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David Done Catch Report w/c 18/7


David Done

Mirror carp: 19lb 5oz, 21lb 5oz, 29lb, 32lb, 35lb.

Commons: 30lb, 30lb. 

Catfish: 3'lb, 36lb, 37lb, 37lb, 38lb, 41lb, 43lb, 76lb 6oz (p.b.), plus kittens.

21 fish totalling 633lb 6oz.

Note: David only fished three full days as had to leave early. Fished no all nights.

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Josh Shines Again!


Regular visitors to Birch Lake, dad Martin and son Josh Bodle always catch well on the lake.

Their recent visit proved to be no exception and over the course of their stay they landed fourteen fish with Josh as normal taking the lion's share of the fish, with carp to 37lbs.

Well done Josh!


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We've been to the Bigot Pisculture fish farm today to choose a few top up fish for next season.
We purchased twenty six mirrors all over 20lb with a few koi for the ladies and they have been spread across Birch, Poplars, Eagle and Peters and Orchard Lakes.
We find these young fast growing Bigot carp can gain up to 10lb a year in weight.

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Gary Lands Three Species Personal Bests!


Gary Black's personal best fish before fishing Birch recently was a mere 18lbs.....

However, the Swindon-based angler left Birch Lake with new personal bests in three species!

Gary landed a common carp of 38lbs, a grass carp of 27lbs and a Wels' catfish of 51lbs!

A delighted Gary caught all his fish on boilies over pellet.

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Josh banks three personal bests!


Young Josh Bodie from Surrey banked three new personal bests on his recent trip to Birch Lake.

Josh (aged 13) landed four Wels' catfish with the heaviest weighing in at 37lbs, a chunky mirror carp of 28lbs and an absolutely stunning common carp of 41lbs during his stay at the lovely water.

Pink pop-ups on a stiff hinge rig was the successful method for Josh.

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Owen lands a catfish bigger than himself!


Nine year old Owen Brett visited Birch Lake in August.  Amongst the hundreds of roach, perch, gudgeon and catfish he caught float fishing with maggots in the margins he also hooked into a giant Wels' catfish of 66lb 8oz on his specimen rod!

The cat - which was longer than Owen is tall - was landed after a long battle at night on halibut pellet. Well done Owen!

Dad and Grandad fishing with Owen also did well, with Dad landing several cats to mid 40's and grass carp to 24lbs. Grandad had a lovely 32lb mirror whilst stalking.

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Birch Lake Top-Up Carp Stocking for 2016 Season


Every year we add a few fish to Birch Lake to give our clients new carp to target for the next season.
We added a few carp yesterday including these two cracking fish, with the common at 40lbs 8ozs and a stunning half linear at 35lbs.
We still have some dates left for 2016 on a water with a superb head of carp and cats to 140lbs with comfortable lakeside cabin accommodation.
Birch Lake is suitable for up three carp anglers (two recommended) or the small family.


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Top Up Stocking for 2015


As is our policy we add a few nice fish to Birch each season to increase the percentage of 30lb plus fish in the lake. Every other carp in Birch now should be 30lb plus. We have added a few more this December all 30lb-35lb, courtesy of Bigot Pisciculture

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First Ever Wels' Catfish: 107lbs!

28/07/2014 client, John Hodgson from Yorkshire, has today landed his first ever catfish from Birch Lake at 107lbs! The big moggie took half a tin of luncheon meat and is the first 100lb plus cat landed from the complex this season. Son Harry who has had cats to 38lbs (also his first) could have emulated or bettered his dad but for losing another monster: after playing it for three hours!

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Rare September Cancellation Week Available.


Due to a client transferring his booking to 2015, we now have the week 20th September to 27th September 2014 to 21st April 2014 available on the very popular Birch Lake. The lake offers excellent carp (new fish added for 2014) and catfishing, with excellent bankside chalet accommodation with all mod cons for up to 3 carp anglers or the small family. All for £600 in total! Contact us quickly if you want this week!

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James, the reluctant big cat man!


The week commencing 31/8/2013 on the complex saw James Meikle from the Midlands fishing Birch fishing solely for carp, but then this big 77lb Wels' - his first ever - filled-up his unhooking mat mid-way through his stay.

This was a great week for big cats with three different 60's from Poplars, a 56lb 'er from Eagle and a 43lb fish from Orchard, but it was the reluctant cat fisher James who stole the show with his moggie.

James - who also caught a couple of nice carp during his stay on Birch - quipped: "a 77lb cat on boilies of all things. Everyone else was on live baits and bits of smelly fish, I had the biggest for the week from the five lakes on a snow man lol....."

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Top-Up Stocking


Birch  Lake has had a top up of 30lb plus fish ready for the new 2013 season. Here are the biggest three stocked all around 16kg (35lb).. We hope to add one or two more 30+ before the spring.

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Alan West Has Great Week!

05/07/2012 client, Alan West, had a good week from 16th - 23rd June on his first visit to the picturesque Birch Lake with his wife  - without fishing any all nights!

Alan landed mirrors of 30lb, 32lb, 35lb, three twenties and a double. He also caught some of the commons for which Birch is noted including fish of 36lb, 32lb plus two twenties and a double. He also landed two grass carp of 28lb and 18lb.

Surprisingly Alan didn't latch into any of the big cats, landing just three doubles.

He fished tight to the far margin under the trees with a bait boat on 20mm single Cell bottom baits. Alan commented: "Thank you Paul and Hazel for a wondeful weeks fishing and lovely welcome. We shall be back again hopefully!"

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Cancellation Week Available


Due to cancellation we now have the week 14th April 2012 to 21st April 2012 available on the very popular Birch Lake. The lake offers excellent carp (new fish added for 2012) and catfishing, with excellent bankside accommodation for up to 3 carp anglers or the small family.

All for £600 in total!

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Top-Up Stocking!


On Friday 18th November the very popular Birch Lake received a top-up stocking of new fish to supplement the already excellent head of good carp in the lake.

The four biggest carp in the top-up are pictured below, consisting of mirrors of 42lbs, 41lbs, 37lbs 8ozs and a common of 37lbs.

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Howcroft Family Have A Good Week On Birch


The Howcroft family enjoyed a good week on Birch recently.

Grandad Fred landed cats of 19lbs, 26lbs 7ozs, 50lbs 10ozs, 44lbs 10ozs, 21lbs 10ozs, 30lbs and a monster of 68lbs on luncheon meat. Fred also banked a mirror carp of 27lbs 15ozs, and a common of 18lbs 14ozs. 

Freds wife, Jan, also caught her first ever carp of 22lbs 1ozs and topped that with a lovely fish of 28lbs 4ozs.

12 year old grandughter Lauren also got into the act landing her first and new pb carp of 22lbs 13ozs.


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Great Week on Birch for Steve Eastwood


CATCH REPORT BIRCH LAKE  week ending 30 04 2011

Steve Eastwood

Mirrors: 14lbs, 19lbs, 20lbs, 20lbs, 21lbs, 21lbs, 22lbs, 23lbs, 23lbs, 24lbs, 28lbs.

Commons: 18lbs, 25lbs, 34lbs.

Wels catfish: 40lbs, 32lbs, 221lbs, six between 10lbs - 20lbs.

Mystery fish: not a grass carp but carp-like 15lbs.

Comments: fished nights only and Friday until 10.30pm. Out touring in the days.

Small pop-ups and snowman . Weather hot and sunny start of the week. Getting cloudy and cooler. Great week.


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Catch Report 2/4 - 9/4


Simon Wrigglesworth and Friends


Mirrors: 25lbs, 21lbs 13ozs, 26lbs 15ozs, 28lbs 9ozs, 32lbs 9ozs, 20lbs 5ozs, 23lbs 4ozs, 22lbs 2ozs.

Commons: 21lbs 12ozs, 24lbs.

Wels' catfish: 25lbs 4ozs, 28lbs (personal best), 15lbs.


Wels' catfish: 23lbs, 49lbs (personal best).

Chris - non-fisher

Wels' catfish: 23lbs (personal best)

Comments: snowman rigs over pellet under trees. Most fish between 5pm and midnight. Great week. Many thanks to Paul.


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Cancellation Weeks Available on Birch Lake and Eagle and Peters


Due to cancellation the w/c 25/6 - 2/7 are available on the popular Birch Lake with superb accommodation and the prolific 20s and 30s water Eagle Lake and Peters Pool!

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Williams Party have great week at Etangs De Breton


Catch Report 26/3/2011 - 02/4/2011

Karl - all Birch Lake.

Mirrors: 25lbs, 19lbs, 9lbs, 27lbs 4ozs, 32lbs 10ozs (personal best).

Commons; 22lbs 8ozs, 16lbs, 31lbs (personal best), 20lbs.

Wels' catfish: 45lbs (personal best), 16lbs.

Jason on Eagle Lake

Mirrors: 25lbs 10ozs, 37lbs 10ozs, 25lbs 12ozs, 26lbs 4ozs.

Common: 12lbs.

Wels' catfish: 38lbs, 29lbs, 32lbs 8ozs.

Mark on Birch and Peters


Mirrors: 20lbs, 23lb 8ozs.

Grass carp: 16lbs.

Wels catfish: 25lbs.

Peter's Pool

Mirrors: 23lbs 8ozs, 26lbs 8ozs.

Comments: Boilie over mixed pellet under trees on Birch. Boilie over pellet and stick mix in margins on Eagle. Cast to bubblers on Peters. Three personal bests for Karl, mirror, common and catfish!

A great week. See you again soon.

Mark, Jason and Karl.


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Birch Lake


The chalet on Birch has recently undergone an extensive upgrade and extension and has been re-clad externally and internally in wood panelling. It now provides comfortable accommodation for the small family and is only a couple of yards from the water's edge.
The chalet has mains electricity and hot and cold running water and comprises one bedroom with a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen with gas cooker and oven, microwave, fridge, fridge/freezer and storage cupboards. The living/dining area provides a double bed-settee, tables and chairs, TV with DVD, CD player etc.
The bathroom has a shower, English toilet and wash basin. There is a barbecue area right outside the mobile home complete with garden furniture, overlooking the shallows.

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