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PB's All Round - Catch Report 8th Sept - 15th Sept 2012.



Mirrors: 26lb 1oz, 30lb, 36lb 8oz (pb).

Commons: 17lb 3oz, 23lb.

Wels' catfish: 45lb 2oz (pb) plus two kittens.


Mirrors: 17lb 3oz, 19lb 8oz, 25lb 2oz, 28lb 2oz, 29lb 5oz, 31lb 5oz, 33lb (pb).

Common: 18lb 5oz (pb). plus a couple of kittens.


Mirrors: 18lb, 23lb 10oz, 34lb (pb), 20lb 8oz, 20lb 14oz, 22lb 14oz.

Commons: 16lb 2oz, 27lb 2oz.

Wels' catfish: 18lb plus two kittens.

Comments: boated boilie over pellet for most fish, some to stalking in margins. We all had a terrific week, we all had pb's which is what France is all about. Yet again Paul and Hazel made it a week to remember, great fishing, great facilities. Looking forward to our next visit, many thanks!

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