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Famous Five - Poplars Lake - Our Regulars!

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Long time regular visitors Mr and Mrs Andy and Paddy O'Brien are from Wigan, Greater Manchester.

For the first few years they stuck to Orchard Lake and Eagle Lake and Peter's Pool. However a couple of years ago the weeks they wanted on these were not available and we suggested Poplars Lake as an alternative which they had never fished.

They gave it a go and fell in love with the place! They have had numerous carp and cats with Paddy often outfishing Andy and they enjoy the convenience of the lakeside mobile home which you can fish from if you like.

In 2016 on their last visit Andy was fortunate enough to catch no less than three personal bests from three different waters. Firstly, he had a pb Wels' of 70lb from Poplars, then he stalked a pb common of 33lbs from Peter's Pool, then a 40lb mirror from Eagle Lake!

For 2017 they are coming out for four weeks with a week on Orchard and three weeks on their favourite Poplars Lake!

Posted by Paul Selman on 28/01/2017 12:01 Categories : Famous Five - Poplars Lake

Oakwood Fisheries - Winter Wonderland

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 Cold but looks stunning anybody for fishing?

Posted by Daniel Allen on 15/01/2017 16:12 Categories : Oakwood Fisheries, The Latest

Oakwood Fisheries - Croc Spotted At Oakwood Fisheries???

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 A Croc has been spotted frozen in the ice at Oakwood Fisheries!!!......or is it part of a tree the latest storm bought down!! Great picture i have actually shown it to a few friends and they asked me why we have crocodiles in the lake lol......... quote "is that not bad for your fish" 

Posted by Daniel Allen on 15/01/2017 15:47 Categories : Oakwood Fisheries

Oakwood Fisheries - Lake Side Clearing Continues

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 We are now about done with all the bankside clearing for the year. The lake is looking really beautiful and a big fire is always nice in the cold!

Posted by Daniel Allen on 15/01/2017 15:41 Categories : Oakwood Fisheries, Update

Famous Five - Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Our Regulars!

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We have always had a lot of clients from the North West of England.

This is probably because complex owner Paul has strong links with that area. He was North West Regional Organiser for the Carp Society for many years and his North West Diary was a regular feature in Carp-Talk for almost a decade.

The Atherton's are from Wigan and consist of dad Peter, son Ben and occasional other son Will. They have been coming for a number of years and we have seen Ben grow from a young lad into a  man. The Atherton's are quite competitive, always striving to oudue each other. Wind-ups are the order of the day!

In recent years they have grown very fond of Eagle and Peter's from which they have caught some great carp and cats.

They are out again on Eagle and Peters in July 2017.

Posted by Paul Selman on 04/01/2017 13:47 Categories : Famous Five - Eagle Lake & Peters Pool