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More cracking fish this month.


 The past 4 weeks have seen us enjoy 3 lake exclusives of 4 anglers and a 'holiday week where we intended having a week free but eventually relented and allowed a couple of lads fish for the week. All in all the fishing was once more extremely productive and although the post spawning period has seen most of the fish down in weight they seem to be recovering very quickly. In fact, a common comment from the lads was on the fabulous condition of the carp banked as can be seen from the pictures that accompany this report (more details can be obtained from our blog at

The total catch fro the 4 weeks was 173 fish comprising 3 carp over 50lb, 16 between 40lb and 50lb, 92 between 30lb and 40lb, 48 between 20lb and 30lb, 3 doubles, 8 x sturgeon and 3 x catfish.

One thing that augers well for the remainder of the season is that so many of the fish are close to breaking into the next weight category with half the 40's being over 45lb and more than 50 of the 30's being over 35lb. The real big girls have generally stayed elusive and I fully expect that the back end of the season will see some rather special fish banked. With the 'saddleback' common being banked at 61lb in April and several other big 50's being landed early in the season it is reasonable to expect them to be back to best weights by early September. Exciting times !!

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