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Moorlands Fisheries - A beauty..

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A quieter week as far as total captures goes but the lower numbers of forties was made up for by the capture of two sixties at 63lb 0oz and 61lb 13oz.
I don't think the anglers involved will mind me saying that a couple of them were more interested in the relaxing holiday than working too hard in the awful weather that we have continued to receive. The water has risen again and the water temperature has dropped to 11 degrees so it is way below the norm for this time of year.
Some musings about the last couple of weeks have made me realise that the fish are now turning, more and more, onto the big beds of pellet and boilies and this should also produce even higher weights. It is also disappointing to realise that "Benign" was prevented from being our third different sixty by having to tow the rig around for a few weeks. During that time she would have been unlikely to have fed properly and the extra 1lb 8oz that she needed to break the 60lb barrier would have easily been achieved.
Anyway, back to the recent action and Chris Bloy had worked hard and moved around to track down the fish so it was very fitting that he should have received a bite while completing his packing this morning. A strong, thirty minute battle resulted in The Half Linear resting in his net and at 61lb 13oz, slightly down on her last capture but I don't think the those few ounces would be worrying Chris. Well angled mate and well deserved

Posted by David Gordon on 29/05/2013 13:02 Categories : Moorlands Fisheries, The Latest