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Kirk Family
Etang Tissier
Date of holiday
Number of anglers
Brief details of your catches
Total of 74 fish - 24 fish over 30lb 94lb catfish 101lb catfish New lake record
What did you find were the best tactics/baits?
Were the facilities what you expected?
Were you happy with them?
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Would you recommend our services to a friend?
Well, what a weeks fishing!! In total, 2135lb of fish caught excluding kittens and carp under 10lb. Total of 74 fish at time of writing this, including pb’s all round as follows: Mason was top rod with 29 fish and pb 34lb mirror Joe (first time in France) had 14 fish with 2 x 40’s with a pb of 42lb Andy had 17 fish with a pb mirror of 37 1/4lb, pb grassy at 34lb and a stonking catfish of 94lb!! John had 14 fish with a pb mirror of 37lb and a monster 101lb catfish. A red letter week in a brilliant fishery thats a credit to Peter. If you are reading this and have never been to etang Tissier, you are missing a treat. Thanks for a great week, Peter. Shame its pissing down as we contemplate packing up for the return home but we cant complain. Ik suspect you will be seeing us again for visit number 5!!!