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Croix Blanche Tortue Lake That was the Week that Was


 Large groups on the lakes over the years have often been sources of hassle for me and for themselves. They are invariably difficult to organize for the guy who takes on the task, and I have seen it end in huge arguments on the banks between guys often who don’t really know each other. S ....more

Croix Blanche Tortue Lake Superb fortnight on Tortue


Here are a few photos of Paul Macleod’s fortnight trip to the venue. Paul on his third trip to the lakes once again got amongst the big fish banking the largest carp of the year to date. He started off for his first week on peg 13 of the Tortue Lake where he got right amongst the fish landing ....more

Croix Blanche Tortue Lake An amazing week


The last week of September has to go down as a truly amazing week’s fishing. Star of the week was undoubtedly, regular at the venue, Ceri Howells from Wales who banked an incredible 69 fish in the week including catfish to 103lb & carp to 50lb 6oz. Fishing on peg 12 on the Tortue Lake Cer ....more

croix blanche tortue lake news

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Croix Blanche - January News


In the previous news I talked about the mild weather and one of my own personal successes with a fantastic 46lb common. Well despite three of four days of heavy frosts last week the general tendency for mild weather has persisted and even if it has been fairly wet the fishing, compared to previous J ....more

46lb PB Common from Tortue


Just returned from a couple of nights on the Tortue Lake. Don't get much time to fish these days, but the mild weather was just too tempting. PVA bags filled with carp pellet and Quest Pineapple boiles were cast to the plateau area from peg 14. I manage four runs for 3 fish. Two were 20's, but the ....more



Following what was the hottest and driest Spring since records were kept, we moved into a month of July which proved to be the wettest and coldest in thirty years. The climate really does seem to be in complete turmoil. This in consequence has a knock on effect for the fishing. With so much rain d ....more

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croix blanche tortue lake

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Croix Blanche lakes are mature sandpits set in northern France covering around 17 acres in total, set in a domain of over 30 acres. The venue is just 2 hours 30 minutes from Calais and only 100 kilometres from the Belgain border. Excavated in the late 1970s, the complex consists of 2 beautifully matured & established carp fishing lakes, renowned for their big fish, plus one 1 acre stock lake.

•CROIX BLANCHE LAKE - 6 Acres - 7 Swims - Maximum of 5 anglers
•TORTUE LAKE - 8 Acres - 8 Swims - Maximum of 5 anglers 

  • Lake Size: 8 acres 

  • Swims : 8 numbered swims
  • Depth: 2m to 5m 
  • Carp Stocks: Good head of carp in both lakes to over 50lb. Average around 25lb+. 
  • Catfish Stocks: Catfish to well over 100lb. A good number or 30's,40's and 50's.Current lake record is 107lb. 
  • Other fish: Grass carp to 40lb+, specimen crucian carp, tench, pike, bream. 
  • Lake Bed: Firm gravel and chalk, some weed 
  • Features: Margin over hangs, bars, deep gullies, central plateau. 
  • Access: Most pegs accessible by car 
  • Night Fishing: Yes 
  • Boats allowed: Bait boats and rowing. boats are allowed. Use responsibly 
  • From Ferry: 150 miles or 2.5 hours 
  • English spoken: Yes

The Tortue lake is the larger of the two fishing lakes, situated at the far end of the complex. It is marginally larger than the Croix lake at around 8 acres.. It consists of eight numbered swims from 8 to 15. Again the swims have been constructed to provide as comfortable fishing as is possible in accordance with the varying water levels during the year.

The swims on the central causeway between the two lakes, No's: 8, 13 ,14 & 15 are mostly dugouts, where as the swims on the river bank are stepped and often under water in the early Spring.
The main feature on the venue is the central plateau, that has an average depth of 2-3 feet and is at castable distance from most pegs.

The far end of the venue, in front of pegs 12 & 13 is deeper averaging 9-12 feet as are the margins in front of all swims. There is a fair amount of weed on the shallower bars in the centre of the lake, with large holes that can easily be fished.

The track gives access by car to the causeway swims at all times, but is trickier on the far margin where swims are better reached on foot.

The lake has been stocked with similar quantities of fish over the years to the Croix Lake, but growth rates seem to be marginally better. The lake was once home of the famous "Hippo" who topped the scales at over 76lb. The current lake record is a mirror of 55lb. The average is excellent at over 30lb with numerous 40's including a fabulous two-tone common at 48lb.

One of the top attractions of the lake is its large catfish that go to well over 100lb, the average being in the 30's. These awesome predators can offer a serious test to both angler and tackle

Shower block:

The facilities on the water are very good. At the entrance to the venue there is a shower and English style toilet block with two hot showers and two toilets. The block consists of:

  • Two hot showers.

  • A stainless steel wash basin.

  • Bench seating so you can get changed easily and comfortably.

  • There is a toilet inside the block as well as a separate one outside so you don't have to wait your turn if the shower is occupied.

There is a first class mobile home on site that can be used for accommodation, and is available as an optional rental. It consists of :

  • A lounge area

  • A bathroom and shower

  • A separate toilet

  • A fitted kitchen, with all the utensils you'll need including gas hob, oven, microwave, fridge etc.

  • Two bedrooms, both with brand new beds, that can sleep three people (one double room and one single).

  • The sofa in the living area is also convertible to allow a further sleeping area.


Croix Blanche - Bait

PROLINE BOILIES PACKS OF 2.5 Kg ..…………          25,00€
Croix Blanche Special (Robin Red Garlic)
POP-UPS ………………………………………………… 5,00€
4 flavors: Rahja Spice, Crab, Surf’n’Turf, Fruity Trifle
HEMP 5 Kg..……………………………………………     15,00€
MAPLE PEAS 5 Kg……………………………………      15,00€
MIXED SEEDS 5 Kg…………………………………..     15,00€
MAIZE 5 Kg……………………………………………       10,00€
CARP PELLETS 5 Kg…………………………………     15,00€

*Seeds cooked to order. Please count with 24 hour preparation time
STARTER BAIT PACK………………………………..      50,00€
2,5 kg Boilies of your choice
5 kg Hemp or Mixed Seeds
5 kg of Carp Pellets
1 Pot of Pop Ups
SESSION BAIT PACK…………………………………     100,00€
5 kg Boilies of your choice
10 kg Hemp or Mixed Seeds
10 kg of Carp Pellets
1 Pot of Pop Ups
Dogs Allowed 8 Bait Available Exclusive Booking Available 2.5 55lbs 110lbs enquire compare

live availability

Online availability is not possible on this venue. Please contact us to make an enquiry.

croix blanche tortue lake feedback

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was hard fishing and wet and windy but that's life still had fun the swim I had was to weedy for me ....more


Nice venue, Good facilities and nice guy. ....more


I never have so big fish and so many big fish. Great holiday I will remember all my life. Thanks If you like to go take make sure you have good gear with you. Fish will test you and your rods ....more


Good lake,water was very high.Had nothing at peg 13 for first half of week ,moved to 14. Wednesday onwards caught carp best common of 41lb.The other member Peter Hidson had a very good week in peg 15 .We followed the fish into shallower waters. ....more

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