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Great Week on Eagle and Peters Pool


Three lads from Hull fished Eagle and Peters Pool for the first week in October and were rewarded with no less than SEVEN personal bests!

Here is a breakdown of the catch!

Catches from Eagle:

Mirrors: 22lb, 28lb 11oz, 15lb, 27lb, 28lb 3oz, 21lb 5oz, 25lb 5oz, 16lb, 25lb, 38lb 1oz, 41lb 5oz (pb)

Common: 4lb 4oz.

Wels catfish: 8lb 8oz, 44lb 2oz (pb)

Catches from Peters Pool:

Mirrors: 28lb 6oz, 17lb 4oz, 19lb 3oz, 16lb, 18lb, 26lb, 25lb, 16lb, 13lb.

Commons: 26lb, 14lb, 16lb.


Catches from Eagle:

Mirror: 16lb.

Common: 17lb, 9lb.

Wels' catfish: 30lb, 51lb (pb), 10lb plus a kitten.

Catches from Peters Pool:

Mirrors: 22lb (pb), 16lb, 13lb 8oz, 11lb, 6lb.

Commons: 27lb, 29lb 7oz (pb), 16lb 9oz.


Catches from Eagle:

Mirrors: 34lb 3oz, 34lb 8oz (pb), 4lb, 34lb, 28lb 11oz, 26lb.

Common: 4lb.

Wels' catfish: 34lb (pb).

Catches from Peters Pool

Mirrors: 21lb 5oz, 24lb 8oz, 13lb 4oz, 21lb 1oz plus a small common.

Their feedback: fantastic week - we will be back!

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