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Ultimate Lake - A Great Start to the Week for Matthew - 45lb

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Matthew is the third member of this week's Ultimate Lake winners, pictured here with his 45lb stunner.

There's hope for Justin, who is the only member of the group yet to score, as the week gets underway.

Mickey is really happy with the season so far - even if he is being run off his feet!

Posted by Michael Spencer on 30/03/2015 16:10 Categories : Ultimate Lake

Ultimate Lake - Pat Catches 44.4lb Beauty

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Shout-out to Pat who is proudly coping with his 44.4lb catch on the muddy banks of Ultimate Lake this weekend.

The boys are keeping Mickey and Fudge busy - and the season has only just begun!


Posted by Michael Spencer on 30/03/2015 16:06 Categories : Ultimate Lake

Ultimate Lake - Lee Holds This Week's Party Record - 52lb

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Well done Lee - the week is young, but Lee and the party have already bagged some beauties - the star of the show being Lee's 52lber.

Since Saturday, the guys have caught, in addition to the 52lber:

45.15lb, 44.4lb, 44.8lb, 45lb, 32.4lb, 30lb, 32lb and a 34lb fish.

This season has kicked off big time for Mickey and his anglers - what a year it is going to be!


Posted by Michael Spencer on 30/03/2015 16:03 Categories : Ultimate Lake

Ultimate Lake - It Could be the Best Year Yet Says Ultimate Lake

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As the season moves into just its second week for Ultimate Lake, owner Mickey thinks that it could be the best year yet, since he opened ten years ago.

So far we have seen 46lb from Ron, Charlie’s 41lb beauty, a 58lb fish from Roy and the star of the party – Clive’s 58.1lb carp caught on Monday, plus many others coming out at more than 30lbs.

“The season is off to a fantastic start,” said Mick yesterday. “And we haven’t really got going yet.”

Ultimate Lake is one of the most beautiful fisheries in Northern France, set in tranquil countryside and with a stunning 12 acre lake. For exclusive party fishing in France, you won’t find anywhere better. There are just a few weeks left this season, don’t miss out.

Posted by Michael Spencer on 25/03/2015 09:55 Categories : Ultimate Lake, The Latest

Ultimate Lake - Ray Nets 58lb Carp at Ultimate Lake, then Clive Steals the Show!

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Things just keep getting better at Ultimate Lake and Mickey proves his hard work over the winter months pays off as Ray pulls out a stunning 58lb carp on Sunday.

It was celebrations all round in this week’s angling party when Clive stole Ray’s thunder with his 58.1lber on Monday, just beating the party record!

Both lads are over the moon and Mickey is delighted with the week’s fish. Since the season started last week, his guests have seen 33lbers and upwards, promising to be a great season - maybe the best one yet!

Posted by Michael Spencer on 25/03/2015 09:52 Categories : Ultimate Lake, Catch Report

Ultimate Lake - Nice One Charlie!

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Another of this week’s catches weighed in at 41lbs and was a real beauty caught by Charlie.

It’s been a great first week to the season, with reasonable weather for the time of year and no frosty mornings.

There’s only a few places left this year, so book up now and we could soon be seeing grins like these on all your faces!

Posted by Michael Spencer on 14/03/2015 12:28 Categories : Ultimate Lake

Ultimate Lake - Ultimate Lake Off to Flying Start with 46lb Beauty

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The new season is off to a perfect start with this great catch from Ron. Nice one Ron! 46 lbs of class fish pulled just a couple of days ago by the season’s first fishing party.

Mick and Fudge have been working hard round the lake all winter, tending the banks, cutting back trees and making sure all the fish are fed, happy and ready for the new season.

There’s been good weather this week with more promised to be on the way. Ultimate Lake are booking up faster than ever this year with just a few weeks left for you to be pulling beauties like this for yourselves.


Posted by Michael Spencer on 13/03/2015 15:13 Categories : Ultimate Lake, Catch Report