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Lac de Laneuville - New 52lb Common at Lac de Laneuville

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13th -20th May Gareth , Richard and Nick had a challenging week with some fish spawning. However some fish were still feeding and a new venue 50lber was always welcome at 52lb. 11 carp in total at 52lb com , 46lb mir , 43lb com , 42lb mir , 42lb mir , 39lb com , 38lb com , 34lb com 2 x 20's a double and an 18lb grassy . We still have 8th to 15th July, 16th to 23rd September and dates in October

Posted by Ross Denny on 23/05/2017 09:38 Categories : Lac de Laneuville, Catch Report

Les Basses Berthieres - Cancellation

Due to illness the week commencing 15th JULY is now available

Posted by Alan Selby on 22/05/2017 21:48 Categories : Les Basses Berthieres, Update

Lac de Laneuville - Another 50+ common for Laneuville.

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Gareth has had a p.b common with this beauty at 52lb. Good darts mate.

Posted by Ross Denny on 18/05/2017 09:55 Categories : Lac de Laneuville

Etang Tissier - Catch report 15th April 2017

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 Bob and wife Chris

A very good week with some great fish

Posted by Peter Boswell on 14/05/2017 13:20 Categories : Etang Tissier, Catch Report

Saint Amand Leisure - New 40’s has been the theme in 2017

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 St Amand has got off to an incredible start with new 40’s coming out each week. The fish have been showing really impressive growth rates with every week resulting in at-least one of the group banking multiple 40’s up to 49lb 12oz along with numerous new 30’s.
The fish that have been coming out have been in great condition giving anglers some epic battles.
St Amand Leisure provides quality holidays and as always will be bringing the fun back to fishing.

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 05/05/2017 12:51 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure

Saint Amand Leisure - Kurt, Wilson & Treacle all catch PB's

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 Fantastic Spring with new 40’s out every week
Kurt caught a new PB of 44lb, his dad beat his PB with a 37lb'er and Wilson beat his PB with a 42lb’er whilst Rick managed fish to over 38lb between the 4 of them they caught over 60 fish with countless 30’s. Well done lads not bad for March. Here are some of the pics.


Posted by Chris Shobowale on 05/05/2017 10:38 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure