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Customer name
Paul & Bradley
Vallee Lake 2
Date of holiday
Number of anglers
Brief details of your catches
Mirrors to 33 lbs Common to 32lbs Sturgeon to 50lb
What did you find were the best tactics/baits?
large ped of pellets & party mix using bait boat at 100mtr range - Fished bloodworm dumbell over top
Were the facilities what you expected?
Showers and toilets were alway clean Food was exellent - a little expensive comapred to other venues I've been to but no expense was spared on ingredients and quantity - will book food again on my next visit
Were you happy with them?
Very happy
Would you recommend the venue to a friend?
Would you recommend our services to a friend?
Already done so...and will continue to do so
Really great venue , very well run by Mark and Nathalie Swims are all accessable by car and all swims are graveled - no mud in youre bivvy. There is some weed but it is certanly fishable - only lost one big sturgeon due to weed Weather was auful which certanly effected our catch but I am already planning a revist to claim back some pride!