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Lac de Laneuville - Brownie's party!!

 Record week!!!!   

Record week of the year last weeks anglers caught 46 carp and two cats . All the fish were caught on the lake fishmeals . 6 x 40's 24 x 30's 14 x 20's and 1 double .
Photos to follow.

10th October and 24th October STILL AVAILABLE

Posted by Ross Denny on 24/08/2015 08:38 Categories : Lac de Laneuville, Catch Report

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 18 July 2015

Weather: Sunny with partially cloudy/cloudless skies all week. Mainly West to South/West winds. Average air temp 35 ⁰c
Average water temp 26 ⁰c

A total of 1,307lb+ of fish were caught this week comprising the following;

Carp – 6 x 20lb+, 12x25lb+, 10x30lb+, 4x35lb+ and 1x46lb+ plus several pasties

Cats - 28lb+, 46lb+, 2x50lb+, 2x70lb+ and 96lb+

Posted by Sandi Raby on 19/08/2015 14:44 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportWeatherUpdate

Lac de Laneuville - October weeks available

 We have a few weeks left in October. It is a lovely time of year to come fishing and the weather is usually very pleasant and still warm.  

Dates are:-  3rd to 10th October 2015,     10th to 17th October,     24th to 31st October and all of November is still available.

Please contact CCFH for a special price.

Lots of 40's and high 30's out every week. Comfortable lodge to relax in and for the family if you decide they need a break!

Posted by Ross Denny on 06/08/2015 19:08 Categories : Lac de Laneuville