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Customer name
Peter + Annette Kilroyne ( colne, lancs )
Les Burons
Date of holiday
Number of anglers
Brief details of your catches
8 fish and 3 sturgeon & 1 grassy 30.07lb common ( PB commons )
What did you find were the best tactics/baits?
No preferred bait used 3 flavours , pop ups, mis-shafted , snowman rigs and maize over pellet and pigeon mix , 6/8 fish caught on free running leads (1 ½ oz ) fished pegs 2 and 3 and bivvie peg
Were the facilities what you expected?
YES the hard bivvies are a great innovation. Mobile home does its job with no frills
Were you happy with them?
Yes superb hosts – even rob the part time one !
Would you recommend the venue to a friend?
Yes & will do
Would you recommend our services to a friend?
Fishing was hard this week with ---LONG--- periods of nothingness Sunday /Thursday was pretty well cloudless a bright sun did not help the fishing . fished only 1 night session (2 sturgeon) . signs that spawning began on Friday . this does not detract from a wonderfully relaxing week for myself and Annette the net ! we leave with a healthy tan and good memories Must be said – the dog can be quite intimidating particularly for those nervous around large animals.