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Three Anglers Land 1,793lb of Carp and Cats!


Three anglers had a massive bag of fish last week from the prolific Eagle Lake and Peters Pool.

Leading the way was Spencer Tuddenham with thirty fish. The biggest carp Spencer banked was 42lb, along with three thirties of 33lb 6oz, 35lb and 33lb 7oz, twelve twenties up to 29lb 14oz plus some doubles. In what was a very quiet week for the cats, Spencer bagged the biggest at 37lb 8oz.

Spencers dad, Gary, banked his first ever forty with a superb mirror of 40lbs 4ozs, plus another at 34lb 8ozs and five twenties up to 29lbs 5ozs plus some doubles.

Young Tom Starman had a brilliant week on Peters Pool next door landing five thirties which included two commons of 31lb 8oz and three mirrors of 32lbs, 31lbs 8ozs and 30lbs 4ozs. Tom also banked nine twenties to a best of 28lb 12oz (common) plus numerous doubles.

The trio, all from Fakenham, Norfolk, banked 1,793lbs of fish! It goes without saying they have already re-booked for next year!!!

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