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Les Basses Berthieres - 24 Hr Session

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 Just had a 24hr session on lake with Alan Hawkins, managed 10 fish between us, with 3 lost.
Alan had fish of, 25lb, 24lb, 30lb, 30lb 8oz, 28lb 6oz.
I had fish of 29lb, 25lb, 25lb 8oz, 29lb, 36lb.
All fish taken on lake bait, and only 1 fish taken during the night at 3am.

Posted by Alan Selby on 24/03/2019 17:20 Categories : Les Basses Berthieres

Les Basses Berthieres - Cancellation

 Due to cancellation the week starting 27th July is now available.

Posted by Alan Selby on 17/03/2019 09:49 Categories : Les Basses Berthieres

La Verrerie - The netting of our largest lake to remove the small fish to restock with larger carp

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After draining our largest lake at La Verrerie early November 2018 we had it professionally netted on 22 November to remove the smaller fish and to keep only our larger fish. We kept 41 carp ranging from 16lb to 30lb+ and a mirror carp at 39lb, the fish were all in lovely condition.

Last Thursday 28 February we bought 8 mirror carp from a local fish farmto restock the weights being 20lb to 27.5lb they were all in excellent condition, please see our videos and photos

Posted by David Gordon on 07/03/2019 14:54 Categories : La Verrerie, New Stock