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Catch Report Eagle and Peters 24/3/2012 - 29/3/2012


Andy O'Brien
Mirror: 37lbs 4ozs (pb)
Wels catfish: 37lbs 1ozs, 40lbs, 51lbs (pb)
Paddy (Andys Mrs)
Mirrors: 24lbs 4ozs (pb), 32lb 8ozs (new pb), 34lbs 4ozs (new, new pb!)
Wels catfish: 44lbs 13ozs (pb).
Note: Hazel, thanks for the tips, for the girls!!!!!

Comments: Didnt fish nights, mainly fished late morning:early evening. Only fished Eagle properly. 1 day both ill, no fishing! Amazing fishing!!! Cats waking up!!! Most fish from margins on various boilies over Paul's pellets.
Love the new accommodation, a home from home. See you in July on Orchard. Thanks to you both xx.

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