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Saint Amand Leisure - Exciting Fish Growth's for 2016

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Our 1st guests of 2016 have been fishing this week and the growth rate of the fish at St Amand over the last 12mths is very impressive many of the low twenties from 2 years ago are now upper twenties and some of the mid-thirties are now showing up at mid forties so great news. We have been feeding the fish with top quality Carp Pellets specifically designed for feeding carp through-out the year with a low oil content and large diameter 15mm.  This is really paying off now as the fish are responding to this food source very well. We estimate that there could now be between 15-20 forties at the right time of year and possibly 40-60 fish over 30lb and a further 150 fish over 20lb's all in 4.5 acres. Let's not forget that most of the fish in St Amand were stocked 9 years ago at between 4-8oz.

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 22/03/2016 03:08 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure

Lac de Laneuville - The carp are on the munch at Lac de Laneuville!

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Paul and Brother Stephen done a three night winter session which resulted in 7 Fish 30 , 32, 36 ,39.14 , 40.14, 41.10 and 42.6lb which is an excellent result!! The 10th April is still available as is 15th October onwards at Lac de Laneuville. We would like to introduce you to our new Lake ETANG 52 which is available on an exclusive basis for up to 16 Anglers or individual bookings. This is a 52 acre lake set in 70 acres. The swims are mostly doubles accessible by car with all facilities onsite. After a tornado passing through Lac de Laneuville the Carpers Cabin Kitchen and Shower/Toilet room have been totally renovated! Looking forward to seeing everyone who has booked at both Lac de Laneuville and ETANG 52 very soon!

Posted by Ross Denny on 02/03/2016 15:33 Categories : Lac de Laneuville, The Latest