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Cats to 104lbs and Carp to 39lbs.


Mike Sparrow, who was at Cailleaux last week, said the Cats were on the feed but the Carp were slow and full of spawn. Looks like it's going to be an early one this season. Still a good session for the two of them. Nice one lads. For more visit ....more

ETANG CAILLEAUX at its best.


Vijay and three friends had a good week at Etang Cailleaux. They managed to catch 68 20's to 29lbs, 6 30's to 39lbs AND 5 Cats to 54lbs. Although the weather didn't treat them too kindly, it eased up towards the end of the week and the lake came alive. They caught all their Carp on Dynamite baits ( ....more

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etang cailleaux

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Etang Cailleaux is a 5 acre lake situated in the Loire valley, one hour south-west of Paris. The journey from Calais can take as little as 3 ½ hours if you utilise the auto routes and skirt around the periferique of Paris. Alternatively, you can take the more scenic route, avoiding Paris, and following the west coast of France passing Rouen and Evreux. This may take a little longer but keeps the tolls down to a minimum. Only minutes from the nearest village of Authon-du-Perche, the lake is perfect for the bivvy angler.

  • Lake Size : 5 Acres
  • Swims : 10 pegged swims
  • Depth : 8 feet shallowing to 3-4 feet in the margins.
  • Carp Stock : Mirrors & commons to 55lbs.
  • Other Fish : Catfish from 30 to 135lbs. Other fish: Sturgeon, roach, rudd, perch, tench, Koi carp and grass carp
  • Lake Bed : Gravel bed with silt patches.
  • Features : Plateaus
  • Access : Excellent access by car to the rear of each swim
  • Night Fishing : Yes
  • Boats Allowed : No
  • Baits Boats Allowed: Yes

Etang Cailleaux is 5 acres in size and can be described as a wedge shaped lake with fishing permissible from one bank only. The 10 swims are evenly spaced and start with number 1 at the widest
section, with a casting distance to the far margin of around 130 – 150 yards. This is also the deepest part of the lake. It becomes shallower towards swim 10 with the cast to the far margin being around 80 – 90 yards. Each swim has excellent access, allowing you to park your car just behind your bivvy if you want to. There is
ample space for bivvy’s and the mature trees which line the bank offer great cover. The open water presents very few snags, swim 10 is at the end of the lake where most snags are. This is where the huge cats tend to head for when struck.

For the bivvy angler there are shower facilities with an English toilet. They are positioned on the opposite bank, just out of view from the lake. 

There is also electric charging points situated at the shower block ideal for charging bait boats and mobile phones.

Dogs Allowed 5 2 Exclusive Booking Available 2 55lbs 135lbs enquire compare

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Great week away lovely venue as have been before ....more


Enjoyable week, everything for drive and survive ....more


This is the third time time here and we have always done well,this year was dissapointing ,there was seven fishing which for me is to many, we had cats upto 100lb ,carp upto 42lb,grass upto 36lb,the lake is good for 5 anglers at the most. ....more


Another fab week at etang was a bit worried with the heat but as always the fish were biting ....more


The lake itself was very tidy, pegs were well laid out, wouldnt like to have anymore than 5 or 6 on though. ....more

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