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Le Moulin du Mee - A great week 7 for Le Moulin du Mee.

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 The weather has remained steady all week with just a little rain and occasional hours of sunshine producing pretty good fishing conditions. The general feeling was that the carp were feeding in short spells with several fish coming out in a brief period and then all going quiet for a few hours. The all boilie approach has certainly produced a catch of quality fish and with the lads being experienced LMDM anglers there can be no doubt that they made the very best of the week however at times like this I often wonder if a bed of pellet may have kept the fish feeding for longer. Having said that the skill of the lads cannot be doubted with some wonderful fish being banked and many personal records broken.

The fishing certainly tailed off in the final day and night and that could be put down to the onset of cooler, windy conditions that may take the carp a while to settle into. We generally find that the fish will feed in most conditions but changes in the weather generally can unsettle the carp for a day or so. Anyway, last night did produce a trip of fish including a brace of 20's from the shallows and yet another 50 for Phil. in the form of 54lb 8oz mirror. Phil actually had a fantastic week with a nine fish catch including fish of 57lb 8oz, 54lb 8oz, 54lb 8oz, 53lb 8oz, 53lb 6oz and 49lb 8oz. Will had just five carp but was delighted with his fish of 63lb 12oz, 63lb 8oz, 52lb 12oz, 48lb and 40lb 8oz. The last, and smallest fish was the fulfilment of Will's ambition to catch a common of over 30lb and at over 40lb certainly put a big smile on his face. Tim was top rod for numbers of fish with a twelve fish catch topped by the stunning 'Cut tail' common at 60lb 12oz and also including six x 40's up to 48lb 2oz. Gareth bagged nine fish , most from the shallows, and with four 40's up to 48lb 10oz was more than happy with his catch. Steve also fish the shallows but had a tougher time of things and finished up with five carp including a best of 45lb. Last of the anglers was newbie to LMDM, Paul Lamb who managed just the one fish ! But what a fish being the new lake record of 71lb 4oz !!! Well fished to all the lads on this week and congratulations to all those that set new pb's for the week.

Total catch for the week was 41 carp as follows -

1 x 70 at 71lb 4oz

3 x 60's at 63lb 12oz, 63lb 8oz and 60lb 12oz (a common).

6 x 50's up to 57lb 8oz.

14 x 40's up to 49lb 8oz.

13 x 30's

3 x 20's

1 x double.

Total catch up to week 7 of the 2014 season is as follows -

1 x 70

12 x 60's

34 x 50's

69 x 40's

50 x 30's

12 x 20's

4 x doubles

Posted by Jim Everiss on 10/05/2014 10:33 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee

Le Moulin du Mee - Great start to 2014 at Le Moulin du Mee

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 The warm early spring has certainly impacted on the fishing here at Le Moulin du Mee where big fish have been coming out on a regular basis and although overall numbers are lower than we would have expected this has been more than compensated by the sheer size of the fish banked. As I write we have had 5 x 60's (best 69lb 8oz) and 16 x 50's banked (5 over 59lb) with the remainder of the 54 carp total being generally above 40lb. Yesterday we had a ten year old lad (Zac) bank his second 50 at 59lb and the sheer delight on the lads face was a real delight to see. The fish are all in stunning condition and are showing the steady year on year weight gains that previous years have shown. It is fair to say that the fishing whilst not exactly hard has still been far from easy with the fish holding up in small pockets rather than spreading around the lake. We are expecting a very early spawning this year and have already had males shedding milt on the mat. Strangely the smaller fish (30's and low 40's) are showing all the signs of holding good amounts of spawn but the big girls are still some way off showing the pre-spawning weight gains so some exciting fish could well be banked in the next couple of weeks. Full details, as ever, are on our blog at -

Posted by Jim Everiss on 15/04/2014 20:57 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Catch ReportUpdateThe Latest

Le Moulin du Mee - Frosty mornings and sunny days.

This morning we awoke to find a very heavy frost covering the ground and a thin sheet of ice covering much of the lakes. The past few days have usually started cold and frosty but by the time we have completed breakfast the sun will have risen and conditions become quite mild once more. This time of year see’s a real contrast between the sunny area’s where the air feels almost balmy to the shady area’s where the frost will remain all day and the air temperature barely gets above freezing. Today should see the final chapter of the ‘great Home Bank clearance’ when the section between ‘Zippies Pit’ and the dining area will be completed. Every day for the past week has seen Lottie and I cutting down tree’s, brush cutting unwanted undergrowth and keeping the huge bonfires well stocked with fuel. Hard work, but very satisfying, and a task that our regulars will appreciate when the season opens in just a couple of months time. It is not all about cutting back but also a time when we will be planting a selection of new tree’s that will offer a welcome variety from the rampant hawthorn and crack willow that clothe the banks at the moment. Just as we do, tree’s have a limited life span and so many of ours are reaching the time when some serious surgery is needed to keep them in good health (a bit like me in fact !!). Today we have another 10 new tree’s and a sack of bulbs to plant as well as a good few hours of general mayhem as I clear the last of the ‘dead wood’.

The lake is far from quiet these days and along with the striking pike we are seeing the odd boil of what can only be big carp. I suspect that they are feasting on this years fry that we can see in big shoals along the dam. The fry really have a torrid time in the early days of winter with the carp and pike preying on them from below and the grebes, shag, terns and kingfishers raiding them from above. It will be just the lucky few that will survive to see spring but they do provide a wonderful natural larder for both the fish and the waterfowl to see them through winter. The egrets and heron are to be seen sparsely around the main lake but are in great numbers at Poppy’s lake. Why this should be I cannot fathom but yesterday we had at least a dozen egrets on Poppy’s along with numerous heron and a flock of tern. The kingfishers are now back in force on both lakes and it is a welcome sight to see them flitting around as we work along the banks. Sadly, once the lakes freeze over we will lose them, along with the rest of the water birds, for a few weeks as they turn to the many rivers and streams for food. It is at this time that a walk around the lake can seem so silent that your footsteps crunching on the frosty ground will be the only sounds heard. Anyway, we are piling in the food for the carp whilst conditions allow and yesterday put 100 kilo of cooked maize into Poppy’s lake and this morning will put the same amount into the main lake. Already we are looking to ordering pellet and boilies ready for the spring so that the carp will be in great shape by the time our first anglers arrive.

We have lowered the water level in the main lake by a couple of feet (as we do each winter) so that we can better work around the bank and each day I search the margins for any sign of ‘Saddleback’. It is a real enigma how she has just vanished and although I do feel that she has died I have yet to find any sign of her having done so. Perhaps she will turn up in the spring, in one way or another, but I would love to find that she is alive and kicking. We will live in hope !!

Whilst Lottie and I are enjoying ourselves around the lakes Jimmy is busily clearing the area next to the old barn where we hope to be building the new shower block for the anglers. Once again a task that seemed to be one that would be completed in just a day or so is proving to be far more complicated especially when you find that the plans of the property do not match up with the one’s that the council have ! We are now having to employ a surveyor to establish exactly where our boundary lies. Jimmy has also been busy clearing the attic of the cottage in readiness for having plans drawn up for the conversion. Another task, that Jimmy is sharing with Sophie, is the clearing of the cellar where the intention is to develop the area into a shop. Besides bait and end tackle the plans are to have a selection of snacks and drinks available of the anglers. Jimmy really has got his work cut out to complete this project on time as all the beams need replacing (woodworm and death watch beetle have destroyed the existing one’s) and the floor needs raising with drainage under to avoid flooding when the rains come. Good luck lad is what I say !!!

Lots going on at LMDM and I will update you on developments over the next week or so. Happy days !

Posted by David Gordon on 10/12/2013 11:34 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Weather

Le Moulin du Mee - Le Moulin du Mee - week 6 summary.

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A week that started warm and sunny finished up wet and cold and with the carp still spawning the catches have gradually tailed off with last night failing to produce a single fish. Lots of thrashing around in the shallows could be heard over night as the carp continued with their spawning and we will wait and see whether the cooler weather will put a halt to their activities. As a week it was surprisingly good with the lads managing to bank 31 carp and a solitary sturgeon including a brace of 50lb+ commons and a further 14 carp over the 40lb mark. Darren had a good bag of 14 carp from the shallows and Pete had 4 carp from ‘Middle Ground’ for a total weight of over 200lb (52lb common, 51lb 8oz common, 48lb 12oz mirror and 48lb mirror). All the other lads (except poor old Paul) managed 40lb+ fish and although the fishing was never easy I feel that the result was very good considering that for much of the week we had carp spawning merrily away. One aspect of this year is that up to now we are seeing a great many of our carp in the 45lb+ bracket and with eight of the fifties being new to that weight I feel that 2013 is going to be a rather special year for us. My ambition has always been to have a fishery that offers every angler a good chance of a 40lb+ carp with a realistic chance of a 50 and I believe that we have now reached that stage in the development of LMDM. It will be interesting to see how the known big fish have prospered and having seen such sustained growth in the rest of the stock I am anticipating several ne 60lb+ carp to be showing up in catches this year. Our old friend ‘Saddleback’ has yet to show up and although I am fearing the worst for the girl we may be surprised and see her back to her best when she is eventually banked. A sustained spell of warm weather would now be very welcome but the forecast is for much cooler weather this week gradually warming up from Thursday onwards so with carp still spawning I am not expecting any fireworks this week. Knowing my track record at predictions it will more than likely turn out to be a blinding week !! Totals for this year up to the end of week 6 are as follows. 50lb+ carp – 11 (up to 59lb 8oz) 40lb - 50lb carp – 50 (More than half over 45lb) 30lb - 40lb carp – 47 20lb - 30lb carp – 20 Doubles – 6 Singles – 3 Full details can be seen on our blog on -

Posted by Jim Everiss on 27/04/2013 10:58 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Catch Report

Le Moulin du Mee - Review of the 2012 season.

This morning I walked around the lake, warm in the mild temperatures and enjoying the quietness that is a feature of this time of year. No birdsong nor chatter of squirrels to accompany me, just the misty tranquility of a November morning broken only by the sound of the waterfowl quietly going about their business and the occasional scatter of fry as the pike enjoy a winter hunt. It is easy to forget that just days ago we had the last of our anglers sitting around the lake and we now have several months of work to get underway before our first guests arrive in mid March. Looking back over the year our conclusion is that we have learned a great deal more about the high’s and Low’s of running a French carp fishery than we could have imagined at the beginning of the season. The vagaries of the weather had a much greater impact throughout the season than we have seen in previous years with a wet, wet spring followed by the driest summer on record. We also experienced the heaviest and most protracted spawning imaginable with consequences that took us completely by surprise. On the plus side we had our first 70lb carp with the very spawn laden ‘Saddleback’ common and on the downside we lost several carp that were left partly spawned due to the rapidly changing spring weather. With the long dry summer and resulting low water conditions it was a pleasant surprise to see so many great fish banked throughout the year with 50′s coming our on such a regular basis that when we had a week without at least one being landed we were a tad disapointed. With a huge head of big 30′s and 40′s it was no surprise that our average weight for the year was nearer 40lb than 30lb with several weeks seeing the average being above the 40lb mark. Highlight of the year was a week that saw 5 anglers have a catch that included 11 x 50′s and a 60 along with a host of 30′s and 40′s. We also enjoyed the experience of seeing ‘Saddleback’ landed at 70lb and just a few weeks ago our first 60lb+ mirror being banked. To be honest we were expecting perhaps another couple of 60lb+ fish to show up during the year as we know they are in the lake from what we handled during the netting in the winter of 2011. All in all the year was our best ever for quality of the fish and although we did have a few difficult weeks during the heat of the summer the overall catch rates for the season were very good considering the size of the carp. As ever, the development of a specimen fishery we see a gradual transformation of the fishing with the carp becoming bigger each year but also becoming wiser to the way of anglers. The naive 20′s and 30′s of a few years ago have become wiley carp of 40 and 50lb and as a consequence tactics have to be more subtle and varied to achieve success. It certainly leads to more challenging and interesting fishing however in turn it will mean that the catches of 40 or 50 fish per angler that we saw in the early days will now be a rare feature at Le Moulin du Mée with quality taking the place of quantity in the catches. Having said that we have still seen some wonderful bags of carp landed this year made all the more special by the sheer size of many of the fish included. Next year should be very exciting with so many of our 30′s likely to break the 40lb barrier and all the high 40′s banked this year moving up to the 50lb category. Average weights are likely to be around the 40lb mark and there will be every likelyhood that we will be seeing several new 60′s showing up in catches during the year. It is so satisfying when you see the years of hard work that we have put into Le Moulin du Mée being rewarded by the return of so many of our anglers year after year. Many of you that read this will have seen the development of the fishery yourself and will have enjoyed the transission from ‘runs’ water to true ‘specimen lake’ and in turn seen your own pb’s rise year on year as a result. To be honest the real delight for us as fishery owners is seeing our guests having a great week with us and hpefully landing some great fish in the process. We never forget that having a beautiful lake stuffed with big carp is a dream all us carp anglers yearn for however it is the anglers that pay to fish here that makes the whole thing possible. Our intention is to continue developing the fishery to ensure that a visit to Le Moulin du Mée will be better than ever in the years ahead.

Later today we are having our 5 ton digger delivered and after a few days to get used using it we will be getting underway with the planned work on Poppy’s Lake. Already the water level is well on the way down and with the netting planned for early December we are hoping that we will have the heavy work completed by then. The deepening of the shallows is a priority along with a little more interesting contouring of the far bank and the construction of an island to add more interest to the fishing. With the removal of the smaller carp (going to our newly rented stock lake) we are anticipating that Poppy’s will follow the development trail that we have seen on Etang du Mée with a gradual transformation from runs water through to a genuine specimen water in a few years time. It is our intention to always maintain a high stock level here to ensure that the fishing will always be easier than on Etang du Mée but with the added interest of some good sized fish to go for. Once Poppy’s has been finished we will turn our attention once more to the main lake and here we will also be deepening the shallows to add more interest to the stalking opportunities offered by this part of the lake. Eventually I would like to build another island between ‘Car Park’ and ‘Sanctuary’ but it may have to wait until next year depending on our progress with the other work. We are also thinking of filling in behind the small island between ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Island’ swims making it into a spit with angler access to the end. Along with that work we will be deepening the area’s in front of both swims as well. Other planned work includes cutting back a lot of the tree’s behind the ‘Home Bank’ swims to let more sunlight through so those spring day’s will not be so chilly for the anglers bivvied up here. Well, that is about it for now but I will keep you updated on our progress throughout the winter and with plenty of changes planned I should have lot’s to report in the coming months. Happy days !!


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Le Moulin du Mee - Another milestone reached.

I am now in the UK for a 10 day family visit so will not be publishing pictures, etc until my return. Anyway, last night Jimmy informed me that some more good fish had been landed including a brace of 40's with a best of the day being a second 49lb mirror for 'Handles'.This morning Jimmy rang me with the news that we have just had our first 60lb mirror banked !!!! It was caught by 'Creepy' (Gavin) from Island and weighed in at 63lb 8oz. Strange how each week can differ so markedly from another and last week Mark struggled on Island swim whereas already this week Gavin has banked several good fish including a 53lb mirror and now a 63lb 8oz lake record mirror. The foibles of mother nature no doubt !!

We knew we were likely to see our first 60 mirror this season owing to the fact that during last winter netting we handled 5 or 6 of over that weight. Having said that the very strange summer following on from such a heavy spawning led us to think that perhaps we would have to wait until next spring to see one banked so this is a very special moment for not just Gaving but us also. Summer was a trying time with the hot, dry weather and although the fishing was challenging we can safely sasume that the carp were quietly getting on with feeding and regaining condition after spawning, the result of which is the amount of new 50's and big 40's that we have been seeing this back end. I honestly think that before the end of this season in a few weeks time we have good chance of seeing another of our mirrors breaking the 60lb barrier. Happy days !!

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Le Moulin du Mee - ‘Cut Tail’ common out again – this time at 54lb.

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 Last night saw Glen break his pb once again, this time with our old friend the ‘Cut Tail’ common out for a second time in just over a week. The weight is back to 54lb showing that the carp are now well on the feed after a quiet few weeks. Lots of fish are now to be seen all over the lake and in particular over the baited area’s. The lads have opted for a heavier baiting approach than of late and the carp certainly seem to be responding to this tactic. Most of the fish are coming off the baited area’s and although 30 fish have been banked so far I feel that the total could have been so much better if all fish hooked had been landed. For instance last night Tony actually had all 3 rods burst into life at the same time and although he managed to land a nice 32lb mirror he suffered a late hook pull on the second rod and the third had ejected the hook before he had the chance to lift the rod. All the lads have also lost fish after a short fight so it would appear that despite being well on the feed the fish are still a tad finicky on the take.

Glen is all smiles this morning and although he has only landed 4 carp so far (Wed morning) they are mirrors of 36lb, 36lb 10 oz, 44lb 7oz and a common of 54lb. !! Tony is top rods on fish count and with a best of 41lb he has also had eight good 30′s (2 x 38lb) and four upper 20′s. Brian (The Mars Bar kid) has had 5 cracking mirrors comprising 4 good 30′s and a 46lb stunner plus a solitary common of 29lb. Paul has banked 5 fish so far with the best being a really powerful male mirror weighing in at 43lb. I stood and watched Paul playing this particular fish for almost an hour and believe me, there is nothing he could have done to land the chap any quicker.

Leyton is suffering a little at the moment because he has plenty of fish in his area and showing over his bait he is yet to bank one. An afternoon on Poppy’s helped boost his confidence with a stack of mirrors being landed up to high doubles.

All in all things are really looking good with our only worry being the lack of rain. Water levels are at an all time low for us and we are praying that rain will arrive sooner rather than later. Although the lack of water is a worry for us the carp seem to be flourishing and although I have been switching on the aerator for periods it is more to keep me happy than the fish ! Judging by the activity and strength of the fights given by the carp it would indicate that oxygen levels are remaining good despite the heat. All is looking well for the rest of the week and I am hoping we may even see another of the big girls banked.

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Le Moulin du Mee - Getting better

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 Another week comes to a close with all the signs that things are improving. Although the 4 lads managed a creditable 34 fish it is interesting to note that half of them were caught in the last 24 hrs. The week once again saw a mixture of weather from warm sunny days to torrential rain and cold winds but it seems that a Friday thunderstorm finally turned the fish on with several caught during the height of the storm and a good few more in the hours that followed. Throughout the week there were plenty of fish evident and all the guy’s reported some real monsters showing over the baited area’s which augers well for the weeks to come. Top rod was Dan with 16 carp to his name including a brace of 41lb mirrors with his father Phil including a cracking brace 40′s with a 46lb 15oz common and 44lb 7oz mirror. The latter was caught at the height of the thunderstorm when the lightening was flashing all around and the rain was coming down with some real venom. Worth getting wet for methinks !! French newbies Kevin and Steven (the Red Bull kid) both managed a some pb’s with Kevin banking several carp up to 43lb and Steve having a great last 24hrs which included 3 carp up to 35lb plus a 38lb sturgeon. All in all it was a great week despite the fishing being slowish for the most part and we are delighted that the lads are all returning again next year for a crack at the biggies. Great company, lots of laughs and some lovely fish made it another memorable week for us.

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Le Moulin du Mee - Far from easy !

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The weather once again is the deciding factor on how the carp are feeding and more unsettled conditions are causing the fishing to be very hit and miss at the moment. The last few weeks have seemed far from easy and although some great fish are being banked they are having to be really earned. Nothing is coming easy and each run will have been worked for but at the end of the day it is perhaps far more rewarding to catch when conditions are against you than at any other time.

Last week was a real joy to be involved in and the lads all managed to catch carp with everyone landing a pb or two.Mike had a couple of nice fish from ‘Car Park’ and Lee had 7 carp up to 38lb. Stuart (another couple of beers please) managed 5 x 30′s from ‘Deliverance’ and Ian had several fish from ‘Sanctuary’ including a cracking 46lb mirror. Most relieved angler on the way home though was Richard who had battled away all week without luck only to bank a 30lb mirror and a stunning 46lb 8oz mirror in the last 24 hrs. Great company and a great attitude made the week a success with the carp being a well earned bonus. Thanks lads, it was a really ‘good’ week made all the better by the 46lb common that I banked one magical evening !! Lucky Jim.

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Le Moulin du Mee - A wet, wet week !!

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 Well, another rather challenging week with some lads doing well and others struggling through no fault of their own. The weather has once again been a major factor in the way things have gone this week with rain, rain and more rain to dampen not just the anglers spirits but also the ardour of the carp. We now have a situation where many of the smaller carp have already spawned but the big girls are just hanging on in the hope that suitable conditions will arrive soon. Unfortunately for all of us the spring weather this year has been the worst that even the locals can remember and the forecast is looking little better. The wildlife has been suffering along with us and the only ducklings we have seen are a small brood of 3 and the kingfishers have yet to return after leaving for an early nest building. My fear is that the sudden flood that we experienced a couple of weeks ago may have trapped them in their nesting holes. It really is a shame if that is what has happened and the loss of our brightly coloured little friends will be sorely felt. The hedgerow birds are busily singing away all day (and night in the case of the little nightingale) but we have yet to see any sign of young which leads us to believe that the early broods were wiped out by the sudden return of ‘winter’ and the birds are now getting their second attempt at rearing young under way. We all are sorely in need of some settled warm weather to get life at Le Moulin du Mee back on track.

Anyway, back to the fishing ! The total catch for the week comprised one 60 (67lb 8oz), one 50 (54lb), 6 x 40′s, 12 x 30′s, 11 x 20′s and a 37lb sturgeon. We also saw a tench of 8lb 8oz banked by Dave in the ‘Island’ swim which came as a bit of a surprise. Happiest man of the week was Kevin who not only had the most fish (14) but also bagged ‘Saddleback’ at a partly spawned weight of 67lb 8oz. I say ‘partly spawned’ due to the fact that she was baggy in the flanks but still looked to be carrying some spawn. Her vent was closing after the first round of spawning so it will be interesting to see if she goes again or not ! The only 50 of the week was caught by ‘Sick Note’ (Simon) from the tree line in the shallows near ‘Car Park’ and was our old friend ‘Cut Tail’. It was good to see the the lost lobe is still growing back well and I look forward to next year when she should be back to her glorious best. All the lads managed to catch despite the appalling conditions and I applaud their efforts in a week that will go down as one of the worst (weather wise) that we have experienced during a fishing season.

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