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The start of the 2013 season


Another very cold week saw the carp once again playing very hard to catch. With a mixture of north winds, clear freezing nights and towards the end of the week, mizzle and murk, resulted in conditions that were more like January than early spring. Most of the fish were lying up in mid water and just refusing to feed in the winter like conditions however some good angling saw the lads put together a really impressive bag of carp. Top rod was Keith Williams who worked very hard for a deserved catch of 25 carp including a brace of 50′s and a further 14 fish of over 40lb. That sets a new record for the amount of fish over 40lb for an angler at LMDM – great fishing !! Tony also did well with 6 x 30′s and 4 x 40′s including a brace of 47′s and a 46. Andy struggled to get on the fish but still managed 4 mirrors up to 39lb 10 oz. Lynn enjoyed the warmth of her sleeping bag for much of the time but still banked the only sturgeon of the week at 26lb. All in all I am very happy to see the carp in such superb condition and by all reports, fighting extremely hard despite the cold water. It augers well for the future and I am excited at the prospect of seeing some of the big girls banked once conditions improve. In particular I would like to see how ‘Saddleback’ has overwintered as last time we saw her she was struggling to fully submerge. We are hoping that she will turn up as fit as ever but in all honesty I am preparing myself for the worst. We will see ! Anyway, total catch for the week is as follows. 2 x 50lb+ 18 x 40lb - 50lb 13 x 30lb - 40lb 4 x 20lb - 30lb 1 x double 1 x single Total catch to date is as follows. 2 x 50lb carp 25 x 40lb - 50lb (including 15 over 45lb) 16 x 30lb - 40lb 5 x 20lb - 30lb 1 x double 1 x single 2 x sturgeon Week 3 has started very, very cold however Ian bagged the first fish of the week - a stunning mirror of 57lb. Happy days !

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