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Mild Weather = Fish To Be Caught!


November at Marolles... and whilst some anglers are put off due to the time of year, these two anglers yielded the benefit of our mild winter banking a 46.2lb and 45.1lb

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Exceptional 2016 Season For Marolles


As we come to the end of the season we look back at some of the prize catches that gives Marolles its reputation for big, pristine, specimen carp. A lake that can offer you the best carp fishing holiday ever!

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Stunning 46lb Common


A fabulous week at Etang Marolles which includes this stunning 46lb Common.....Could this be one of the best looking Commons ever banked! Truly superb.


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A lake record for Etang Marolles, roll on 2016!

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Phenomenal Results


It's been an incredible few weeks fishng at Marolles with our biggest recorded common at 47lb and a 50.6lb mirror banked. Significant weight gains in our stock are producing big carp but aside from the weights, the fish are in pristine condition, absolutely mint! "Amazing holidays, amazing fish, beautiful venue!!!"

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Over the recent weeks our Caravan Lake has out performed itself. Our first 40lb'er was caught in April plus a 39lb grass carp. This week (25 April - 2 May) for our guests, Jim (angler) and his wife, Kim ( photographer!) a total of 34 carp banked... and this was just day-time fishing...biggest caught a 35.8lb mirror, followed by a 34.6lb common. "A big thank you to you both for all your help this week. We really enjoyed our time with you again. Average weight of fish has gone up from last year! Will see you again soon" Jim & Kim

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50.6lb MIRROR banked


After the amazing COMMON banked yesterday at 47lb by Graham, celebrations continued after this 50.6lb MIRROR was banked in the early hours yesterday...and ANOTHER PB for Steve this week.


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 A fantastic bar of gold caught yesterday afternoon, known as the long common at 47lb. A common lake record here at Marolles. Well done Graham!!!!

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An action packed 2015 lies ahead with planning permissions passed for lodges on our smaller lakes and extension onto the main lodge to provide a separate dining room for all our guests who take our scrumptious food package. To kick start the year we added a further six mighty lumps to our 13 acre lake, 1 x low fifty and 5 x mid forties. A big thank you for all our Christmas Greetings and look forward to seeing you all.

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September Proven to be "GREAT FISHING"


With fantastic weather our anglers enjoyed the perfect holiday. Fish weights steadily increasing and some stunning carp banked and a wholesome home cooked meal to start and end the day... what more could you ask for?! "As always a fantastic week, great food, great weather, great fishing. The next year can't go quick enough" Team A

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Two Week Session Pays Dividends!!


For the second year in a row a two week session booked (30 August to 13 Sept) resulted in a PB of 40.8lb and 24 fish banked over the fortnight. Already booked on for 2015 here's what Glen had to say... "Third time here and second two week session, Dave and Caroine have been great hosts, fishing and weather ace! Can't wait to come back!"

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What A Difference!


Already halfway through the fishing season and the hard work over the last winter has paid dividends. With the majority of tree roots and stumps removed, there has been a massive reduction in call-outs by anglers this year due to snagged lines and thus lost fish. This creates a safer environment for our carp and allows for an even more relaxing holiday for our anglers. Recently caught, this beaut of a common weighing in at 41.14lb

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New Arrivals - February 2014


Amid the wind & rain, eight new arrivals were stocked in the main lake ranging from 38-41lbs.

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Winter Netting


Draining of the main lake went well this winter. After a successful netting, 1100kg of roach & tench were removed plus 240kg of zander, perch & pike, bringing a total of 1340kg. All carp below 25lb were also taken out and re-homed in the Caravan Lake. A percentage of roach, tench & predators were kept aside and put back into the main lake to help maintain a healthy balance. Many thanks to everyone who helped both on the main lake & Caravan Lake nettings this winter.

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Fishing in October 2013


If you are unsure as to where to book your next fishing trip, take a look at this independant footage taken by two anglers who visited us in Oct '13...

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A Rare Appearance!


One of our resident grass carp made a rare appearance last night, a little down in weight but nevertheless a cracking fish at 49lb! On the back of a fantastic weeks fishing with 34 fish banked between 6 anglers (21-28 Sept, this week is proving just as exciting!

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32 Fish Banked


A fresh score sheet for our three anglers fishing their second week (7-14 Sept) at Etang Marolles and who were also joined by another five anglers. 32 fish banked and 11 lost between 8 anglers:- 2 x doubles, 14 x 20's, 7 x 30's, 6 x 35+ and 3 x 40's. Fish of the week goes to Ryan at 43.8lb

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Caravan Lake At Its Best!


Paul & Sharon had a stonking week on the Caravan Lake (31 Aug - 7 Sept). 62 fish banked in total, 5 of which were 20lb+ with the biggest weighing in at 24lb.

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Catch Report


31 August - 7 Sept The first week of a two week session for Glen, Ryan & Pat at Etang Marolles resulted in all three PB's broken and some beauties banked. 16 in total and 8 lost:- 2 x 20's, 5 x 30's, 8 x 35+ and 1 x 40lb. Fish of the week goes to Ryan at 41.8lb.

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Steady Fishing


11 fish banked and 3 lost between two anglers during week 3-10 August. Both broke their PB's so happy days. 5 x 20's, 4 x 30's & 2 x 35+. Fish of the week goes to Lee at 37.12lb."Great weeks fishing, thanks for all your help and advice Dave. Fantastic venue, food excellent. Look forward to visiting again". Ryan & Lee

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Challenging Conditions


For our 4 anglers who fished week 13-20 July, it was mainly night-time bites due to the extreme heat. In total 13 fish banked and 11 lost:- 2 x doubles, 2 x 20's, 2 x 30's, 6 x 35+ and 1 x 40. Fish of the week goes to Ollie with a PB of 40.12lb. For our two anglers this week, similar weather conditions but with a few storms thrown in! Fish banked so far:-22lb,26lb,28lb,29.2lb,34.4lb,35.12lb and a 38.2lb with one 1ost.

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Impromptu Fishing Session Yields Impressive Results With a 50.2lb.


Our anglers, who are booked on for two weeks, were joined by a couple of local lads for an overnight session. Fish banked already tallied 26 with the biggest weighing in at 41lb. Added to this from last nights session included a 20lb, 24lb, 31.14lb, 36 and a 50.2lb.


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8 fish banked and 7 lost between 2 anglers: 19lb, 20lb, 25lb, 26lb, 27lb, 29lb, 30lb & 38.12lb. Bar pressure fell below 1000 with thunder rumbling around these last few days.

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44 Fish Banked and 9 Lost


A quick roundup of catches from week 1-8 June:- 5 x doubles, 19 x 20's, 12 x 30's, 6 x 35+, 1 x 40 and 1 x 50. Fish of the week being our second biggest grass carp caught for the first time weighing 52.6lb.

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25 May - 1 June was an exceptional weeks fishing which totalled 65 fish banked and 18 lost. Our 6 new arrivals for this week have been luckier with the weather and the fishing still steady. The mid week report looks like this...25 fish banked and 7 lost: 2 x doubles, 11 x 20's, 10 x 30's, 1 x 40 and 1 x 50. Our second biggest grassy was caught earlier in the week weighing in at 52.6lb, sadly no quality photos.

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6 anglers = 6 New PBs


We waved au revoir to our Essex crew on Saturday 25th May who all broke their PBs and the score sheet ended up being 42 fish banked and 16 lost: 4 x doubles, 11 x 20's, 20 x 30's and 7 x 40's. Fish of the week goes to Rob at 45.10lb. Well done guys.

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3 PBs within 24hrs


A great start to the opening night for our six anglers: 1 x double, 2 x 20's, 1 x 30 and 3 x 40's and 1 lost. Best fish out 45.10lb

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First 50+ Of The Season


A 50+ out BUT no photo and no exact weight I'm afraid. Flat walkies in the Lodge meant Ian couldn't contact Dave and his scales maxed out at 50lb but it was BIG! From yesterday, with seven anglers on there have been 17 fish banked and 3 lost so far; 7 x 20's, 5 x 30, 4 x 35+ and a 50+.

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41lb Mirror In The Snow


With sub zero temperatures our anglers were undeterred,  steady fishing with the ultimate prize a cracking 41lb mirror.

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Thermals Back On!


Despite the now freezing temperatures and SNOW! our two anglers are persevering with some great results so far; 30.6lb, 35.8lb, 22.15lb, 23.1lb, 34.4lb, 24.5lb and a 34.6lb with two lost.

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BIG NEWS...All 59.8lbs worth of it!


We thought our new fish stock for this season was complete but how could we say no to this beauty, weighing in at a tidy 59.8lb.

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Two New Additions


Not forgetting our Caravan Lake, along with a new 34.8lb Grass Carp a stunning 38.3lb Carp made a splash in the 1.6 acre lake.

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December 2012 New Stock Includes 70.4lb Grass Carp


Some fantastic new arrivals at Etang Marolles this winter.  Along with the 10 carp all weighing between 38lb-44lb, we have also introduced a 57.2lb Grass Carp and a whopping 70.4lb Grass Carp.  Plus a further 42.5lb and a 44.8lb also made their new home here at Etang Marolles.  Roll on Season 2013!

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Some Christmas Crackers!


Here are another couple of photos of the newly stocked fish.

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10 New Arrivals


Merry Christmas Carp France anglers and with extra presents bought in the shape of 10 fantastic carp ranging between 38lb to 44lb, we look forward to the New Year and  the start of the 2013 season. 

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Caravan Lake


408kg of small carp between 2lb-12lb successfully removed from our 1.6 acre Caravan Lake, leaving 80-100 carp ranging from 12lb to 35lb and with less competition for food these should pack on the pounds.  Using the silt pump to form a deeper gully resulted in our best netting to-date. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came to help on the day.

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Silt Pump


In preparation for this years drain down  on the 1.6 acre Caravan Lake, we have used our silt pump to form a deep basin for the fish to gather at one end of the lake, which will make netting the fish easier.  Measuring the silt before the use of the pump and then after, we successfully gained 2-3 feet with a firmer lake bed. 

Dave is unable to make contact  with the lake bed in the newly desilted areas.



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Some absolute corkers out so far this week, dodging the rain (or not!), the guys have managed to land 3 x doubles, 9 x 20's, 4 x 30's, 5 x 35+  and a 45.6lb.  Let's see what the rest of the week produces...

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Some Great Fish Out


A quick roundup of news from week 8-15 Sept.  A steady weeks fishing with 35 carp banked and 13 lost between 6 anglers.  Some stunning fish graced the bank with the biggest weighing in at 43.2lb.  Here are the comments left from our anglers.  "Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before about Dave & Caz apart from that I can echo everything and double it.  Brilliant hosts and fantastic fishery.  Look forward to seeing them again in the near future"  Darren & Tracey

"Thanks Dave & Caroline.  Great hosts, fantastic food & fishing.  Look forward to seeing you next year!"  Steve & Miles

"Thanks for a great weeks fishing.  Everything has been amazing from the fish, surroundings, to the food.  All the more to come back for.  See you all again"  Stuart

"I'd come back just for the food let alone the fishing.  You can see the fish progressing over the four visits I have had here.  Thanks Caz & Dave, the place is pure class"  Steve


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Steady fishing so far with 27 fish banked and 10 lost between four anglers.  5 x doubles, 10 x 20's, 10 x 30's, 1 x 35+ and 1 at 43lb.  Yesterday Adrian caught this cracking common weighing in at 34lb.

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A Great Start!


Two days in, 14 carp and 4 lost between four anglers, an encouraging start including this nice lump at 43lb caught this afternoon!

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Not even dark and a bend in the rods for Ryan & Adrian on their arrival today at Etang Marolles, both landing decent fish at 33.10lb & 30.8lb. 

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Fantastic Fishing on the Caravan Lake


Alongside the 13 acre lake, Etang Marolles opened up a 1.6 acre lake to cater for keen carpists who enjoy travelling to France with their caravan or motorhome.  With two caravan pitches to hire including electric hook-up, toilet and shower facilities, the lake stocked with carp up to 35lb makes for an enjoyable holiday with steady fishing action.  One of our regular day anglers, Tom (13yrs) had plenty of chances and banked 11 carp yesterday, the biggest at 20lb. Well done!

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An "Outstanding" Week


Final scores on the doors for our two anglers: 16 x 20's, 7 x 30's and 2 x 35lb, the biggest of these 39.14lb.

"This was our first time fishing at Marolles, as soon as we arrived we were greeted by David & Caroline.  The lake was in fantastic surroundings.  During the week the fish we caught were hard fighting and in great condition.  Food & facilities were  outstanding and David & Caroline excellent hosts.  Can't wait for our next trip!"  Phil & Mark

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Steady Action


Our two anglers didn't start fishing until Sunday and so far 19 chances, with 12 fish caught and 7 lost.  The twelve banked fish all succumbing to the same tactics:- beds of pellet and boilie with fake maize on the hair.

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 Fishing slowed a bit but despite this the lads still managed to land 17 fish with 5 lost, one of which was the long common, last caught in 2011 at 44lb...gutted! 

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A Fantastic Start!!


10 decent fish out within the first 24hrs, the guys are racking up the scores already this week.

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A Great Session


Ideal fishing conditions with our fish hoovering up bait all over the lake.   A short session over 3 nights, one angler bagged 9 fish and a tenth whilst packing up!  5 x twenties, 4 x thirties and a 40.4lb.  "Fantastic fishing, great hosts and a stunning lake.  Everything was spot on and I didn't want to leave.  I hope to be back soon.  Thank you David & Caroline for looking after me"  Richard

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 4 anglers and 14 fish out.  A 49lb, 34.8lb, 34.7lb and various sized 20's and one double at 19.12lb.  Our fish seem to have become nocturnal with most bites happening throughout the night.

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Biggest Fish this Season!!!


Every week that has been fished this season has produced a 40 and this week is no exception.  Worth getting wet for...absolutely!!  A cracking 49lb!!!!

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Fantastic Fishing!


Our Barnet Boys had a great week with over forty fish banked, few losses and the prized grass carp caught on the last day at 45lb, the week was summed up simply as"perfect in every way!"

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Mid week snapshot


 With a distinct change in the weather and plenty of rain forecast, the fish are still feeding and the anglers still catching.  29 fish banked and 3 lost so far, with mostly night-time bites sleep is a luxury!

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Some nice action!


With the extreme changes in the weather, the lads didn't fare too badly.  32 fish out, 15 lost and a hefty 41.3lb common was crowned "fish of the week".

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News Round-Up


 With the consistent warm weather the fish have spawned all bar the shouting.  Always a difficult time for the angler and fishery owner but with a break in the weather forecast and the fish on the munch, it looks promising...

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A beauty in Poor conditions


Despite the bad weather conditions last week 41 fish out between 5 anglers was not too shabby! One of these was a 40.8lb a stunning grass carp."


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High pressure, high gains!


Despite the high atmospheric pressure the lads managed to winkle out some cracking fish this week, 16 fish caught and 7 lost, between two anglers not a bad tally. Well done!

For more info on Etang Marolles visit:


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Etang Marolles Caravan Lake


Taking shape nicely with works progressing and completion by the end of the next week.

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And we're off to a cracking start at Etang Marolles


First three fish out 35.6lb, 35.12lb and 37.8lb.

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Nice start to the season at Etang Marolles


A local carpist popped by for a day session and within the first few hours landed this upper 30 beauty! 

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...The big countdown


With the fishing season soon upon us work is in full swing at Etang Marolles.  Opening this year alongside the 13 acre lake,  is  the 1.6 Caravan Lake, which will have two pitches to accommodate 2 x caravans or camping cars.  The lake was drained and netted yesterday and the fish sorted and selected to a high standard as per usual.  Here are a few photos of the carp to make their début in the Caravan Lake when the works have been completed.

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Another great stocking


 As promised...a further ten fantastic carp ranging from 34lb to 37.5lb were introduced to the beautiful 13 acre lake at Etang Marolles

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21st - 28th April '12 now available


Due to a cancellation, this 21st - 28th April '12 has become available for either exclusive use for up to 8 anglers or on a non-exclusive basis. Please enquire by email or book online

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Just a teaser!


The first arrivals of the new stock at Etang Marolles.  Five stonking carp ranging from 37lb  to 42lbs with a further TEN!! of the same calibre due in January.

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Private lake for Motorhomes


A private 1.6 acre lake is now available for those with Caravans and Motorhomes. For £40 per day you can have use of the lake and electric hook up. Carp up to 40lbs and lots of them!

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New Lake Record for Etang Marolles at 51.8lb


With the calibre of stocked fish it was only a matter of time before the lake started to produce some weighty carp.  A good start to the 2011 season.  

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9th - 16th April '11


A great start to the season with 4 anglers on banking 24 fish including 6 x 40's to 46lb 4oz, 8 x 30's and 9 x 20's. Comment posted was "Brilliant week, booking in again, year on year.  Excellent management, cracking fish, outstanding food. Fourth trip, four lads, four PB's!"

Well done guys!

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Billy's Extension!


Ongoing works at Etang Marolles includes extending a swim known as Billy no-mates into a double plus two new stalking swims.

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28th May - 4th June 2011 NOW AVAILABLE


Due to a cancellation we now have this sought after week available. This week is proving to be the most popular week of the season as it incorporates a bank holiday and the School Half Term.

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Chalking not Talking


Our annual programme of chalking has commenced with a 13 tonne application; behind the scenes winter work to ensure good water quality for the forthcoming 2011 season .

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Newly Stocked Fish


3 of the 8 newly stocked lumps that made a splash at Etang Marolles in November '10 weighing between 36lb -41lbs.

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First we would like to thank yourselves for giving us the opportunity to fish Etang Marolles. What can i say we had a fantastic time banking 15 x 20's and 5 x 30's with plenty of doubles as well. David and Caroline were the perfect hosts. The lake itself is beautiful, you can see the enormous amount of work that has gone into making this a little paradise. I think the best thing i can say is that we have found all we were looking for in a lake in france and will be returning. I have attached a few pictures from our stay. Again many thanks for the chance . Regards DeanRaper

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