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Vallee Lake 1 - More & more PB's

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With the last two weeks producing fantastic catches we thought it may slow up, however this week has topped them!

With an incredible 29 fish over 40lb , including 2 x 60b + , 4 x 50lb , 23 x 40lb + ,71 fish banked !! the average being well over 40lb + and all anglers catching fish over 40lb all round the lake !
Awesome fishing !
Certainly a few pb' s smashed this week.

Check out some of the great fish! 

Posted by David Gordon on 27/05/2015 14:53 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, UpdateThe Latest

Vallee Lake 1 - Vallee lake 1...40s, 50s & 60s - All their Christmas's at Once.

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Forget Father Christmas, Vallee Lake is producing the Christmas goods, in the shape of some stunning Carp for some very happy anglers..

Pete Rosario & friend Zeth Christie from Basingstoke had a 20 fish haul in December Conditions - fishing only part time as they were helping on a work party and lake 2 Stocking - they teamed up and fished in a double swim ending up with over 20 fish, with this amazing HUGE 61lb Mirror pb for Pete with the biggest grin you've seen on his face. Zeth also broke his pb twice - Happy Christmas lads! 6 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 4 x 20s and an Enormous 61lber ..

Dave Jordison got his early Christmas presents in the shape of a 57lb Mirror, 2 x 40s to 47lb and 30s ..

Well done guys.

For more on this big fish water visit...


Posted by David Gordon on 04/12/2012 10:03 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, Catch ReportUpdate

Vallee Lake 1 - 19 fish in 4 days!

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We had this email of thanks from Peter who has already had his second break here this year!

Hi Mark Nathalie,

Another sensational trip to Vallee 1. Following my weekend earlier in the month when I caught 8 carp, (29lb mirror, 41lb mirror, 49lb mirror, 42lb mirror ,46lb mirror, 32lb common ,31lb common, 29lb mirror.)

My return trip last week produced 19 immaculate fish in 4 days fishing (midweek). Fish caught were as follows -

Monday night - 32lb mirror

Tuesday night/Wed morning - 47lb mirror, 51lb mirror, 55lb mirror

Wednesday night/Thur morming - 50lb mirror, 51lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 38lb common, 34lb mirror, 40lb mirror, 38lb mirror, 42lb common, 54lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 44lb mirror

Thursday night/ Friday morning - 38lb mirror, 47lb mirror, 38lb mirror, 46lb mirror.

Not much sleep on the Wednesday night !

Thanks for the hospitality by both you and Nathalie.

Hope to see you soon.




Posted by Mark Collin on 20/03/2012 11:24 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, UpdateThe Latest

Vallee Lake 1 - Weed Clearance

Our weed clearing contractor has now been confirmed for week 26 on both Vallee Lake 1 and Lake 2.

We are hoping the weed will be minimal this year, however this precaution has been taken, and booked for this week in the event of any excessive weed present.

This would be cut and cleared from the lake within the shortest and most efficient way possible. We understand how frustrating weed can be and we think this is the best way to help you, the angler.

for any more information please contact carp-france.

All the best and tight lines, Mark & Nathalie.


Posted by Mark Collin on 27/02/2012 16:34 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, Weather