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Etang des Landes

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 New to….'Etang des Landes'

An absolutely stunning new addition to the portfolio offering a beautiful 4.75 acre lake in the loire valley for exclusive use for up to 5 anglers.

David and Tina will welcome you to this idyllic lake to fish for pristine Carp to just over 50lbs, everything about it oozes quality from faultless commons to beautiful linears.

Exclusive use for 2 anglers will cost just £750, £950 for 3 anglers and £1100 for up to 5 anglers.

A food package is available and bait is available onsite. All in all, a fantastic venue which we're proud to represent.

For more info please visit

Posted by David Gordon on 04/02/2014 15:38 Categories : Update

Christmas Message

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from

What a fantastic year it's been, with record numbers of PB's being caught with results getting better and better as the season went on. This year saw the most amount of 60's and 70's being banked, well done to all those who managed their personal best, whether that was your first French 20lb'er or 10th French 60lb'er…..Yes, a customer breached this mega milestone in October this year!

We have welcomed back a record number a repeat customers during 2013 and 2014 is set to do the same, it just goes to show that quality venues with quality Carp mixed with quality service will always be in demand.

We will look forward to talking with all those we already know and to all those we will get to know as they choose to fish one of our waters in 2014.

Enjoy the festive period and have a fantastic New Year.


Posted by David Gordon on 27/12/2013 12:56 Categories : Update, The Latest

So far so good

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 It's been a mixed start to the season with some venues having the best start to a season they have ever had, namely Vallee Lake 1 with umpteen 50's and several 60's ( The weather has been unprecedented with the relentless cold weather. For many lakes, the water temperature has remained well below 10 degrees, where normally you expect to see double figures by now.

The general concensus is that the prolonged cold spell will push spawning back and in some cases this maybe toward the latter part of June....the weather can do funny things though and it only takes a hot spell like we had at the end of March last year to bring things back in line with normal business to resume. For all thoses who took a calculated risk this season with spawning in mind....if you get it right this year, you've worked miricles!

Back to the fishing...It's been a very succesful start at Ultimate Lake ( which also found itseld under a foot anf a half of snow in March still managed to produce some fantastic fish. Jim at Le Moulin du Mee ( has kept us all updated with what's been going on further south, and the fish are starting to come now it seems with the latest report for this week seeing 5 x 50's, 7 x 40's (4 over 45lb), 10 x 30's, 2 x 20's and a single.

Keeping to the southerly quarters, The new lake Forest Pool, managed by Nikki and Julian of Birch Pool Retreat got off to a flyer with 30 Carp landed including 10 x 30's, very impressive for a 2.5 acre lake which has only just opening for business. As for Birch Pool Retreat (, what can I say, 2 PB's already this season in the shape of a 53lb common and 51lb Mirror.

Again, The Retreat ( exceeds expectations with a wonderful review from Peter Brewer who has recently returned from a 10 day stint. March proved to be good for Lake Juvanze ( too with 50's and 40's coming out in abundance and Juvanze Blue ( producing some great fishing too.

Eagle Lake ( is currently bearing the brunt of some soggy weather but it's keeping the lads on there this week very busy with 20's and 30's coming out all the time. Luckily with the wet weather comes the milder temeratures....but it's still not T-Shirt weather by any stretch of the imagination. Birch Lake ( has also produced well with 3 x 30's and 6 x 20's coming to Simon Palmer last week.

More great reviews coming in for Hooked in France ( which started off really well in March with 50 fish being banked in the first 2 weeks including a cracking 50lb+ common.

That's all for now, please don't forget to send through your feedback and photos.

All the best.




Posted by David Gordon on 11/04/2013 10:32 Categories : Catch Report, Update

Changes to Facebook

So Facebook have been moving a few bits around, this means you won't always get to see our updates, and most importantly what's been banked at all our venues.

If you don't want to miss out on our latest news, visit our facebook page and you will see a little cog in the top right hand corner (next to the message button), click on this and then you can add us to your interest lists!


Posted by David Gordon on 26/10/2012 10:34 Categories : Update

A little bit more Breathalyser info for you.

As the French Law becomes enforceable in November this year, it's wise to get prepared. Up to now we have found the Alcosense Breathalyser to be the one which is most recommended.

Here's a link for more info and how to go about getting hold of one:

Posted by David Gordon on 04/05/2012 15:17 Categories : Update

'Mega' week at Ultimate

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Danny Windust and his party had a week to remember. More PB's than you can shake a stick at!! Possibly too much info for you, but for your reference:

41 Mirror pb
37 Mirror
29 Mirror
47.12 Mirror
16.10 Pike pb
53.14 Mirror Arthur pb
43.06 Mirror pb
37.02 Mirror pb
16.10 Pike
46.06 Mirror
40.01 Mirror pb
52.06 Mirror Spike pb
41.02 Mirror
15.10 Pike pb
40.02 Mirror
54.06 Mirror unknown, now called "Big Bry". pb
36.14 Mirror
6 Pike
15.08 Pike
6.04 Pike
28.05 Mirror
30.00 Mirror
53.14 Mirror Arthur (again) pb
43.07 Mirror
20.04 Mirror
15.06 Pike pb
38.08 Mirror
20.04 Common
20.01 Mirror
26.14 Linear


Posted by David Gordon on 13/04/2012 13:45 Categories : Catch Report

Juvanze Lakes Roundup

Blog Post Image

 The season is off to a flyer on the Juvanze Lakes:

Firstly, let's talk about the newcomer which is Juvanze-Blue. We've have a lot of interest in this lake, with particular interest in the early months as guys want to be the first to fish a virgin water with many unknown originals plus, of course it has also had a quality stock of Carp put in up to 55lbs.

A work party of 2 guys has just fished 3 nights (nights only) and between them they landed 22 fish from 26 runs. All, but two, were over 20lbs with 7 x 30's and a 41lb original. All fish came out of the Juvanze Specials over a bed of pellet, maize and hemp. Not bad for a short session. We're waiting for photo's, once they arrive we'll post them up.

Lake Juvanze started it's season last weekend and that's also off to a cracking start with 4 anglers on they have already banked 9 fish with the smallest being 33lbs and the largest being 42lbs and an average of 36lbs. With only 3 nights fished so far, this is pretty awesome. Again, all fish came to a bed of pellet, maize and hemp mix with either Specials or Live System on the hook. Watch out for the full round up.

For more info on Juvanze-Blue visit:

For more info on Juvanze visit:

Photos to follow later in the week.

Posted by David Gordon on 06/03/2012 15:25 Categories : Catch Report

New Breathalyser Law in France

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 We've had several people contact us regarding the New breathalyser law in France. Here is a small article we found in the Telegraph which sums it up:

Drivers planning on heading to France this summer are being reminded that they will be required by law to carry a breathalyser in their car, writes Chris Knapman. The new measure comes into effect from July 1, and applies to anybody travelling through France. It means that at minimum, they will have to carry a single-use breathalyser with them. From November, those failing to do so will be fined €11 (£9.30).

The idea is that drivers can test themselves to check whether they are over the limit before setting off, although they should note that the legal limit in France is lower than the UK - 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood compared with 80mg.

Motoring organisation the Institute of Advanced Motorists is advising drivers to take at least two breathalysers so that if one needs to be used there is still a spare in the car if you are stopped.

We have found the cheapest ones on Amazon for £2.82, so it's wise to pre-order. The link to the Amazon one is:

Posted by David Gordon on 28/02/2012 10:52 Categories : Update

Prepared for Driving in France?

We're often asked what you need to have with you when you're driving in France. As you may know, this seems to change like the wind, but here's a list of the latest required by French Law:

Driving Licence
Vehicle Registration Document
Certificate of Motor Insurance
Letter of Permission to use the vehicle (if not registered to you)
Headlamp Adapters
Breathalyser conforming to NF standards
Warning Triangle
GB Sticker (Unless your vehicle reg has GB already on it)
Reflective Jacket or Waistcoat (for each occupant of the car)
Spare Bulbs Kit

Hope it helps, we've had a few guys get caught out in the past and the French don't seem to be too leenient, to say the least!

Posted by David Gordon on 14/02/2012 22:21 Categories :