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Cats to 104lbs and Carp to 39lbs.


Mike Sparrow, who was at Cailleaux last week, said the Cats were on the feed but the Carp were slow and full of spawn. Looks like it's going to be an early one this season.

Still a good session for the two of them. Nice one lads.

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ETANG CAILLEAUX at its best.

Vijay and three friends had a good week at Etang Cailleaux. They managed to catch 68 20's to 29lbs, 6 30's to 39lbs AND 5 Cats to 54lbs. Although the weather didn't treat them too kindly, it eased up towards the end of the week and the lake came alive. They caught all their Carp on Dynamite baits (18 - 20ml boilies) over a bed of marine halibut pellets. All the Cats came out on tench which they caught in the lake - often live bait is provided by the lake owners and always works well on the cats. All in all a great weeks fishing considering the weather which was very cold. There is also the luxury of an English toilet at the lake now!!! A very welcome sight, they complement the excellent showers - Cailleaux really is back to its best. The photo shown is of a cat caught by Vijay last year. We are awaiting this years photos and they will be loaded up on the feedback section as soon as they arrive.

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