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Orchard Lake - Would you believe it! Amy Mower takes new Ladies Record Wels!

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Regular visitor Amy Mower from Sudbury, Suffolk, has smashed the Ladies Record Wels' from Orchard Lake with a great fish of 78lb 8oz.
This beats the previous record held by Shelly Withers at 70lb 8oz, who took the record off her daughter Carla by just 8ozs!
Well done Amy, over to you Shelly and Carla!

Posted by Paul Selman on 27/10/2019 15:36 Categories : Orchard Lake

Orchard Lake - Mum takes record off daughter!

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 Shelly Withers from Epsom, Surrey, has landed the Ladies Record Wels' catfish at 70lb 8oz from Orchard Lake.

This beats her own daughters previous record Wels' caught last season from the lake. Carla had a fish of exactly 70lb so mum has beat it by 8oz!

Well done, Shelly! Over to you Carla.......

Posted by Paul Selman on 15/10/2019 10:49 Categories : Orchard Lake

Birch Lake - Seventy is the magic number

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Jonathon Johnson targeted the cats of Birch Lake last week and was rewarded with three over 70lb at 71lb, 72lb and 78lbs.

Using a variety of pellets over big halibuts was the successful bait.

Posted by Paul Selman on 09/10/2019 09:11 Categories : Birch Lake

Woody's Hooked in France - Taz lands a 50!

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 A great start to a new week with a cracking common of 53 9.

Posted by Simon Wood on 06/10/2019 15:24 Categories : Woody's Hooked in France

Woody's Hooked in France - A good week

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 The week started slowly but a change to the recommended house bait and the boys had 19 fish. Some excellent angling. 

Posted by Simon Wood on 05/10/2019 22:14 Categories : Woody's Hooked in France, Catch Report

Orchard Lake - A Ten Year Recommendation!

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Interesting feedback from Ben Atherton from Wigan who has visited the Breton lakes as a man and as a young boy...
Ben writes: "Been coming here since I was 11 for ten years now, enjoyed every single week of it. Camera quality seems to have improved massively since 🤣"

Posted by Paul Selman on 01/10/2019 09:05 Categories : Orchard Lake