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Etang Rendezvous w/c 29 August 2015


 A total of 2,706lb+ of fish were caught this week comprising the following; Carp – best catch of the week weighed in at 43lb+, and the rest were 8x20lb+, 16x25lb+, 17x30lb, 6x35lb+ and 5x40lb+ plus a couple of pasties Cats - best catch of the week weighed in at 100lb, and the rest were ....more

Etang Rendezvous w/c 15 August 2015


 A total of 4,040lb+ of fish were caught this week comprising the following; Carp – best catch of the week weighed in at 42lb+, and the rest were 13x15lb+, 28x20lb+, 43x25lb+, 19x30lb, 8x35lb+ and 3x40lb+ plus a couple of pasties Cats - best catch of the week weighed in at 117lb 12oz, a ....more

Etang Rendezvous w/c 8 August 2015


 Weather: Some clear, hot sunny days then cloudy and overcast followed by 2 days of rain. Average air temperature 22⁰c - 26⁰c then to 30⁰c with an average water temperature of 22⁰c - 24⁰c A total of 2,523lb+ of fish were caught this week comprising the following; Carp – best catch of t ....more

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9th September 2017 NOW AVAILABLE


Due to a cancelation, we now have this date available to book exclusive use  ....more

New Lake Record For Grass carp


w/c 26 May 2012 The weather was much better this week and the water temperature was a fairly constant 24c. Total weight of fish caught this week was 1,232lb which included: Carp – The best catch of the week was a 41lb mirror carp; other catches included 1x35lb+, 3x30lb+, 8x25lb+, 6x20lb+, 3 ....more

Rain, rain, more rain, sunny, hailstones


The weather was horrendous all week. The water temp dropped 4c from 15c to 11c! Despite this a grand total of 2,880lb of fish was caught, which comprised; Carp - 2x40+, 11x35+, 16x30+, 19x25+, 33x20+, 19x15+ Catfish - 1x85 and 1x25 An exceptional catch for an extremely hard week.   ....more

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frequently asked questions

which is the nearest airport

 Hi, the nearest airport to Rendezvous is 'Poitiers'

we are fishing etang re ndezvous in april. can we use live baits for the cats.and the £100.00 desposit is per person or per group.


You are allowed to use live bait for the Cats which is fished for from the lake using single hook rigs only  (no doubles). Barrows are not provided although the lake is accessible by car if the ground is firm enough, if not the owners can take gear round for you. The refundable deposit is per party and is paid on arrival.

Please let me know if I can help further.

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etang rendezvous

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The stunning exclusive lake of Etang Rendezvous is situated just 40 minutes northwest picturesque town of Chateauroux which is an easy 4 hours drive from Le Havre and only 6 hours from Calais, avoiding Paris and less if you brave the Peripheri

Etang Rendezvous is a 12 acre lake with its own private entrance and is completely self-contained.  It is fishable from all sides and is exclusive for you and your party.

The lake is stocked with Catfish up to over 138lb together with over 450 mirrors and commons to 61lb and a good head of original Carp. There is also a good head of coarse fish. No licenses or permits are required. Night fishing is also permitted. An on site caretaker will assist you wherever possible. Carp/Catfish landing mats are supplied and only our landing mats are to be used. Etang Rendezvous is essentially a bivvy lake, although it does have two chalets located at the far end of the lake and a separate toilet. One is equipped with two bunk beds (ie four beds), shower and washing facilities. The other is fully equipped with gas cooker, fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster, Sky tv, table and chairs, cutlery, crockery, pans and glasses. There is also a large chest freezer for frozen baits. Both chalets are independently wired for mains electricity. There is also now an electricity supply to each of the swims on the road side.

Cost for up to 5 anglers for exclusive use £1400 for 2017 onwards

  • Lake Size : 12 acres
  • Swims : 11
  • Depth : 8 feet to 2 foot at the shallow end
  • Carp Stock : Over 450 Mirrors & Commons to over 61lbs, grass carp
  • Other Fish : Catfish up to 138lbs+ plus a full range of coarse fish.
  • Lake Bed : Firm bottom with minimal silt.
  • Features : One island, gravel bars, overhanging trees.
  • Access : Designated parking area, vehicle access is not possible around the lake
  • Night Fishing : Yes
  • Boats Allowed : Yes - supplied
  • Bait Boats Allowed: Yes


Etang Rendezvous is in the region of Chateauroux, which is approximately 2 hours drive from Paris or 6 hours from Calais. For those wishing to go via the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo the drive time is 4 hours. The venue is gated and secure, with all the amenities anglers will require for a week’s stay. It is fishable from all sides and there is an electricity supply to each of the swims on the road side. There is 12 acres of water set in 17 acres of land and with a maximum of 5 anglers this gives ample water for all those fishing.

The lake depth ranges from 9ft at the Dam wall to 2ft in the shallows, the bottom being mainly silt with gravel in the margins and shallows. There are many reed beds, with shrubs and trees overhanging the water. All branches below the water line have been removed to facilitate fishing. Night fishing is permitted and no licences or permits are required. Our Bailiff will be pleased to assist you wherever possible.

Etang Rendezvous was originally dug in 1941 as a shooting venue and has become a beautiful lake surrounded by large mature trees and vegetation. It is set in open countryside, having no immediate neighbours and there isn’t a main road to be seen or heard – a perfect location for those who like their peace and quiet. In 2002 the lake became a fishery being stocked with carp and catfish. The current carp stock stands at approximately 450 mature fish, with the largest captures in 2015 being a 60lb common and 138lb catfish. The lake has a good head of 20, 30, 40 and 50lb fish. It is not a venue where you will sit behind quiet rods. With a little thought the fish are very catchable, as our overall weekly tallies show, our best for 2015 being 5300lbs for 4 anglers.
We welcome bait boats and for those not owning one, they are available for hire (see hire section). There is also a row boat on site that can be used for baiting up. We ask that you use a good quality bait at the lake. This is not only better for the fish, but will improve your results, as digestible baits will pass through the fish easily and quickly and they will want to feed again, rather than waiting on the bottom with bloated bellies. If you require bait, please see our bait section. There is a large chest freezer for those wishing to bring frozen baits.


Etang Rendezvous is essentially a bivvy lake, although it does have 2 chalets located at the far end of the lake, which are independently wired for mains electricity and a separate toilet. One chalet is equipped with 2 bunk beds (ie 4 beds) a shower and washing facilities. The other is fully equipped with Sky TV, gas cooker, microwave, toaster, fridge and freezer along with table and chairs, cutlery, crockery, pans and glasses. Please note that no bed linen or towels are supplied. There is good reception for mobile phones.
We require all anglers to be aware of the Lake Rules and the Booking T&C’s prior to attending the lake. These are in place for your personal safety and the safety of the fish.
For all enquiries please see contact details, or for booking enquiries please refer to availability. Early booking is advised, as this is a popular venue.



At Etang Rendezvous we have two cabins that are for your use whilst you are staying with us.

Cabin one is a fully equipped kitchen. This includes a gas oven and hob and a six seater table and chairs. There are also two fridge freezers ready and waiting for you to fill with all the great beer, cheese and wine that is available in the local area. We also have a large chest freezer should you wish to bring your own frozen bait and food.

Cabin two is for those that may not wish to fish full time – or if you need a break from hauling large carp!!! There are 2 bunk beds (4 beds) a shower and sink unit. This cabin also has plug sockets (English) for you to charge the all important ‘tech’ that so many of us now use.

Both the cabins are for your exclusive use and there are no hidden costs with them as it’s all included when you book the lake.

We know that some of you like to split the travelling up and arrive at the lake fresh and ready to fish, so why not travel down on the Friday and stay with our good friend Jim Cruikshank and enjoy a night at the wonderful ‘LesTardes’ B&B. The lake is just a 20 minute drive from LesTardes. Jim is a great cook and a wonderful host, so get dinner,bed & breakfast at a fantastic rate. For further information please contact Jim directly on +33 7 80 44 54 77.

The following bait is available to pre-ordered: 

Boilies 1kg  to be advised
Maize (prepared) 56lb bucket  £20
Carp pellets 10ml / 20kg £35
Large Halibut pellets 20ml / 2kg  to be advised

 Please contact for more details

Dogs Allowed 12 Food Package Available 1 Bait Available Exclusive Booking Available 4.5 61lbs 120lbs book now compare

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The lake fished very hard after spawning early in the week, there were far to many catfish runs for our liking which resulted in lost fish most of the time as they were to powerful for our carp tackle, I realise many cats are landed at the venue but it didn’t work out that way for us. We have landed ....more


Weather was changable all week making fishing challenging,but still did quite well. Fish came from margins,open water and far side under trees from all ends and middle of the lake. ....more


Nice lake in superb surroundings. Food can be provided at additional cost. We took up this option and found it food and service excellent. The meal package consisted of breakfast and evening meal, which is all proper home cooking. ....more


After waiting over 2 years to get on this venue our expectations were soaring out of control when we pulled up at the gates to the mighty Rendezvous. George met us with reports of a record week from the previous weeks anglers and this only added to our excitement. Following advice from George we sp ....more


What a fantastic venue this is. Although listed as a Bivvy only water the facilities were superb. Indeed, could be persuaded to take the wife there. ....more

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