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La Verrerie - The netting of our largest lake to remove the small fish to restock with larger carp

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After draining our largest lake at La Verrerie early November 2018 we had it professionally netted on 22 November to remove the smaller fish and to keep only our larger fish. We kept 41 carp ranging from 16lb to 30lb+ and a mirror carp at 39lb, the fish were all in lovely condition.

Last Thursday 28 February we bought 8 mirror carp from a local fish farmto restock the weights being 20lb to 27.5lb they were all in excellent condition, please see our videos and photos

Posted by David Gordon on 07/03/2019 14:54 Categories : La Verrerie, New Stock

Vallee Lake 1 - More & more PB's

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With the last two weeks producing fantastic catches we thought it may slow up, however this week has topped them!

With an incredible 29 fish over 40lb , including 2 x 60b + , 4 x 50lb , 23 x 40lb + ,71 fish banked !! the average being well over 40lb + and all anglers catching fish over 40lb all round the lake !
Awesome fishing !
Certainly a few pb' s smashed this week.

Check out some of the great fish! 

Posted by David Gordon on 27/05/2015 14:53 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, UpdateThe Latest

Croix Blanche Tortue Lake - That was the Week that Was

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 Large groups on the lakes over the years have often been sources of hassle for me and for themselves. They are invariably difficult to organize for the guy who takes on the task, and I have seen it end in huge arguments on the banks between guys often who don’t really know each other.
So despite an easy full week for me, it was with slight trepidation I welcomed Zacc Harvey and his group to the venue on the week of the 23rd August.

Zacc had had the foresight to set up a Facebook page for the trip and we had all, me included spent a fair amount of time discussing the venue and tactics and tackle needed. This set most people’s mind at rest and paved the way for a no surprises, week of angling.
On the Saturday in question they rolled up in two hire vans absolutely packed to the gunnels with gear. This was Carp Gear R Us on steroids….
I gave them a tour of the lakes, explaining the best way to tackle each peg and what baits I recommended.
Zacc is a bait producer and has a company called ‘Best of British’, so naturally his baits were going to be put to the test.
Swims were decided and everyone went about setting up and getting the fishing under way.

Things kicked off fairly fast, Mark Lindley had the first fish in the shape of a 44lb catfish, and several swims started producing some nice fish quickly. Richard Curren on peg 2 had cats for 56lb and carp to 27lb. Zacc on peg 13 had a couple of large catfish and carp to 38lb..
Chris Boyle, not happy on peg 14, moved to peg 5 and immediately started to catch. Grant Hurst on Peg 12 had the first big carp at 42lb… all in all a very good start.

I popped in most days and was pleased and surprised to see how the lads were doing. Their baits certainly seemed to work.
What really made the week for me were the regular posts on Facebook showing their catches, with photos… while I curse mobile phones, this was an instance where they were a really useful piece of kit.

In all there were some memorable hauls… before the last night, and there were a few more fish banked during that time, they had landed a total of 74 carp and 39 catfish. This included 7 carp over 40lb to 47lb.

Zacc was the lucky captor of the stunning twotone common at 47lb but several of the guys also banked a few lumps.
Chris on peg 5 had a lovely 45lb mirror, and Richard on peg 2 continued to haul but topped it all off with a common of 45lb 8oz.

I was especially happy for young Jordan Small who struggled early on losing a fair few fish. But managed to bank a common of 45lb and a mirror of 45lb and a 60lb plus catfish… At just 16 that has to leave an impression…

What was nice was that everyone caught fish and personal bests were smashed all over the place. All in all a fabulous week with some lovely carp and cats banked.
Thanks to Zacc for organizing a great week .. See you again soon!!

Posted by David Gordon on 13/04/2015 14:00 Categories : Croix Blanche Tortue Lake, Catch ReportUpdate

Croix Blanche Tortue Lake - Superb fortnight on Tortue

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Here are a few photos of Paul Macleod’s fortnight trip to the venue. Paul on his third trip to the lakes once again got amongst the big fish banking the largest carp of the year to date.

He started off for his first week on peg 13 of the Tortue Lake where he got right amongst the fish landing mirrors to a fabulous 54lb 3oz, a new PB for him to boot.

He also targeted the large cats banking fish of over 65lb. Unfortunately Paul twisted his ankle half way through the first week, so moved to the less steep Peg 6 on the Croix Blanche Lake. But this was not before landing 16 crackers from the Tortue, including the broken linear at 37lb which was the first fish I ever caught from the lake back in 1999.

Once he was settled into his new peg, Paul soon got amongst the fish on this lake too, and within the first couple of days had banked carp to 41lb and cats to over 40lb. He also had a run of huge bream to a massive 17lb.

the week was far from over and on the very last night Paul had a superb common that tipped the scales at 44lb 14oz.

A superb result well done Paul


Posted by David Gordon on 04/06/2014 13:48 Categories : Croix Blanche Tortue Lake, Catch Report

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 22nd March 2014

Weather was a bit of a mixture this week. We had sun, cloud and some rain. The air temperature varied to 17°c and the water temperature was 13°c.

A total of 2,571lb of fish were caught this week which comprised the following:

Carp - best catch of the week weighed in at 39lb 14oz, and the rest were 3x15lb+, 17x20lb+, 24x25lb+, 10x30lb+ and 13x35lb+ plus six pasties which were removed.

Cats - best of week weighed in at 115lb+, and the rest were 21lb+, 36lb+, 49lb+, 50lb+, 2x60lb+, 66lb+, 68lb+ and 71lb+ plus one kit which was removed.


Posted by David Gordon on 07/04/2014 14:31 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Update

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 5 March 2014

The season got off to a good start with the following carp being caught - 13 x 15lb+, 46 x 20lb+, 29 x 25lb+, 9 x 30lb+, 5 x 35lb+, 3 x 40lb+ and 1 x 50lb+, the largest being a common weighing in at 53lb and a quarter. As for catfish the following were caught - 1 x 10lb+, 1 x 20lb+ and 2 x 40lb+. 5 pasties were also caught.
The total for the week weighed in at 2,743lb, this was for 3 anglers, with the water temp being 14c and the air temp being 18c in sun/cloudy conditions.


Posted by David Gordon on 07/04/2014 14:31 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Update

Etang des Landes

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 New to….'Etang des Landes'

An absolutely stunning new addition to the portfolio offering a beautiful 4.75 acre lake in the loire valley for exclusive use for up to 5 anglers.

David and Tina will welcome you to this idyllic lake to fish for pristine Carp to just over 50lbs, everything about it oozes quality from faultless commons to beautiful linears.

Exclusive use for 2 anglers will cost just £750, £950 for 3 anglers and £1100 for up to 5 anglers.

A food package is available and bait is available onsite. All in all, a fantastic venue which we're proud to represent.

For more info please visit

Posted by David Gordon on 04/02/2014 15:38 Categories : Update

Christmas Message

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from

What a fantastic year it's been, with record numbers of PB's being caught with results getting better and better as the season went on. This year saw the most amount of 60's and 70's being banked, well done to all those who managed their personal best, whether that was your first French 20lb'er or 10th French 60lb'er…..Yes, a customer breached this mega milestone in October this year!

We have welcomed back a record number a repeat customers during 2013 and 2014 is set to do the same, it just goes to show that quality venues with quality Carp mixed with quality service will always be in demand.

We will look forward to talking with all those we already know and to all those we will get to know as they choose to fish one of our waters in 2014.

Enjoy the festive period and have a fantastic New Year.


Posted by David Gordon on 27/12/2013 12:56 Categories : Update, The Latest

Croix Blanche Tortue Lake - An amazing week

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The last week of September has to go down as a truly amazing week’s fishing. Star of the week was undoubtedly, regular at the venue, Ceri Howells from Wales who banked an incredible 69 fish in the week including catfish to 103lb & carp to 50lb 6oz.

Fishing on peg 12 on the Tortue Lake Ceri used the unusual tactic of fishing with maggots. This can indeed be a deadly technique, which I’ve witnessed firsth and on other venues, but Ceri showed just how effective it can be for both carp and catfish, if used correctly. Using a large number on a piece of dental floss he tied this D rig style to the hook and then used a bait boat the place his rig and a handful of maggots & pellets on the spots. This caused a very intense feeding frenzy in the swim and on a number of occasions takes were almost instantaneous.
His haul consisted of 69 fish with 20 catfish over 60lb (including 3 over 90lb and the 103lb monster) and carp or 40lb 10oz; 41lb8oz; 41lb 9oz & 50lb 6oz.

Other anglers on the venue also had a good week, Belgian anglers Christophe Aelterman & Wim Waerniers got amongst the fish on pegs 13 & 14 with carp to 46lb 4oz and catfish to 61lb 2oz.

A compatriot of theirs Jhomar Vervoort was fortunate to land the sought after fish, the two-tone common at 46lb.

Finally the other huge surprise for the week was from the Croix Blanche Lake where Herman Kerkvelit took the big mirror from peg 6 at 59lb. This fish has not been banked since April 2011.
All in all an amazing week’s fishing. Well done to all concerned.

Tight Lines

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Croix Blanche Tortue Lake - 90lb Tortue Catfish

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Welsh angler Ceri Howells set his stall out for the lake’s big cats during his session at the venue in early July and ended up with a bumper haul.
Venue regular Ceri was fishing from the very productive peg 12 at the far end of the complex, on the Tortue lake. Conditions were fairly poor for carp with hot sunny days and high pressure, even if several good fish did come out during his week. But the catfish decided they wanted to play and Ceri did not want to miss out on the feeding spree.

His tactics were, to say the least usual. Instead of the more conventional halibut pellet or fishy boilie approach, Ceri opted for a large bunch of maggots. Now by, large bunch of maggots, that’s exactly what I mean. He was threading over 150 of the little wriggling baits onto a length of dental floss which, in turn, was tied to the D rig hook set up. Using a bait boat to present the hookbait and more maggot fee offerings over his zone, he certainly found a very effective way of attracting and catching these giant moggies.

He banked nearly 30 large fish during his week, topped off by a fish over 90lb, which is the largest landed so far this year. 

Posted by David Gordon on 01/08/2013 13:20 Categories : Croix Blanche Tortue Lake, Catch ReportUpdate