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Customer name
John Mutton
Les Burons
Date of holiday
Number of anglers
Brief details of your catches
4x 30s up to 33/12 5x 20s 1x teen Only fished days no nights.
What did you find were the best tactics/baits?
Hard to say but maize & pellets did slightly better than boilies. Most fish came from left hand island.
Were the facilities what you expected?
Yes been before
Were you happy with them?
Yes we enjoyed the week, had a good laugh even though the fishing was a bit tough
Would you recommend the venue to a friend?
Would you recommend our services to a friend?
The carp were a bit cagey, giving finicky indications. Had to shorten my rigs and use heavier leads to get better takes. Mallards were a bloody nuisance diving down on the bait.