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A touch of rain and some cracking fish.


 It has been another great week with lots of laughs, much needed rain and some cracking fish. The carp continue to turn up in stunning condition and this weeks catch saw so many fine fish recovering well from spawning and fighting like tigers. The final tally was 60 fish banked with one 50lb mirror followed by fish of 47lb 8oz, 45lb 10oz, 45lb 6oz, 45lb 4oz and 42lb. There were also 30 x 30lb carp banked with 12 of them over 35lb along with 15 x 20's and just 3 doubles. Just the one catfish at 40lb plus 5 sturgeon up to 35lb made up the bag. Top rod was John Merritt who had the 50lb mirror plus 3 x 40's, 10 x 30's and a 40lb catfish in his 22 fish bag. John's wife Christine was also amongst the fish and had 13 fish with her best being a 42lb mirror and a 39lb 8oz common. Everyone caught a good few fish with Roger having a new pb of 47lb 8oz, Tony a best mirror of 38lb and Simon a best of 35lb 13oz. All in all a cracking week.

The weather has been very wet with the rain giving us another 5 inches of water over the period and with more rain due our worries regarding water levels seem to be over for this year at least !! With the carp showing up in numbers once again we have been able to get a much better idea as to how spawning has effected them this year. It seems that most fish are down a few pounds in weight with very hollow back ends but we fully expect them to be back to top weights once again by September time with the final weeks of the season seeing best weights of the year. With such a heavy spawning we were worried that the big girls may be a bit knocked about but the overall condition of the carp is so good that I am now looking forward to seeing how they develop between now and next spring. It is possible that the opening weeks may throw up another 60 and that the 'Saddleback' common may well achieve the upper 60's but more importantly we should be seeing lots of carp breaking the 50lb barrier. Happy Days !!

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