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Saint Amand Leisure - New 40’s has been the theme in 2017

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 St Amand has got off to an incredible start with new 40’s coming out each week. The fish have been showing really impressive growth rates with every week resulting in at-least one of the group banking multiple 40’s up to 49lb 12oz along with numerous new 30’s.
The fish that have been coming out have been in great condition giving anglers some epic battles.
St Amand Leisure provides quality holidays and as always will be bringing the fun back to fishing.

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 05/05/2017 12:51 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure

Saint Amand Leisure - Kurt, Wilson & Treacle all catch PB's

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 Fantastic Spring with new 40’s out every week
Kurt caught a new PB of 44lb, his dad beat his PB with a 37lb'er and Wilson beat his PB with a 42lb’er whilst Rick managed fish to over 38lb between the 4 of them they caught over 60 fish with countless 30’s. Well done lads not bad for March. Here are some of the pics.


Posted by Chris Shobowale on 05/05/2017 10:38 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure

Saint Amand Leisure - Exciting Fish Growth's for 2016

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Our 1st guests of 2016 have been fishing this week and the growth rate of the fish at St Amand over the last 12mths is very impressive many of the low twenties from 2 years ago are now upper twenties and some of the mid-thirties are now showing up at mid forties so great news. We have been feeding the fish with top quality Carp Pellets specifically designed for feeding carp through-out the year with a low oil content and large diameter 15mm.  This is really paying off now as the fish are responding to this food source very well. We estimate that there could now be between 15-20 forties at the right time of year and possibly 40-60 fish over 30lb and a further 150 fish over 20lb's all in 4.5 acres. Let's not forget that most of the fish in St Amand were stocked 9 years ago at between 4-8oz.

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 22/03/2016 03:08 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure

Saint Amand Leisure - Probably the Best Kept Secret in France

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 Due to our lack of advertising, an old website and our general oversight as to how to get people to sample the magic of Saint Amand the venue has been relatively un-tapped with only those who happen to end up there through Carp France or through our own site discovering it’s undeniable attraction. This venue is absolutely magical and as we are offering such a reduced rate of £850 for a week to be shared between whoever is booking it’s crazy to think that not more people have sampled it’s magic. For those that have been it leaves ever lasting memories of chaotic action, natural beauty and many beautiful big carp to talk about on their return. The amount of people that have visited St Amand and beat their PB’s several times during the course of a weeks fishing is Phonomenal. For September we are giving a further discount of 20% which means you get it for £680 this is giving it away don’t forget our normal price is £1250 which in itself is very very good value so £680 is an absolute steal. Please look at our feedback and make your own mind up !
We look fwd to receiving you at St Amand Bonne Peche

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 02/09/2014 06:52 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure

Saint Amand Leisure - Chris Westley & Paul Baldock Film

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The lads despite the rain managed to get some great filming and both beat their PB’s (well done lads) with some really special captures on film including the Brown fish (37lb) , Floppy tail (46lb4oz), Dougal (41lb), Paul’s Angel (31lb), and lots of other fish to 37lb their total for the week was over 80 fish between the 2 of them. The 1st part of the film will be available for viewing in a few weeks on Youtube and will no doubt show just how incredible the fishing at St Amand really is for those of you who are unfamiliar with this special venue. Watch this space.....................

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 26/05/2013 19:26 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure, The Latest

Saint Amand Leisure - Fantastic new rates from Sept 2012

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New Prices starting from September 2012 with over 30% reduction from £1250 down to £850 for the week with exclusive use of the large character house and stunning 4.5 acre lake with fantastic fishing which we believe probably makes us the best value for money family holiday house lake combination in France.
As we are open all year we are offering a further discount from the beginning of Nov to the end of Feb £600 for the week.
We wanted to make our venue somewhere that even the smallest of groups could afford and enjoy.
We know that many people particularly families which make up 70% of our clientele are struggling in these times of recession to get away as the cost is not shared between individuals and would like to make it as accessible to them by giving them a fantastic offer.
Please look at our site and our reviews so you can see what you are getting for your money we are confident that you won’t find better value for money anywhere.
We suggest that you book early to avoid disappointment as we can only offer this price from Sept 2012-Dec  2013.

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 17/08/2012 16:26 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure, Update