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Customer name
La Verrerie
Date of holiday
Number of anglers
Brief details of your catches
We caught a lot of 5kg carps, some of 7kg, 8kg, 9kg. We caught also two carps of 10kg and three carps of 11,5kg and one of 12kg. We also caught both of the sturgeons (one is 7kg and one 5kg) and we caught both of them more than once (i think 3-4 times each).
What did you find were the best tactics/baits?
pop-up corn boiles (for carp) with fish and fruit fragrance worms
Were the facilities what you expected?
yes! More than that.
Were you happy with them?
The mobile house at the lake was very cool =D we spend almost all the time there. The best was the other house - it was very chilly inside (that was great since it was very hot outside) and the decoration was very beautiful. We very much liked the pool that was in the yard - the water was super chilly ! =D
Would you recommend the venue to a friend?
Yes certainly
Would you recommend our services to a friend?
La Verrerie is a very nice venue for anglers and family. We had our dog with us too, and it really enjoyed being there. We had really nice time. My 2 year old son was riding horse, also me and my partner went on horse riding with Yvone. I would absolutly recommend this venue for everyone who is excited about fishing and for families with small and biger childerns - if you have a dog he will definitly enjoy himself running around the lake =D