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Woody's Hooked in France Oddscale


 What week Chris is having. After catching Ryno at 56lb he's now had Oddscale at just under 63! What a week and it's only Tuesday. πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ ....more

Woody's Hooked in France Great start


 Mad at the lake. 2 50s today and 5 30s plus some under for good Measue. Wow ....more

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New Stock


Since November the lake has had some lovely new fish added. Over 60 new carp, most around 20lb and 5 over 30. The rest stunning scaley fish.  ....more

Rule update



3 x Personal Bests


Last week saw 3 personal bests with a 48.8lb common carp, the best of the week for Adam as well as a 30lb plus grass carp. ....more

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woody's hooked in france

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Please respect this! We need time to ensure everything is clean 

If not lake exclusive and more than one party fishing a draw will take place at 2pm

Every angler MUST have a bootle of gardner intensive care and use where necessary. AVAILABLE on site

The Premier Fishery in France

Les Montautiers is an established quality Carp fishery located in central Normandy with an existing stock of immaculate Carp of all varieties. The beautiful 5 acre lake is over 350 years old and is bordered by mature oak trees and traditional French poplars. There are many features including two islands, overhanging trees, reeds, bays, several sets of pads and a large channel between the islands and numerous hidden plateaux.

Les Montautiers is a perfect destination for anglers of all abilities, whether it is your first trip to France or you are a seasoned experienced traveller looking for that fish of a lifetime. Hooked in France provides first class on-site facilities hosted by a friendly owners Simon and Kyrsteen who are always on hand to offer advice and tips to ensure that all our guests enjoy their stay.

Please note: Non-anglers are charged at £75 per person per week.


  • Lake size: 5 acres
  • Swims: 4 (2 of which are double swims)
  • Depth: 2' 6" going to over 7 foot
  • Carp stock: Grassies, mirrors and commons up to 67lb
  • Other fish: Roach, perch, pike over 20lb. No poisson chat or crayfish
  • Lake bed: Silt, gravel and clay
  • Features: Overhanging trees, two islands, lily pads, gullies and plateaus
  • Access: By car to parking area. Vehicle access is only possible to one swim. Spacious foot access possible around the entire lake
  • Night fishing: Yes
  • Boats allowed?: Our boat is only to be used when absolutely necessary. Lifejacket MUST be worn. No wading. 
  • Bait boats allowed?: Yes
  • Distance from ports: 
    • Caen - 2.5 hours ***this route has an ideal overnight crossing and no tolls***
    • St Malo - 1.5 hours
    • Calais - 5 hours
    • Dieppe - 4 hours
    • Cherbourg - 2.5 - 3 hours
    • Le Havre - 3 hours


Les Montautiers is approximately 5 acres amongst land of 6.5 acres. It is stream and spring fed ensuring good quality water throughout the year.

The banks offer easy access to the water, and the swims have been designed to drain in even the wettest conditions. No wellies required. Swims have been generously constructed to accommodate even the largest two man bivvies with room to spare. Two of the swims have been designed as double swims, allowing sociable fishing for 5 anglers which ensures an exclusive, quiet and non pressured experience.

Fish Stock
Les Montautiers was initially stocked in the winter of 1998-'99 with 130 fish. Most of these were low to mid twenties with a good head of thirties and a sprinkling of forties. Then again in the winter of 2001-'02 more quality fish were added to the lake. 

A further stocking in early 2004 is further proof of the dedication and commitment of the previous owners by adding quality Carp as part of an ongoing stocking strategy for a brilliant and unforgettable catch.

In 2009 40 carp up to 40lb were added and again in 2011, 30 carp, mostly commons of which there were twenty thirty’s up to 38lb and the other carp were high twenty’s. Ten pretty mirrors from the fish farmer all high doubles were added in 2014 and another 12 high double mirrors were added in 2016. These were a mix of stunning fully scaled mirrors and linears.

I'm 2021 8 new fast growing mirrors of 22lb plus we're added along with a handful a small pretty fish from a local college lake. These are doing well and are already packing on the pounds. 

We currently have 2 known 60s and 2 to 3 50s to go for and around 20-30 40s as backup! The rest of the stock average mid 30s so you have plenty to go for!!!

The lake is regularly netted to remove silver fish and improve biomass. This helps ensure the fish grow to their full potential.


Drive and Survive holiday it may be, but the reality of it is that we do provide a number of creature comforts that will make your stay more comfortable.

Our Anglers Lodge acts as a meeting place for our guests to swap tales of fish caught and provides a place for catching up on the UK news and sports via freesat TV.

The bathroom and shower facilities are right next door, giving you the opportunity to freshen up before breakfast and dinner.

USB charging phones is free. A small charge is made for bait boat charging. 

NEW 2020

Electric hook up in swim. 

We have invested in an electric hook up in every swim with USB and UK plugs.  A small charge is made if required. 

New 2022

Lake WiFi

Recently we have had fibre fitted in the house meaning finally we join the rest of the planet with decent Internet speeds of around 300mps. 

Over the past week or so I've been installing a network around the lake and now I'm pleased to report it's all tested and fully working. Signal strength is strong in every swim and I've tested speeds of between 10 and 45mps on the bank! It's possible to stream a full HD film/tv show as well as access all your normal social media content.

As always WiFi at the lodge is free to use and lake WiFi will be available for a small fee if required and could be useful now that some UK phone operators are charging roaming fees.


The dining area seats up to 6 people and is often used as a gathering point for a beer or to catch up on the sports news from the Sky TV provided free of charge.

Bathroom and shower

The Anglers bathroom is located conveniently next to the Anglers Lodge. It features a hot shower, towel warmers, sink and English toilet.


If required we can provide an excellent food package consisting of a full English Breakfast with fresh bread in the morning and a tea or coffee, and a hearty homemade evening meal at around 6pm on every day of your stay.

Breakfast (sorry, but there is no full English on your departure day)
Full English or Beakfast baguettes. 
Continental breakfast available on request

***New*** if you don't want to leave your rods during the morning bite times we now offer breakfast baguettes delivered to your swim  

Example Menu 

Lasagne, wedges and salad

Roast chicken, roast potatoes, steamed vegetables, gravy

Pork chops, chips and peas

Sausage and mash, fried onions and steamed veg

Spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread

Cottage pie and steamed veg

Chicken and rice. 

Please note - some meals are subject to change. We are more than happy to cater around allergies/intolerances, but please tell us on the Saturday of your arrival.

For the hungry angler we also offer a lunch meal deal
Sandwich or baguette + crisps or chocolate + can of soft drink:  please order this either the day before, or at breakfast time  

Soft drinks available throughout the day

Hooked in France is dedicated to only using quality baits and therefore provide a stock in our on-site shop at affordable prices. Fresh frozen boilies can be purchased in 5kg bags and carp pellets are available in any quantity you require. Purchases may be made in £ Sterling or Euros.



Bait prices (Euros preferred)

Pellet: £3.00 per kg or sack £50

Prepared hemp: £3.50 per kg (minimum 5kg)

Prepared mixed particle: £2.50 per kg

Prepared maize: £2.00 per kg (minimum 5kg)

House baits


Woody’s Baits 

All baits are fresh and made using the best ingredients and no fillers. No preservatives are used. 

I started to make bait for my own lake when Brexit meant I could no longer source the fresh bait I wanted from the UK. The recipes were developed with help from a bait maker in the UK with over 30 years of bait making experience.  

The bait has proved very successful and I now supply many local lakes. 

Twisted Tuna Range

Twisted tuna is a blend of tuna, pure krill extract, predigested, tuna & cray fishmeals along with a milk protein give the bait a good balanced protein base. With the inclusion of bird foods including Robin Red along with tuna extract this bait has been developed to ensure the fishes best health and weights. 


Available in

Cranberry and Caviar


More coming soon



KS1 is a creamy blend of easily digetable including including bird foods, brewers yeast, vanilla, Brocacel yeast culture, milk proteins and Kelp. Developed to ensure fish get an extensive mix of amino acids and vitamins.

It is made using the finest ingredients with no fillers to ensure the best nutritional value and growth for the fish.

Available in

Cornish ice cream or Coconut. 


5K £45 15 and 18, 20 mm

Lake Offers

Lake Special - £55

5kg of boilies

5kg of pellet

5kg of particle mix


Sticky Baits (on request) 


Another bait that has produced many fish last year. 

5K £50 16 and 20 mm

5K £55  12 mm


Leads and hooks are available on site. We also hold a limited range from Gardner, Ridge Monkey, Korda, Trakker and PB products. If you are after a particular item contact us and we can make sure we have it for when you arrive. 

Bait Boat Hire

RT4 by Carplounge with auto pilot and wifish

£120 per week (£150 if sharing). 

Bait spiral hire allows you to spread bait £30 per week.

ND boat with dragonfly pro

£100 (£120 if sharing) 

Bite alarms

£50 a week for 3 alarms and receiver.

ARMO bivvy mk 1

2 man avaiable for £50 a week with or without wrap  


These have a massive capacity with 4 USB outputs and an AC out can run a laptop with a standard plug.  Hire for £20 and recharged for free.


A set of Century rods and Shimano bait runner reels can also be hired.


A deposit is required which will be returned when you return a clean and working boat/tackle.

Dogs Allowed Tackle Hire Available 6 Food Package Available Bait Available Exclusive Booking Available 1.5 67lbs book now compare

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woody's hooked in france feedback

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First fishing trip to France. and all I can say is wow. When we arrived Simon took us for a walk around the lake informing us of previous spots and what has worked Then had all of our bait prepared ready to go. The lake is lovely. surrounded by trees has that real private and personal feeling ....more


Fantastic holiday venue in such a nice location. All the hard work Simon has put in is clear to see. Will definitely be returning! ....more


Lovely lake and very easy to find. Very friendly and helpful owners Simon & Kyrsteen who cannot do enough for you when asked. Simons advice about the lake and how to fish it is invaluable so please pay attention! Simon and Kyrsteen bought my partner Sonia a birthday cake and made her an internet sen ....more


What can I say ,...simply beautiful and idyllic surroundings met with a stunning head of prize fish all waiting to be had, The facilities are fantastic aswell from a fisherman’s lounge, on site tackle shop stocking all the important things to a delicious menu to choose from , Absolutely delighted ....more


I fished from Friday afternoon till Tuesday morning although I was working on site during the days. The fishing was brilliant. ....more

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motoring in france

France is by far the most popular destination for British motorists. Not only is it our closest and most convenient neighbour but it also holds the key to some of the most prolific and challenging Carp and Catfish fishing in Europe. Here's a few hints and tips on how to get there.....safely


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