26lb, 23lb, 14lb, 18lb, 32lb.

Commons: 18lb, 12lb.

Grass carp: 24lb.

Wels' catfish: 47lb, 37lb, 21lb, 12lb, 16lb, 22lb, 11lb, 40lb, 39lb, 25lb, 11lb, 31lb, 36lb, 14lb, 9lb.


Mirrors: 21lb, 18lb, 24lb, 27lb, 24lb, 22lb, 25lb, 18lb, 23lb, 25lb, 22lb, 17lb, 23lb.

Commons: 18lb, 17lb, 18lb.

Wels' catfish: 12 to 35lb.

Comments: Great week - lots of the upper twenties well spawned out! Fish margins and get on the maize! Lovely food and nice lake. Fish in really good nick and they proper give it when hooked. Superb fishing, great food, excellent week!


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Etangs De Breton
Our season started this week and got off to a good 'un for regular visitor Wol from Portsmouth with a personal best mirror of 38lbs 10ozs from Eagle Lake (pictured) and mirrors of 33lbs and 18lbs from Birch Lake. All caught within the first 24 hours!

Cancellation Week Available

Please note due to cancellation we now have 21st May - 28th May available on Eagle Lake and Peters Pool.

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Kevin Daniels catch 25/9/2010


21 fish caught in total - this included five mirror carp over 30lbs and three catfish over 30lbs.

Mirrors of 33lbs 14ozs, 31lbs 15ozs, 30lbs 3ozs plus a common of 14lbs 15ozs in last two hours! Lost a few cats and carp also. Tutti Fruitti over Paul's Pellet and my own pellet. A couple on Cell. Switched on following change to damp/overcast conditions.

Lakes superb, had a great week!

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