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 This PRIME week has now become available. Please call 01455 220390 NOW if this date interests you at one of our most sought after venues.

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New Lake Record


60lbs 2oz Common.... Backed up with a 56lbs Common too, oh and the Grassie at 21lbs.
Well done David — celebrating a New Lake Record


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The home of Carp fishing dreams !!


Last week saw a return visit by Ian & Caroline, Ian has been fishing in France for a great number of years and was desperate to catch a 50lbs Common. Needless to say we didn't disapoint !! After a steady week of catching along came "Lumpy" the fish of his dreams at 57lbs 8ozs. Ian also landed 2 at 49lbs, 2 at 48lbs, a 46lbs, 4 x 30lbs+ and a sneaky 25lber. The overall average sized fish was a wooping 42lbs !!!

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A few of the fish out this week so far


A 52lbs Common, a 48lbs Mirror and a 49lbs Mirror. Luke, Lee and Dean are picking up some nice fish so far. The approaching change in weather may well see a few more turn on the feed. Now taking bookings 2016..


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Another good week for The Bushey Boys


 Returning for their 4th time John and son's Sean and Sam and Sam's girlfriend Charis have a good weeks fishing despite rain most of the week and un-seasonably cold weather. The final tally showed 7 x 40's to 48lbs  7 x 30lb+ and 1 x 27lber.  Well done for sticking at it !!!

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1st Carp out for 2015


 A new PB Mirror for Philip at 54lbs..... Great start !!!!

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Old Skool rules OK !!


 5 days of "Old Skool" fishing has certainly paid off for Lee this week, so far a 40lb Mirror, a 39lbs Mirror and 39lbs 6oz Mirror caught on a float rod using 6lbs line and maggots. The "modern way" has also worked well for this party as other catches also include a 52lbs Mirror.

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Season 10 off with a bang!


A fantastic weeks fishing by anyones standards for husband and wife team Pat & Philip Hindmarch. 10 Carp landed and the smallest was a 39lbs 4oz Mirror. Included in the haul was 8 x 40lbs+ Carp and topped off with a magnificent 52lbs Common. 

A truly great start to the season. Well done Pat & Philip, see you next year.

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A dream 12hrs.


With temperatures back up in the mid 30's it had been a fairly quiet week with just a few nice Carp landed, that all changed on Friday night. A 35lbs Mirror, 44lbs Mirror a 52lbs Common and the Common "Lumpy" at a new record weight at 58lbs 2oz all within a dream 12hrs. A very nice result for the Wirral lads.

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No. 4 makes a rare appearance!!


We have waited for over a year to see this stunning Common, it is the 4th 50lb+ Common in Birch Pool Retreat and was captured by our first Polish guests at 53lbs. They also smashed their PB's with a 40lb Mirror and a 45lb MIrror. 

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Girl Power strikes at Birch Pool Retreat with a new Ladies Record


 A massive well done to Sue and her gilly John on landing the massive 55lbs 8oz Mirror. Landed at 2.45am Sue takes the Ladies Record and the Senior Record. 

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New Lake Record


 A very well done to Dan in landing "Lumpy" at 54lbs 4ozs. This is Dan's first trip to France and I think we have now spoilt him for future trips. With still 2 of last years know 50's to come out who know's how long the record will stand?

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A special week at Birch Pool Retreat


 The lads for Warrington had an absolutly cracking week at Birch Pool Retreat last week with PB records smashed over and over again. 17 Carp landed including 1 x 52lb Common and 5 x 40's to 49lbs, 7 x 30's, 3 x 20's and a 18lb Mirror. See you next year lads for more PB's.


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Fantastic opening week session


 A massive to congratulations to Philip and his helper Pat on landing 2 personal bests, the first was a 51lbs Mirror followed up a couple of days later with a pristine 53lbs Common. Both of the 50's were recognised by us and both are new 50's with the 53lbs being a new lake record. The well deserved couple were also rewarded with a 3 x 40lb+ fish to back up the 50's as well as a sprinkling of 30's. It couldn't have happened to a nicer couple. Well done you two !!

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1st week and a new 50 !!


With just 3 days into our first week of season 9 Philip caught an absolutely cracking 51lb 4oz, this fish was immediately recognised by us as a float caught fish known as "Kingy" from last year that came out at 47lb. We are understandably thrilled to see our winter feeding programme has worked well again this year. Looking forward to a very exciting season with even more 50lb+ Carp coming through.

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Steady start for Philip


Despite the fact that we had snow the day before arrival and temperatures down to -8, Philip started his week with a surprised 38lb Mirror and followed that up with an absolutely pristine 36lb Mirror. With heavy rain now forecast for the rest of the week it's very unlikely Pat will get her suntan this session.

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April dates still available for this special little lake.


We still have the 6th-13th April and the 20th-27th April available, April is one of our most prolific months and with 3 different 50's gracing the banks last year we are hoping for a few more this year thanks to our winter feeding programme. Please contact David for more information.

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End of Season Update


Nikki & Julian would like to thanks all our wonderful guests for another successful season. With 5 x 50lbs+ and 32 x 40's including 16 over 45lbs we are thrilled with the way the Carp are growing we are also pleased that only 6 fish under 20lbs came out and the average size carp for season 8 was a little over 35lbs.
We will continue to our feeding programme over the winter and we look forward to even more 50's and who knows when our 1st 60lb Carp will grace our banks.
Thank you once again all of our guests past, present and future for your continued support in helping to make Birch Pool Retreat a unique carp fishing holiday experience

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PB for our first Belgian guests


Anglers Tim and Sam were not only looking for suitable venue for themselves but also for their partners, Joke and Nele, Sam and Nele's 13 month old son Maxim and Tim and Joke's 4 year old Black Labrador Luna. The whole party were surpised and very pleased by the size of the fish and by the close proximity of the lodge to the lake. Sam just missed out on a new pb by 8ozs with a hard fighting 46lb Common and was also delighted with a 43lb Mirror, Tim was thrilled to smash his pb by 5kgs with a 48lb 8oz pristine Common. The ladies of the party very much enjoyed sightseeing in this stunning area and also the shopping trips to the malls of Limoges. Baby Maxim also had a wonderful time soaking up all the attention and seeing his Daddy catching big carp and well behaved Luna enjoyed her holiday too.

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Dream start for Team Waring


This is Dave, Ste and Sandra's 8th visit to us here at Birch Pool Retreat and what a wonderful start it is. Having arrived yesterday morning on a flight from Leeds they wasted no time in getting the rods out. Seeing fish fizzing in the middle of the lake 15 year old Ste cast to them and was rewarded with a 27lb Mirror, that was the start of an incredible 24 hours fishing..... A 42lb Common, 43lb Mirror and a 45lb Mirror 3 x 30lb+ and 2 x 20lb+ fish later I found them exhausted but very happy this morning!!!

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Another 50lb+ Common and PB smashed to bits!


After a very quiet few weeks size and numbers wise am extremely pleased that this morning I was met by happy faces. Paul more than doubled his PB with "Big Tail" last night, it weighed in at a whopping 51lb and was caught in the shallows. With temperatures well in the 30's Paul decided that his better options were to fish nights, his first night was rewarded. Thats now 4 different 50's with 3 of them being commons.

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Another lake record !!


With the fish still spawning, on their arrival The Smiths weren't too optimistic. However son Martin lifted their spirits with a cracking 51lb Common, this means we have now had 3 different 50lb +  Carp landed with only 6 weeks of season gone. Exciting times ahead for Birch Pool Retreat !! 

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3 x P.B's in 24hrs. Well done Mark


A very well done to Mark on this remarkable achievement, yesterday started very well with an immaculate 47lb Mirror which came to a very patient Mark trying a new approach on a float rod, later in the afternoon a 28lb Common and then a 5am this morning a huge 63lb Catfish topped off this fishing extravaganza. With still 3 days to go I think his Common P.B could go again.

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Our first 50lb Carp.


It was with such delight that we received a phone call last night from Claire to say that Jamie had caught a really big fish. On arrival at the lake we were greeted by much excitement and when we saw the fish we could understand why, the question was would it make the magical 50lb mark ?

Imagine how pleased we were to see the scales finally stop at 51lbs, we knew there were fish over 50 but to have it finally confirmed was amazing.

The fish was caught near to the rock on a critically balanced Alphabaits Monster Crab boillie.

A very well done to Jamie & Claire on a fantastic result and as Jamie turns 30 on Monday what an early Birthday present

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The 1st session of season 8


A very good friend came over to help us in anticipation for our 8th Season and boy what a weeks fishing he had.

4 x 40lbs to 49lb 12oz, 4 x 30lbs to 39lbs and 2 x 20lbs the smallest being 25lbs.

The Carp are starting to feed steady now after a short but harsh winter which saw the lake completely frozen over for 3 weeks. The Catfish are also waking up and are feasting on unsuspecting frogs and toads.

We are looking forward to welcoming all our guests and we wish them a happy and busy time with us.

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April date now available


One of our most popular weeks has just become available, the 21st-28th April '12.

Contact David now as this week won't be around for long.

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New Junior Lake Record


15 year old Ste from Bolton beat his own previous Junior Record with a 45lb 11oz Mirror in the early hours of this morning...Nice one Ste

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Great weather and a great weeks fishing


Well done to husband and wife team Kev & Wendy. Their 30 Carp haul included 7 x 40's to 48lbs,16 x 30's, 6 x 20's and a sneaky 15lber. This was their 2nd visit this year and they have already booked 2 weeks for next year.....Who can blame them !!!

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Epic Catch Result


Busy, busy night for Kev and Wendy last night 4 x 40lb+ in just 10 hours. Included in this was a 47lb Common for Kev and a ladies record 48lb Mirror for Wendy. This is their second visit this year and Kev is trying to beat his personal best  49lb Common he caught in May.

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2 Personal Best 44lb Commons


Not to be out done with Neil catching a 44lb Common, Chris decided to get in on the action also with a different 44lb Common. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition !!!


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17th September now available


Due to a cancellation, 17th - 24th September '11 has now come available. An oportunity to fish this lake in September is rare - so be quick!

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PB Common & PB Mirror for Mr Mutton


After a great start to the week with his 2nd fish smashing his PB Common record, John's patience has been rewarded with a PB Mirror yesterday.  Amoungst the CARP caught so far this week 3 are over the 40lbs barrier, great results for a little 3 acre lake !!

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Excellent start for John


New PB with John's second fish this morning an A1 conditioned 45lb Common, a great start to his first time visit to us at Birch Pool Retreat.

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Well done Olliffe Family


The father and son team had a good weeks fishing with 15 fish landed including 3 x 40lbers to 45lbs as well as some nice upper 30's. Mum and daughter did a sterling job keeping the boys well fed and watered. It was a real pleasure to welcome such a lovely family to Birch Pool Retreat.

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Fantastic start to week


Well done to Anthony he smashed his PB's yesterday. 2 pristine Commons of 41lb and 45lb and a Mirror of 38lb and well done too to son Tom a PB 34lb Mirror.

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New Lake Record 49lb Common


Well done to Kev Smith on his stunning 49lb Common, on the Smiths second visit to Birch Pool Retreat Kev caught the pristine condition fish during a thunderstorm but thought the soaking he got was well worth it. The Smith family work well as a team which really paid off with 3 x 40lb+ carp caught and a 45lb Catfish too as well a new PB for Wendy with a lovely 22lber. So pleased were they that they have booked another trip back this year and also have booked for next year too. 

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44lb Common is new PB for John


A very happy and very wet John landed his pb 44lb 1oz Common last night in torrential rain, his 2nd forty so far this week. Having spawned a couple of weeks ago the fish have started to feed properly again and hopefully John will have a great week.  

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42lb Common is 4th PB in 4 days


Team Harrod are having a great week with 4 PB's so far, includes a 61lb Cat, a 46lb Mirror,a 40lb8oz Mirror and now a 42lb Common all that and a suntan.

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PB smashed on first day.


Well done to Mark, his 1st trip to France and on his 1st day fishing he smashes his 21lb pb with a stunning 46lb Mirror. Very happy fisherman.

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New lake record


Having arrived on Saturday Birch Pool Retreat first timers The Harrod party decided to watch the lake and begin fishing on Sunday, within 5 mins of the rods being set up the scream of the buzzer meant action already.....The guys were delighted to land our new lake record of a 61lb Catfish.....Well done and keep it up.

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Birch Pool Retreat's 7th Season is best start yet.


Our 7th season is off to an excellent start with fish including a 39lb Common a 45lb6oz Mirror and a 48lb Catfish all within a couple of days, Paul is a very happy fisherman as this is 3 personal bests, can't ask for more than that.

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Cancellation for 9th - 16th July


This prime week has just become available at one of our most popular venues.

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15% off selected April dates


Birch Pool Retreat is a sought after venue with a newly renovated 2 bedroom bankside lodge, ideal for families, and with carp to over 50lbs!

Available dates with this offer applied are: 2nd - 9th April '11, 9th - 16th April '11, 16th - 23rd April '11.

Please contact us to secure your week.

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Accommodation improvements at Birch Pool Retreat


New for 2011 the lakeside lodge at Birch Pool Retreat will now have 2 bedrooms instead of 1, we are busy updating the entire lodge during our closed season ready for our 1st guests in April. We still have some available dates for April please ask about our April special deals which include free bait.

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New Junior Lake record


Congratulations to 14 year old Ste Waring on a fabulous 41lb6oz Mirror caught on Alpha Bait monster crab boillies, it was Ste's second trip this year and his 6th in total and this time he really hit the big time. Despite minus 4 temperatures at night Ste's determination paid off, Team Waring also had a 39lb 2x37lb's and a 35lb as well as several other 30's and various 20's. See you next year Dave, Sandra and Ste.

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