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Le Moulin du Mee A great week for the Mancs lads! Well the lads from ’sunny Manchester’ have completed their week and what a great week it turned out to be. Pb’s broken daily and the lake record common landed also plus the biggest brace to date meant it was of Le Moulin du Mee’s best weeks this year. Keith Jones had 28 carp including the new lake record common and the biggest brace (common at 43.25lb’s and mirror at 39lb’s) and Gary Rothwell also broke his Pb’s for both mirror and common and finished up with 28 carp also. Gary had 5 x 30’s up to 38lb and one wonders what he and Keith would have totaled had they fished all nights instead of bringing the rods in for a couple. Mark Aldridge and Shaun Hall spent the week doing there own version of ‘Passion for Angling’ and were to be seen spending their days creeping around the undergrowth stalking the carp. They each had some fabulous fish including a stunning 36lb common to Shaun and 5 x 30+ mirrors to Mark. I reckon the highlight of Marks week was the 31lb mirror he stalked from the narrow channel at the top of the lake. Young Dean Bishop also had some lovely fish including 2 Scale back to her best at 37lb and Dell Griffiths managed new Pb’s for both mirror and common as well as some other cracking fish. Only Chris Booth failed to get amongst the carp in numbers but still managed a new Pb after moving swims at the back end of the week. The total for the week was 132 including 128 carp and 4 sturgeon. As well as the lake’s new Pb common at 43.24lb the catch included the follows: 40lb +-1 carp, 35 - 40lb-5 carp, 30 - 35lb-10 carp, 25 - 30lb-27 carp, 20 - 25lb-49 carp, doubles-37 carp, Sturgeon-4 with 2 at 20lbs and 2 doubles. The weather was warm and sunny during the day but quite cool at nights for the whole week with just a little wind from the North East. Water temperatures dropped to around 18c from 25c just 2 weeks ago so the carp are now starting their pre winter feed and they anticipate some great fishing for the rest of the season. The successful tactics were boilies over a heavy baiting of our carp pellets. Their crab boilie was very successful and had the new record amongst many other carp.

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