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Well Done to Rob Mitchell's party who fished lake 2 , fishing the lake exclusively with a party of 10, all had pb's with a haul of over 60 Carp with the biggest fish going to Stuart Carey of a 51lb + Mirror ! wink emoticon It was a pleasure to have you guys at the lake on your 1st visit to the lake ....more

64 fish banked


Awesome week on the lake with over 64 fish banked to 57lb !! Mark Barnett had the lions share with over 30 Carp banked to 57lb+ ! An incredible session, with an average over 34lbs ! Alex Strutt had a stunning Common just under 50lbs weighing 49lb10oz! Catches from all over the lake.   ....more

57lb Common


Check out these stunning Huge Commons and plated Mirror. Just a a selection of fish from lake 2 caught over the last two weeks. Biggest of the lot being a 57lb stunning Common!   ....more

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Vallee Lake 2 is a 24 acre lake set in a stunning location close to the ports with Calais being only 1.5 hours away. Just minutes from the town of Blangy-sur-Bresle, with its supermarkets, shops and restaurants, Vallee Lake 2 has everything for the serious angler who likes a large lake with the option of moving to different swims and stalking as conditions dictate.

Vallee Lake 2 is independent of Vallee Lake 1 but still retains the same charm, facilities and services with the exception of bank side lodges.

There are superb facilities which complement the lake with on site secure parking, Club House, quality shower and toilets (with mains water and electricity), free charging and freezer space, tackle shop, bait, tackle hire and food


  • Lake Size : 24 acres
  • Swims : 20+ doubles / singles situated on all banks.
  • Depth : Margin depths ranging from 3 - 9 feet, average lake depth of 10ft going to 16ft
  • Carp Stock : To over 50lbs. (Additional stocking in Winter ’09)
  • Other Fish : Catfish to 150lb+, Sturgeon to 85lb+ and Roach, Rudd, Perch, Pike
  • Lake Bed : Rich silt and gravel bottom.
  • Features : Shallows, deep margins, plateaus/ bars and overhanging trees.
  • Access : Excellent access to all swims, free transport to and from swims.
  • Night Fishing : Yes
  • Boats Allowed : No
  • Bait Boats Alllowed: Yes (Available to hire)

The mature lake being over 24 acres (water) and over 40yrs old is rich in natural life and mature bank vegetation, with planned  20+ spacious swims, these being specially constructed, mud free, well spaced and level with the waters edge blending in perfectly with the stunning setting. The lake is in the heart of the Normandy country side, flourishing in natural lake side vegetation with spectacular views around the lake.

There are varying depths throughout the lake with margins ranging from 3 – 9ft with the average depth throughout the lake being 10ft and the deepest of 16ft. Features, deep margins, plateau’s/ bars and overhanging trees. The lake has a silt and gravel bottom which is rich in naturals and spring fed ensuring a growth of healthy fish. There are no problem fish i.e. Poisson chat, crayfish etc. giving no reason to net your baits. Superb facilities complement the lake with on site secure parking, Club House, quality shower and toilets (with mains water and electricity), free charging and freezer space, tackle shop, bait, hire and food

There are superb facilities which complement the lake with on site secure parking, Club House, quality shower and toilets (with mains water and electricity), free charging and freezer space, tackle shop, bait, tackle hire and food

A Full food package is availble:

Mid week
Week end
Monday – Friday
Friday - Monday
135 €
80 €
Sunday roast 12.50€
Breakfast 10€
Dinner 12.50€

N.B. please note no breakfast is served on arrival or departure day

Please pre order your bait prior to arrival a minimum of two weeks in advance – this ensures your bait is ready for you on arrival. Bait is available on site for top ups and additional orders. We cannot guarantee bait availability on arrival if not pre ordered.
All bait is of the finest ingredients being an accepted food source for our fish (pre baiting) and prepared freshly as possible and delivered to your swim in buckets for particles and frozen boilies. N.B. Please return bait buckets after use.
Lake rules request that only frozen bolies are permitted, i.e. no Shelf life, with only particles including pellets purchased from the lake. Please respect these rules.
Bollies  - Vallee specials have been developed exclusively for Vallee Lake 1 to ensure maximum fish growth and prolonged use, using the best quality fishmeals and ingredients available. The use of these boilies over a sustained period of time will practically guarantee even bigger and healthier carp for the years ahead.
All Boilies are supplied in 5kg Bags in either 16, 18mm and dumbbells, matching pop ups and dips are also available. Split bags also available in 2.5kg qty @ 30€
Particles - We can also provide you with a choice of freshly prepared particles supplied in 5kg Buckets. Only Particles purchased at Valleelake can be used! WHY? Simple; we take our fish seriously and know that our particles are of the highest quality, and most importantly prepared correctly. Your benefits, all particles are pre - cooked and prepared ready for fishing on site – more space in the car, no customs hassle, Going Bait! Competitively priced – More time fishing! Why not add one of our bait soaks also for that personnel touch!

Frozen Boilies
56 € per 5kg
Hemp - Prepared
15 € per 5kg
Chili Hemp - Prepared
18 € per 5kg
Partiblend - Prepared
15 € per 5kg
Maise - Prepared
12 € per 5kg
Spicy Maise - Prepared
15 € per 5kg
Carp Pellets
15 € per 5kg
Pop-ups (Mixed)
8 € per tub
8 € per tub
Bottle Dip
10 € per bottle

Bait Deals:
  • Buy - 5Kg Boilies, 20kg of any paticles + bait soak and matching pop ups worth - 136 euros for only 110 euros SAVE 26 euros!
  • Buy - 15kg Boilies, 40kg of any partiicles, and receive 3 bait soaks + pop ups FREE!
  • Buy - 25kg Boilies, 60kg particles + 4 bait soaks & 4 tubs of pop ups - worth 542 euros for ONLY 480 euro! SAVE 62 euros!

At Vallee Lake they operate a tackle hire option for your convenience; this ensures you maximize your fishing, saving weight and space in your car. All hire equipment is regularly serviced with full bank side back up and tuition where necessary. Should you require additional equipment not listed, please enquire and we will do our best to assist you where possible.

All we ask is for the clean and safe return of all equipment in working order - A £50 deposit / credit details are required for all hire equipment with any damage or dirt charged to the hirer.

Bait Boats
We operate a bait boat ( Microcats ) hire facility that can be pre–booked, essential as they are popular. Full tuition and guidance is given. This type of fishing ensures accurate bait and hook link presentation, economic and precise use of bait, increase chances of catches and fish friendly. All boats have free battery top ups / solar panels, chargers and protection mats included. Echo sounder boats are available (additional cost) please enquire.




Mid week
Week end
Bankside Fridge
50 €
40 €
30 €
Microcat (2 anglers)
Echo sounder
120 €
90 €
70 €
25 €
20 €
15 €
1 Man Bivvy
40 €
38 €
30 €


40ltr Bankside Fridges
Due to popular demand we now operate a Bank side Fridge hire option. These fridges have great Capacity keeping all your drinks and food ice cold - bivvy side! Even with ice makers keeping those beers and Wine perfectly chilled! Fridges supplied in your swim with FREE gas.

Tackle Hire Available 24 Food Package Available Bait Available Exclusive Booking Available 1 57lbs 150lbs enquire compare

live availability

Online availability is not possible on this venue. Please contact us to make an enquiry.

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beautiful venue,with stunning views,very helpful owners,on hand when needed but not looking over your shoulder all week,its a venue that needs working,not just turning up and casting out,get your marker rod out and find the clear spots,there are plenty of them,would definatly go back ....more


easy place to find, nice drive down no problems with traffic ....more


A very nice lake, good swims, the water was very clear and there was little or no weed to speak of. We thought the bait was a little pricey. ....more


would recommend to others. ....more


The lake is beautiful and Mark and Nathalie were fantastic with there help and advice and i will be returning but next time will be earlier in the year. ....more

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